Lazy people are not lazy at all

   There was a story that a child’s wish was to learn to be lazy. His father took him around to look for a master of laziness and found a famous lazy man. His daily job was to lie on a tree and wait for the fruit to fall and catch it and eat it. The father admired it, but the son disagreed, saying that if he was really lazy, he should wait for the fruit to fall into his mouth before eating it. The lazy master got up and bowed to his son, saying that you are already lazy than me, and you are the lazy master.
   This should be an ironic story telling people not to be lazy. But think about it again, for the sake of a wish, the two men traveled far and wide to find the legendary prophet. They are not lazy, only Tang Seng can compare with the scriptures. Really lazy, with a pie around his neck, he doesn’t even bother to open his mouth to take a bite. If it is hypocrisy in the name of laziness to take the lazy scriptures for thousands of miles, then refusing to raise your hand and turn the pie around your neck is the real practice of laziness. Alas, like all virtues, laziness in the world is mostly hypocrisy and lacks true saints. There are many parallel worlds in the human world, one of which is the world of lazy people, as if there is a wall between them and the world of ordinary people, but everyone prefers to stay on the side of lazy people. Ordinary people brush their mobile phones, and lazy people also brush their mobile phones, so there are lazy mobile phone stands (ordinary people should hold the brush with both hands); ordinary people bring lunch boxes, and lazy people also bring lunch boxes, so there are lazy self-heating lunch boxes (ordinary Of course, people should use microwave ovens); ordinary people sit on the sofa, and lazy people also sit on the sofa (lazy people sit on the sofa as if they have no bones, and ordinary people take a horse step when they sit on the sofa). Some people say that genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent sweat; others say that human laziness makes the greatest invention. Which of these two statements is correct? Lazy people don’t want so much.

   The most comprehensible thing that advertises that laziness has become a kind of hypocrisy is the recipe website, which has pages and pages of lazy dishes: lazy stewed spareribs, steamed siomai, stewed claypot rice, spread egg pancakes, Make seven days of different salads and a 40-minute three-course dinner for two. I saw a lazy figure busy in the kitchen, frying and frying. The greedy fights, and the greedy has the upper hand. Chef Wang Gang also has “Lazy Man’s Pork Ribs” and “Lazy Man’s Roasted Tofu”. Lazy pork ribs should be washed and blanched with baking soda to make the ribs tender. If you are lazy, you only need to add a sauce to cook them once. This sauce uses six spices (lemon, star anise, cinnamon, etc.) and four seasonings (rock sugar, soy sauce, cola, salt). Even for people who are used to Chinese food, it is difficult to tell where this practice is lazy. If this is a lazy person’s approach, what is a diligent person’s approach? Kill pigs now? A more reasonable lazy way to make ribs is to boil them in white water and dip them in soy sauce. Of course, the real lazy dinner should be the pizza delivered to your door, and the real lazy breakfast should be the leftover pizza from last night.
   “Lazy” is a kind of fault that can easily be forgiven by others. If you say you are lazy, others will not take it seriously. Take a friend for dinner as an example. If you treat a friend with seven plates and eight bowls, or a sandwich and an apple, and say sorry, “I’m too lazy to make these,” the friend will really appreciate it. If you stole chickens and dogs from neighbors, protected animals in zoos, cook for three days and three nights and make elaborate banquets, and say to friends, “I’m too evil and too hardworking, so I stole so much and worked for you for three days.” , it is not normal for a friend to flip the table on the spot. Laziness is easily forgiven, because the consequences of laziness are often mild: the worst thing is nothing happens, the world is less disturbed, and the world is more peaceful.