The selection logic of the legend of fresh food

  Only by continuous iteration and update, can we catch up with the development trend of business and adapt to the changing needs of customers. How does the legend of fresh food do it?
  Buying Handmade Supermarket The value of
  Fresh Legend to customers is to optimize products for customers, so that customers can spend less money in stores and buy better products. At this time, the purchasing department plays the role of the buyer. The Purchasing Department of Fresh Legend is a 4+1 structure: the General Commodities Department, Fresh Food Purchasing Department, and Development and Promotion Department are mainly responsible for its own brands, the Base Cooperation Department is mainly responsible for communication with bases and cooperatives, etc.; the Category Planning Department is dedicated to Research the direction of category development and determine the principles of category introduction.
  Selection logic
  In terms of product selection, Fresh Legend is based on the principle of category management. Businesses deal with commodities, but customers see life. Based on this, category management is a way of creating a lifestyle for customers rather than ranking brands in sales. We implement scene design based on category management, focus on fresh commodities, highlight the purposeful category – vegetables, and solve the problem of cooking for customers. In addition, we will cooperate with local brands to discover and display local special products.
  New product meeting
  Fresh Legend is a highly standardized supermarket, and there will be a product elimination meeting every month. At the new product meeting, we will study how a single product is sold, what the selling point is, whether customers like it, whether friends have done it, and so on. After confirming the product, we will publicize it to the store manager and tell the store how to display it and how to use sales tactics. If it is found that there is a problem after the introduction of the product, it will be eliminated immediately. We want to make all of our products sell.
  supply chain

  Fresh Legend’s supply chain has opened up the entire link of production, transportation and sales, and can solve various problems and control various costs through technological and management innovations. Taking cooking oil as an example, a carton costing 5 yuan can hold 4 barrels of oil, and the packaging material cost of each barrel of oil is more than 1 yuan. But if it is replaced with a folding basket, the cost of each barrel of oil can be reduced by 1 yuan, which can be beneficial to customers.
  Own brand The brand of the
  fresh food legend store mainly includes its own brand, brand owner brand, and dual brand cooperation with brand owner. For private brands, we will consider customer needs, such as product packaging, and we will design packaging that meets customer aesthetics.
  Finally, summarize the five development dimensions of fresh commodities:
  1. Sell raw materials. Aging and low birthrate are a trend of China’s future development. With the aging and declining birthrate, it is becoming more and more uneconomical for customers to cook, so selling raw materials is the most basic way.
  2. Simple packaging. Simple care and bundling of goods.
  3. Deep processing. For example, diced, silk, block, etc., we have a brand called “Farewell Knife”.
  4. Pre-cooked dishes. For example, steak and shrimp can be turned into delicacies after simple cooking.
  5. Chef’s specialties. We believe that the store will be transferred from raw to cooked, which can not only reduce the troubles of customers going home to cook, but also increase the fun of cooking. This is a direction of future development.