A dream of lift-off in a parallel universe

  For science fiction fans, the biggest thing in the real world in 2021 should be Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group in the United Kingdom, and Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon in the United States, completing a space trip. They excitedly realized non-governmental space flight. This kind of arbitrary behavior of human beings is always moving, no matter whether he is a rich man or a soldier.
  In 2020, the British “Video and Listening” selected 50 of the best animated films in Japanese animation history. One of the very unique “Kings of the Universe” involved this kind of dream of lift-off. That is the story of an overhead parallel universe. Although the relationship between the characters is very Japanese, the costumes are very South American Indians, and the machinery is very European steampunk, but that is another earth: the strange world map flashed by their TV news has already told us.
  In a conceptual sense, this is also our planet, especially when their rocket base was built on a large number of primitive food wrecks. The protagonist exclaimed: When primitive people come here to throw away food waste, how can we think of us in the future? Launch the rocket here. The illusion that appeared in my mind was that one day when we dig in a certain place on the earth, we may dig out the relics of the Wangli Space Army era, and we will find their magical rockets, strangely shaped kitchen utensils and badges. Will we suddenly realize that all glory will return forever?
  One of the great pleasures of reading science fiction is that among the many illegible objects of the future, occasionally I see one or two things that belong to our old age. We have nostalgia, a thousand light-years away from home, this nostalgia is turbulent and poetic. Science fiction literature is mankind’s homesickness for the universe, and it is the only possible deduction and experiment for mankind’s destiny. Among the many interesting details, there is the ultimate compassion that shares the same goal with other great literature, and because of its own grand coordinates, the destiny of mankind in science fiction literature is even more sad.
  It is impossible for us not to compare the parallel universe of “Wang Li Universe Army” with our world. In fact, this is a big reason for the existence of parallel universe in literary works. The setting of this earth-like (scientific level in the 1970s) forced us as spectators to enter a weird alien vision-to some extent, we are a little higher than the “king” planet in terms of technological level and theoretically. High civilization, so our wait and see will bring a little pity and love.
  ”Wang Li Universe Army” was selected, this transcendent setting accounted for half of the score, and the other half belongs to the mediocre but stoic protagonist Shiloz-he also reminds us of the earthlings who used to be keen on dreams with simple technology. Even if it is not this earth, there will be people on another planet of higher wisdom civilization struggling to fly into the universe. This is our fate against the emptiness of the universe.
  I am not convinced, so I am.
  Like “Interstellar”, the Wangli Cosmos Army also faces questions from left-wing protesters: whether to build a rocket or build a bridge. Child), this also tortures Hiloz with conscience. Especially the heroine Li Cuni, whom he admired, is an example of insisting on faith and finally becoming a proletariat. In the end, he not only insisted on his dream of flying to the stars, but also made a declaration that he would never give up the earth in the stars.
  The rocket launch tower resembling the Tower of Babel, the dripping neon electronic tears above the astronaut dormitory-these details are all completing the metaphors contained in the overhead history in the movie: it completely corresponds to the history of humans on earth , The history of glory, killing, and humiliation. The painting style of this apocalypse is very similar to the copper engravings of Hayao Miyazaki’s “Castle in the Sky”, except that Miyazaki only retains the poetry and dispenses with sorrow.
  It’s sad. The last scene of “Wang Li Universe Army”, when looking back at the “Wang Li” planet from the spacecraft that is gradually moving away, maybe because tears are in my eyes, this star and our earth have become exactly the same.