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A primer on magical herbs

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Turn everything around you into music

Is music out of reach without a musical instrument? not necessarily.

Electronic music black technology is almost magical to a certain extent. For example, a small flake tool launched by the Russian music team Playtronica can turn any object around you into a musical instrument, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and even your own body. Just connect the line and touch an object or a person’s body, and a variety of musical sounds can be transformed, allowing everyone to improvise and enjoy the music. With such a musical spirit, you who are not a music student can also write down “playing music” in your New Year’s plan.

What Da Zhang does is heavy.

Heavy breathing, like a snoring horse when sprayed, the smell of food in the breath is disgusting; footsteps are heavy, walking down a few steps from the elevator, walking is shaking; speaking heavy, every time you will say “Why don’t you die?” “; start, heavier…

Therefore, as long as he heard the sound of Dazhang’s door opening again, Xiaohan would subconsciously tremble.

The door was pushed open, and with a loud noise, Da Zhang threw his backpack on the ground.

He saw Xiaohan at a glance and scolded: “Are you dead? Didn’t you see me coming back?”

Worse than the voice, is the smell of alcohol. Xiao Han knew at a glance that Da Zhang had been drinking a lot.

It was a usual procedure, Xiao Han didn’t say anything, went to the shelf and took off his big slippers, squatted at his feet, and helped him change his shoes. Da Zhang took off his shoes and never put them back in the same place, but he liked to talk about cleanliness. When he saw that the house was a little messy, he scolded Xiao Han: “You are still a college student, you can’t even put your home at home, what do you study in college? …”

Da Zhang himself has never been to a university, so he has a heart, so he likes to talk about it. Xiaohan said nothing.

She can’t remember when she was beaten for the first time: it was hot, and suddenly she couldn’t see anything. It wasn’t because she wanted to cry, it was probably because her eyes hurt and tears flowed down. I always try my best to cover up those redness and swelling, those cuts, say it’s allergy, say it’s bitten by mosquitoes, say it’s about going to the thorn bushes to find the ball when playing badminton, ignoring the half-smiley, swiftly flashing pity of the audience .

The redness will gradually turn bruising, then yellow, just as handwriting fades over time, and eventually, it all hides under the skin. But Xiaohan was suspicious that those colors would be deposited in the depths, hiding in the internal organs, until they erupted at the most unbearable time.

Xiaohan asked himself: Xiaohan, how did you get into this field?

Immediately, many words came up: confused love, dropping out of school, breaking with parents, miscarriage…

She shook her head, but couldn’t shake the words.

Da Zhang fell heavily on the sofa, and suddenly called Xiao Han: “You touch my head, is it hot?”

Xiaohan almost didn’t dare to touch his body, and he didn’t dare not go. In fact, just getting close, she could feel the heat like a big stove, and her feet accidentally touched the big ones, it was cold. Xiaohan remembered the days when he was rotating in the pediatric ward. The old head nurse taught the young doctors to touch the feet of the children, whether it was as cold as jade or warm. Xiaohan knew: Da Zhang had a fever.

But she dared not say it.

Da Zhang has never been able to tell the difference between bad news and the person who told him the bad news.

He only had a physical examination once, and when he saw all the high and low indexes on the physical examination list, he was furious, scolded the hospital, and almost smashed the table of the triage desk.

At first, I didn’t see Da Zhang as such a person.

At that time, Xiaohan was a hellish senior in medical school, and he was overwhelmed by various medical terms every day. A senior brother asked her to eat mutton hot pot, and she agreed without thinking. The mutton was extremely rich, Xiao Han was sweating on his nose when he ate it, and his chopsticks had fallen off twice. It was the boy beside her who helped her pick it up, washed it in the kitchen and handed it over – that boy was Da Zhang.

It was only later that Xiaohan realized that Da Zhang was not a “boy”. He had been in the mix before he graduated from junior high school and was admitted to university. How did you get to know Xiaohan and the director of the department? Everyone has different opinions. Some people say that a certain drug dealer is Da Zhang’s uncle, and some people say that some relatives of Da Zhang and the director are comrades in arms, and there are three more ways. Xiaohan started. Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter now whether you believe it or not. There is no truth in Da Zhang’s mouth. He himself said that the age of the ID card is fake. Whether he graduated from junior high school or high school is also a statement for a while. Sometimes Da Zhang also said that he studied TV in the army.

In short, Xiaohan didn’t know anything at that time, and Da Zhang was a tall, thin, handsome young man who didn’t talk much and always frowned.

