Get rid of troubles

  On that day, when I took the train from Beijing to Harbin, I put a plastic bag under the seat, which contained several books that I had spent a lot of time scouring for.
  When the train was about to enter the station, I received a call from a graduate student to answer some of his questions about the external review of the graduation thesis. The car stopped, and I was on the phone while walking out of the car. I forgot the plastic bag under the seat. When I changed to the subway, I suddenly remembered it.
  On the way home, I blamed myself for being too stupid for a while, regretted not stuffing those few favorite books into the suitcase for a while, and complained to myself that the student’s phone call came at the wrong time. Entering the house, I was still sullen, as if I had lost a fortune of my hard-earned money, and was irritated with comforting my wife for no reason.
  The book was lost and could not be recovered, but my troubles continued for several days.
  After calming down, I also comforted myself that I shouldn’t compete with those results that could no longer be changed, but when I encountered something that bothered me, I still couldn’t help but feel brooding and couldn’t let it go immediately.
  On a business trip, he met Zhou Jin, a college classmate. At this time, he was encountering the “Waterloo” of his life. A very cautious real estate investment, he thought he could make a lot of money, but he didn’t expect the sudden change in the market situation. Earnings from the hard work of the past few years.
  What surprised me was that when Zhou Jin told me about his investment fiasco, his tone was calm and calm, as if he was telling someone else’s story.
  I was worried: “How did you survive such a heavy blow?”
  He looked calm and used to seeing the wind and waves: “The result is already like this, complaining is useless, regret is useless, trouble is even more useless, smile lightly, look for It ‘s time for a comeback.”
  ”You’re very reasonable, but it’s not easy to let go of it calmly.” I can’t even let go of some small troubles in my life. My heart is a little narrow.
  Zhou Jin invited me to go to Yichun Forest District to buy the purest birch honey. After walking through a rugged mountain road, I saw two pheasants walking on the grass beside the road, and they were enviable.
  Zhou Jin teased me: “Do you know the troubles of pheasants?”
  I said in disapproval: “Now the state advocates closing mountains for forest cultivation and strengthening wildlife protection. Catching, what troubles do they have?”
  Zhou Jin smiled: “You are right, but pheasants also have troubles, for example, they can’t find food, encounter natural enemies that can’t be avoided, and can’t find safety in winter. It’s just that we can’t see their troubles, only the leisurely way they let go of troubles.”
  ”Just like some people, the troubles that are inescapable are surrounded by them, and they are gently brushed away without seeing it. , or staring at each other, making the heart even more heavy?” I know that the attitude towards troubles also reflects the wisdom of life.
  In the depths of the mountain, I saw the hard-working beekeeper who built a simple log cabin halfway up the mountain and placed more than 100 beehives in front of the house. He drank mountain spring water, collected wild vegetables, picked up dead branches and made a fire to cook. He had to endure the thick humidity in the mountains, and he had to endure the frantic bites of mosquitoes.
  I lamented that the life of a beekeeper is too hard, and I have to face a lot of troubles every day.
  But the beekeeper smiled and said, “It’s good to get used to it. Troubles are like mosquitoes in the mountains. If you don’t take them seriously, and then think about some ways to deal with them, you will find that many troubles that seem to be inexorable will not go away. It can also be put down.”
  Seeing the clumps of yellow flowers transplanted in front of his hut, as well as a few peony flowers blooming enthusiastically, I admired his elegant life.
  He said that planting daylily can not only enjoy the flowers, but also eat the vegetables. It has both poetic and human fireworks. Looking at the peony flowers that are blooming to their fullest, I feel that in this world, no matter whether it is good or bad, you should live a good life.
  It is a simple and profound life emotion, and I am in awe of the beekeepers.
  During the chat, he learned that the beekeepers had also been in the business world, and they had a great time, but after the downfall, those who used to surround them scattered in a hurry, and he didn’t complain. People carry beehives, wander in the mountains and forests, accompany flowers and plants, and become partners with wind and rain. Although the days are hard, they also have a free and easy life in the world, and the troubles of life are also emptied one by one.
  In life, everyone will inevitably encounter some troubles. A truly smart person knows how to let go of troubles, not to bear them, and they will not be stumped by troubles, because there are many important things in front of them that are worth doing by themselves. There are still a lot of exciting things in the future, waiting to be performed by myself.