The whole world loves beer

 A few days ago, I participated in the “Blue Girl Beer · One Feast” Shanghai Tasting. The German beer Blue Girl has a century-old history and is positioned as a high-end beer. Its excellent quality has always been respected by beer drinkers.
  The taste of Blue Girl beer is refreshing and delicate, with a strong aroma of malt and hops. It really is of authentic German origin. In particular, the golden liquor is particularly attractive, just like the light radiated from the world’s largest diamond in the 19th century in the hands of the Greek goddess of victory in the picture.
  Beer is the wine that people all over the world love to drink. The appearance and taste of “Blue Girl” are all online. Naturally, it is a good choice for parties and dining. Today’s event was held in a beautiful villa, and when I entered the lobby, I saw a large “blueprint”. It turned out that the brand spokesperson for “Blue Girl” was Deng Ziqi. She is one of the few singers I can remember and love! The hearty singing is refreshing.
  Sir Zhong Sir, a well-known leader in Shanghai’s catering industry, presided over the opening and introduced a group of industry leaders and young heroes. Sir Zhong asked me to say a few words. When I saw the scene, everything I was ready to say seemed to fly away…
  The habit of drinking beer is different from country to country, but it is casual and unrestrained, but it is the same everywhere.
  When it comes to German beer, you can’t help but think of three “big”.
  The first “big” is that the German beer mug is so big, and drinking beer has a very heroic feeling; the second is that Germans drink a lot, and they seem to drink it day and night; the third is that German men have big stomachs and they drink beer. Yes, so it’s called beer belly. And what do Germans drink with beer? It’s a German pig’s trotter. The salty trotter we are talking about has been fried in oil, the skin is crispy, the meat is very tight, and it is an attractive rose red color. There are also thick sausages, garlic flavored, spicy flavored and so on.
  I have never been to Germany. These are all the stereotypes that I learned from previous novels and movies. This is certainly not the case for contemporary German youth. My family has been drinking German beer, and the most drunk is dark beer. I bought a large can from when I was young, and gradually bought a small 500ml, and now I have changed to a 330ml small bottle. The beer is beautiful in color, and it is most suitable to be packed in glass bottles. You can appreciate its foam and wine color at the same time.
  When I was young, I lived in Japan for a few years, working part-time, and working as a waiter in an izakaya. I find that the customers who drink beer are no less than those who drink Japanese sake. A large barrel of draft beer will be delivered every morning in the store, and the tap will be picked up. I didn’t know how to make it at first. I filled the pineapple grid draft beer glass with foam. After serving it to the customer, it turned into half a glass after a while on the table. The customer was very dissatisfied. Later, I learned to tilt the glass over. , Slowly put it straight, and keep a quarter of foam on the mouth of the cup. Most Japanese drink poorly and draft beer is so good that they can knock it down in one or two big glasses. Unlike the young Chinese, let them go and drink more than a dozen glasses.
  Japanese beer brands are familiar to many, bottled, very light. Japanese men are very strange. They don’t pour their own alcohol. It seems that they have no face. They must pour others. It is better for women to pour them. They are happy. What they drink is not wine, but honey.
  Japanese canned beer is especially popular, and the best vending machine business on the street is beer. As soon as the child learned to walk, his father took him to the vending machine to buy beer. The first thing an office worker does when he comes home is to open the refrigerator and get a can of beer to quench his thirst. Girls do the same, drinking beer instead of water. What do Japanese people drink with beer? Sashimi, grilled fish, and pickled cucumbers are more representative.
  I have lived in the United States many times. American beer culture is associated with rock music, basketball, football, and beaches. The culture of carnival, eating hamburgers, French fries and beer, most of the home backyard has a barbecue grill, there are also barbecue grills in the park, making BBQ, grilling steak and various skewers. I have never heard in foreign countries that you don’t want to drink beer on ice, but at room temperature, but the domestic hotel staff will ask customers, do you want it at room temperature?
  Of course, our Chinese beer history is also very long. The domestic brands Tsingtao Beer, Snow Beer, and Libo Beer are well-known in the world. In old Shanghai, I remember that many children went to buy beer for Dad every evening. In the summer, they walked through the road with a thermos bottle to the street next to the deli, the small shop in Laofang. There are barrels of draft beer, which is very cold, secretly on the road. Maybe you have a sip first.
  Shanghainese drink beer with white chicken, smoked fish, and oily peanuts. I went to Qingdao to meet the Oktoberfest. On the beach, draft beer was like drinking water, as if I didn’t need money. The food served by Qingdao people is small seafood, such as clams, scallops, pippi shrimps, cockles, etc. The tables and chairs are set up in the open air, and the night market is very lively and exciting. In western Shanghai, young people admire beer culture, and more and more people drink craft beer. Boxing Cat Craft Beer Hall on Fuxing West Road is always noisy in summer evenings, especially on weekends, or when there are major sports games. You can drink beer while watching football games. There used to be many foreigners, but now there are many young people. For some reason, some small roads in Shanghai, such as Yongfu Road and Julu Road. The cigarette paper shops with small facades sell beer but they are popular. Probably because they are cheap and don’t require seat fees. Cheers to the bottle and chat. Like a foreigner, she seems casual, unruly, and has a more free and unrestrained tone.
  The aunts selling beer in the “Highway Shop” on Changle Road became famous. It was dark when boys and girls came in, bought beer and sat on the side of the street in front of her store, squatting on the road horns and drinking beer to follow the fashion. These people don’t eat wine or food. Those who drink poorly are more likely to be served.

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