On that day, everyone played a card game called “heart flustered”. Xiaohan was a good student and had not participated in social activities very much. It was the first time he played, and he kept losing. I don’t know how many times his nose was scratched, and the tip of his nose was red. Later, when he played against Da Zhang, before playing the card, Da Zhang suddenly raised his eyebrows and gave her a small hint, and she never lost again.

That day, everyone was clamoring to play all night, but in the middle of the night, some people said goodbye, some people couldn’t support it, and they slept all over the place. Xiaohan also lay down on the table and closed his eyes. Someone said in her ear, “You’re going to catch a cold, come here.” Pulling her hard, it was Da Zhang.

As soon as the door was opened, a gust of cold wind came towards him, and he shivered from the cold, and his drowsiness disappeared immediately. The sky is cold and the ground is freezing, but the moonlight is very clear, making the playground as clear as a snow field. There was no one in the medical school, they walked along the runway, and there was nothing to say. After passing the driving school in the school, Da Zhang said that he was learning the car here, Xiao Han said he couldn’t, and Da Zhang immediately said, “I will teach you. “, grab her and go.

How dare Xiaohan drive, not even the driver’s seat. Da Zhang said, “I’ll take you for a ride.” Everything was novel, Xiao Han got on the co-pilot, Da Zhang rolled the car window open, Xiao Han lowered his head and saw the shadow of the car in the moonlight, he suddenly revealed himself The head was stunned.

The next day, Xiaohan was in the department and suddenly received a takeaway milk tea. She didn’t say: “I sent it wrong.” Look carefully, and she left her phone number.

When I was suspicious, I suddenly received a big call: “Is milk tea delicious?”

Xiaohan felt sweet in his heart.

It was really like that in the beginning.

Da Zhang is well-informed and experienced. In front of young children like Xiao Han, he is gentle and decent.

Da Zhang even took the initiative to tell Xiao Han that for the health of his future girlfriend, he had been injected with the HPV vaccine.

After coming here for a long time, Xiaohan told his friend about this, and his friend asked coldly: Where did he grow it? I grew it in the US, is the HPV vaccine available in China for men?

Of course, Da Zhang has never been abroad.

But at that time, Xiaohan was already pregnant.

Xiaohan was in a mess at the time, and thought of many possibilities, what if Da Zhang proposed to him, what if Da Zhang asked him to kill him, what he never expected was that Da Zhang said, “Let’s run away.”

Da Zhang annoyed her various shifts in the hospital, morning shift, night shift, long day shift, and 24-hour shift, hindering his time. Up to now, Xiaohan still can’t tell what Da Zhang is doing. He only knows that sometimes he will hang out with the drug dealers and get some money back; sometimes he will hang around in some groups selling generic drugs and buy some imported medicines from India for others. . Da Zhang is the least busy person, so he can be in heat at any time. In his mind, there is nothing more important than being in heat. When no one is in heat, Da Zhang can’t stand it.

On that day, they started arguing at night, until the next morning, when it was dawn, Xiaohan had to go to work, and she changed her clothes in tears. Just as she was raising the sweater over her head, a sudden force of force crushed her down and she fell to the ground. The sweater blocked her vision, she couldn’t see anything, she struggled to climb up, and Da Zhang stepped on her. She managed to break free from her sweater a little bit, but she saw Da Zhang holding hands by the window, Xiao Han’s mobile phone flew out like a bird, and what flew away was Xiao Han’s past, present and future.

Xiao Han was in a hurry, and almost followed through the window – they were on the 23rd floor.

Da Zhang didn’t stop her, looked at her with a smile, and even hugged his arms in his spare time, his nose wrinkled with laughter, like a child and a monkey. He was such a savage, wild beast and urchin…animal.

And Xiaohan stared at him in astonishment, as if it was the first time he knew him.

Xiaohan was “stayed” for a week. No matter how she begged, she analyzed her studies, parents, tutors, and the police… After analyzing it with him, Da Zhang laughed. The more she talked, the more he regarded it as a fun thing. game.

Three days in the cave is a thousand years in the world, let alone seven days.

In a hurry, his big face changed, and he slapped Xiao Han directly on the face, still using the back of his hand.

The ring slashed above her eye. At first, Xiaohan didn’t know it was blood, she thought it was because she was blind, and there was black flowing in front of her eyes.

Or, she went to hell.

Da Zhang lay on the bed, breathing heavier and heavier.

Xiaohan didn’t dare to leave him, for fear that he would yell at him, and if he didn’t hear it, he would be furious and throw the things in his hand at him.

Da Zhang said weakly, “I’m a little breathless.”

Xiaohan said: “Let’s go to the hospital, there is a fever clinic.”

