Leg changes

   I once had a pair of strong legs, muscular, sturdy and powerful, especially good at running.
   When I was a child, I often raced and walked with my friends. Whether it is walking distance or traveling speed, the champion is always me.
   Therefore, I like hiking and turning very much. When I have time, I will make appointments with a few children and go out on foot to play. From the old house in the northeast corner, I walked all the way to Dingzigu Xigu Park, the farthest I was to Qinglongtan Water Park. When you are sweating and your mouth is dry, just find a self-water dragon and pour it out with cold water. My mother scolded me: slipping away. Blocked my journey more than once. Where I can stop it, if I don’t pay attention, I will slip away. This kind of game runs throughout my childhood, which not only strengthens my physique, but also broadens my horizons and knows so many places.
   People think of walking on foot as taking the 11th car. I confidently believe that my 11th road is enough to travel all over the world. Time flies, and along with the trajectory of life, my legs have stepped into the ranks of the mountains and the countryside… stepping into the gate of the factory… entering and exiting the elevators of the office… Taking on my body with due diligence, and wholeheartedly letting me drive service. Has always performed very well.
   During the years when I went to the countryside, the wind came and went in the rain. Hoeing the ground, planting seedlings, digging ditches, carrying burdens… My legs are under the test of overload. Working out of the river, carrying hundreds of catties of river mud, trekking hard on steep banks; working as a sideline, working as a porter, carrying dead hemp bags, walking on narrow springboards step by step…
   After the selection, the work is still Not easy. In the sinking team, every day they climb up and down on the derrick tens of meters high, and in the company, they run non-stop at various construction sites all day long… I have never had any problems with my legs.
   For a long time, I also practiced long-distance running. Get up at 5 o’clock every day, go straight along Jianchang Road and Xinkai River until the railway overpass before turning back, about several kilometers away, running very easily.
   I like to travel and climb mountains. I once went to the top of Mount Tai for three times. Hi visiting the temples, the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Three Kongs in Qufu, the Mountain Resort of Chengde, and the Yu Garden in Shanghai…all left my footprints, and my legs are indispensable.
   A few years ago, the unit organized a tour at a scenic spot in Pinggu, Beijing. It was a deep valley, rugged and difficult to navigate. Many places were walking on plank roads on the surface of the water. There was a big difference between the up and down and only half of the trip. Most people were panting, retreating, and only five people were left who insisted on moving forward.
   A few of us jumped up and down, and started a speed race. Although I am the oldest, I still have a strong pace, flexible waist and legs, and long-lasting endurance. I reached the end first and won praise.
   I am very proud of my legs.
   The most incredible thing is that after only three days after completing the retirement procedures, leg problems followed one after another: first, the right knee was painful, and after a little movement, it creaked, and walking was particularly strenuous. Then the left knee also hurt. I thought it might be caused by the wind and cold, so I put a small plaster on it. Unexpectedly, not only did it not stop the pain, but it also caused skin allergies, blistering and festering mess.
   The film of the orthopedic hospital concluded that it was “bone hyperplasia” and prescribed a bunch of medicines: food to eat, to apply, to wash, everything. However, the effect is limited, and the pain in both knees remains the same.
   A series of treatments began: salt bag hot compress, acupuncture, cupping, plastering… the sin was not less, and the condition did not alleviate.
   Last spring, I went on a trip to Wuyi Mountain together. The beautiful and verdant scenery is intoxicating, and I have the courage to climb step by step. The knee hurts more and more, and his legs tremble. After a while, they become staggered and fall far behind. The two mountain people who lifted the slide rod lost no opportunity to stare at me, shaking their lips and tongue, half-pulling and half-tugging me into the slide rod, swaying on the mountain road. For the first time in my life, it was the first time in my life that I was carried, and my whole body weight was placed on the shoulders of two burly men who had never met. I was so ashamed that I almost shed tears. I really can’t figure out that my long-tested, long-lasting, and always proud legs have turned into this bear-like shape!
   I am very active by nature and like to travel around the world. The places I visit most are the cultural attractions everywhere. Niangniang Palace, Great Compassion Temple, Lianzong Temple…Puyi’s former residence Jingyuan Zhangyuan, even as far away as the Fengshan Yaowang Temple in the suburbs, the Shijia Courtyard and Kuixing Pavilion in Yangliuqing, the Dule Temple and Luban Temple in Jixian County… almost none Omission.
   I pretend to be a half-literati, and I have a rather poor sentiment: good calligraphy, love seal cutting, and like to paint a few unfamiliar paintings and calligraphy. The most frequently visited places are bookstores and museums, and the most enthusiastic talk about traditional culture. Throughout the year, I always arrange several elegant events such as watching flowers and moon, walking in the snow and looking for plum blossoms; participating in a few drinking and joyous drinks; visiting old friends and bragging and chatting on weekdays… to find some joy in life.
   The leg disease forced me to interrupt these activities, and the trajectory of my life was completely changed. Staying at home, it really feels like a bird in a cage. Dazzling media temptation, fascinating: newly opened gardens, newly completed buildings, diverse exhibitions, elegant art displays, invitations from relatives and friends…
   All of this, I can only stare blankly, and have more than my heart. Not to force.
   Sadly, just retired, can’t you travel far? I really feel the pain and helplessness of being out of touch with society.
   Heal your legs anyway! I made up my mind. Invested a huge amount of money to purchase a Japanese high-potential treatment chair and took top-level glycosaminoglycan drugs. Half a year later, there is still no obvious effect. Experts told me that bone and joint disease is a common disease in the elderly, the so-called “degenerative disease”, which can only be relieved but cannot be cured. The cartilage of the knee, subchondral bone, synovial membrane and joint fluid are excessively worn and damaged and cannot be restored to their original state. In fact, this is the permanent damage caused by excessive use of bones and joints in the past few decades, that is, the consequences of overdraft. The physiological resources of the human body cannot be regenerated. I dare to believe that I am “eating food from the dead”, and I have harmed myself! It was the agile and vigorous footwork and extraordinary endurance that gave rise to the faltering and hesitating attitude of today’s difficult steps. Alas, the law of conservation is really the unbreakable truth.
   Everything is irreversible, and the evil consequences that have been brought about must be faced. Some academicians proposed the “six-step intervention method” with osteoarthritis: formulate a treatment plan, exercise appropriately, slow down the condition, and control the development. It seems that I can only work hard to coexist with this nasty disease for a long time and live in friendship.