The value of the enemy

  Your enemy is your best mentor, because you will use all your ingenuity to compete with him. The best mirrors are the ones that make us fidgety.
  Colombian author Nicolas Buenaventura Vidal explains, with wit and clarity of thought, the reasons for having good enemies:
  good friends may desert us, betray us, let us down, be replaced by others… but a A good enemy lasts forever.
  The enemy always tells the truth, especially when it hurts.
  If you are a friend, you never know what will happen in the future, but if you are an enemy, you will always plan for the worst.
  The author mentions at the end that the worst thing between a person and an enemy is that they one day turn the enemy into a friend. In short, Vidal believes that a man’s greatness is measured by the identity of his enemies.

  In “Strange Tales from a Liaozhai”, there is an article “Three Laws of Wolf”, which tells such a story, which is very enlightening to today’s people.
  The story goes that a man who killed pigs came back from selling meat, and it was already dark. Suddenly a wolf came, and when he saw the meat on the shoulder, he could not help salivating. The pig-killer went, and so did the wolf, and they followed him for several miles. The pig-killer was frightened, so he waved the pig-killing knife to frighten the wolf, but the wolf only took a few steps back, then followed him again. The pig-killer thought that what the wolf wanted was the meat on the load, so he might as well hang the meat on a tree temporarily and come back tomorrow to get it. So he hooked the meat with an iron hook and hung it on the branch, and showed the burden to the wolf to show that the burden was empty, so the wolf stopped following him.
  At dawn, the pig-killer went to get the hook, and saw a big thing hanging from a tree in the distance, as if a man was hanged, and he was very scared. He dared to take a closer look, and it turned out that the wolf that followed him last night was already dead. He looked up and checked carefully, and saw that the wolf had meat in its mouth, but the meat hook pierced into the wolf’s upper jaw, as if a fish had swallowed bait. At that time, the price of wolf skin was very high, and a piece of wolf skin could be sold for ten taels of silver, so the pig killer made a small fortune.
  The temptation of bait is very strong. If you only see a small profit in front of you and can’t help the temptation, you will be fooled, suffer a big loss, and even risk your life!

  If you can see natural beauty, you are lucky; if you can meet lovely people, you are lucky. I am often lucky because I can occasionally be moved by the beautiful scenery; because I can occasionally encounter lovely and beautiful people in the world.
  The first time I was moved by the beauty of nature was when I was a teenager. One evening, I rode to a friend’s house to meet.
  While riding, I suddenly saw the tall poplar trees by the roadside, the lower half of the canopy had been hidden into shadow, but the upper half was dyed golden under the sunlight.
  At that time, my heart was inexplicably moved, and I almost cried.
  Later, I saw white snow and clear lake water in Kanas, Xinjiang; small flowers blooming beside the alpine lakes in Switzerland; verdant pastures and strange black-faced goats in the Scottish Highlands; Lun Mingyue is slowly rising from the horizon, and is always moved by inexplicably again and again, and a lucky feeling of existence fills up in her heart.
  The lovely people you encounter occasionally in the human world can also bring people a touch of natural beauty.
  Appearance and body are second, and the most lovely thing is temperament. Their clear eyes and pure soul are as exciting as beautiful scenery.

  Some are innocent, some are witty and humorous, some are smart, some are strong and brave, some are masculine, some are feminine, and some are hard and soft. Just watching from the side is already pleasing to the eye, just like seeing the aspen under the setting sun.
  If you are fortunate enough to meet each other, know each other and love each other, you will be inexplicably moved, thank the creator for treating yourself well, how can you make them so beautiful?
  Perhaps the greatest luck is not what you see, but a feeling of heart.
  This mind happens to be extremely sensitive, able to be moved by the beauty of nature and beautiful minds, to be able to feel the beauty that they themselves may be unaware of.