Da Zhang exclaimed: “Now the epidemic situation, as soon as I leave, I will be quarantined for 14 days. You just want me to be quarantined so that I can go out and find other men!!”

Xiaohan tried to calmly persuade: “Can’t help but think about it, the mobile phone has a communication itinerary card, as long as you find out that you have had an intersection with a positive patient…”

Da Zhang said, “Then I will pull out the card.”

Xiao Han has never touched Da Zhang’s cell phone, and now Da Zhang is pulling out the card himself.

“Bring your mobile phone too. Don’t even think of calling the epidemic prevention center behind my back… The hospital just wants to cheat money.”

Xiaohan said, “I… accompany you to the hospital.”

Da Zhang weakly and resentfully kicked Xiao Han.

From yesterday to today, Da Zhang has been having a fever and didn’t even get out of bed. The sky gradually darkened again, and the loud snoring accompanied by the rales of the lungs echoed in the dark room. Gradually, a fire ignited in Xiaohan’s heart, and the more it burned, the hotter she wanted to escape immediately.

When Da Zhang spoke again, his lips were bursting, and his voice was hoarse, “I… want… drink… wine, wine to sterilize.” This is what he often talks about.

“Medicine… bring it to me,” he said again.

Xiaohan still softened, turned around and poured him half a cup of hot water, “You can’t drink medicine and wine together.”

Da Zhang even smashed Xiao Han’s head with a cup of water, causing her head to lose consciousness, and she couldn’t even feel the pain when the hot water was sprinkled on her face. All the past events were replayed in her mind: she was expelled for truancy, how could a student who became a laughing stock stay on campus? How should a daughter who has been missing for a few days explain to her mother?

Xiaohan just cried.

It hasn’t always been so stubborn. Her parents also forcibly took Xiaohan last week, and she was taken to a maternity hospital run by an acquaintance as if she had been kidnapped. This kind of love aroused her fear and resistance: I don’t want, I don’t want to be locked up by anyone, I want to escape!

But now, Xiaohan has nowhere to escape. She was a woman who had just had a miscarriage, and perhaps it was the medicinal properties left over that confused her.

Like a dream, Xiao Han returned to Da Zhang again.

How did it come to this point, Xiaohan didn’t plan to think any more, and couldn’t think any more, because a wine bottle exploded beside him and shattered to the ground. Da Zhang finished drinking most of the bottle, and still need it.

Xiaohan said softly, “I’m going out to buy.”

She walked to the window: “I’ll open a window for you to breathe.”

Outside the window, there was fierce cold air, just like the night when she and Da Zhang first met.

Closing the door, she kept holding the key tightly. The elevator came, but she didn’t get in. Suddenly, in a decisive gesture, she threw the key out of the corridor window, just like when she threw her cell phone. In the mobile phone, there were actually many happy photos of her and the big Zhang, many, many, but together with the broken mobile phone, they were thrown in the trash basket.

Although the cold air is biting, it is fresh. Xiaohan moved slowly, one step, another step. The feet had been imprisoned for so long, she thought she had lost the ability to move. She limped a little, as if she didn’t believe the solid ground beneath her feet.

The elevator came again. But this time, Xiaohan decided to go out with his own feet.

Where are you going? Let’s check the nucleic acid first. And after that? Can I still go back to school? Can you still go home? Can we go back to normal life? Xiaohan doesn’t know, but she won’t come back.

In the long darkness, Xiao Han felt as if she had walked for centuries until dawn when she was found by the police returning from the night police. Xiaohan used his last strength to yell at the other party, he might have a fever, don’t come close.

After getting into the CDC’s car, Xiaohan revealed Da Zhang’s situation and address to the transfer personnel. He will be resentful, Xiaohan thought, but she doesn’t care.

It really doesn’t matter. When the CDC and firefighters broke in, it was too late for Da Zhang to rescue him. While drunk, he swallowed most of the cephalosporins. Xiao Han and his mobile phone cards were also pulled out by Da Zhang himself, and he didn’t know where they were thrown, so he didn’t even have a chance to call for help.

When Xiaohan heard the police’s notice in the hospital, her mind went blank. She didn’t know whether to cry bitterly or laugh happily. The hospital also conducted a comprehensive examination. Xiaohan just had a common cold, while Da Zhang had a common pneumonia at the beginning.

On the day he was discharged from the hospital, Xiaohan’s parents brought a red coat, to keep warm, to get rid of bad luck, and to be a new student.

For so many years, Xiaohan closed her door by herself, until God opened a window for her to breathe, and with a trace of vitality, she returned to the world.