Good night


As soon as a flush appeared in the eastern sky, Xia Qiufeng got up. She heated the beef stewed last night on the fire, put it in a thermos, and put the book prepared for her son in her backpack and ate it whole. Early, hurried to the station. The outskirts where his son Wen Yiding lives are located. It takes hundreds of miles and several reversal of the car to get there.

After nearly three hours of tossing along the way, at nine o’clock in the morning, Xia Qiufeng came to the correctional center. The hall was full of people. The family members who were waiting to be visited were sitting or standing, gathering in twos and threes to wait for the reception. Xia Qiufeng found a corner against the wall and stood down, his eyes glanced over the moving heads, and looked at the gate leading to the courtyard, which was now tightly closed. At 9:30, the gate opened, and two prison guards came out and called everyone to line up. The family members rushed over and automatically stood in two rows. They were led by the prison guards to the inner courtyard. Xia Qiufeng followed the crowd to the inner courtyard. meeting area. The children who were detained in labor camps lined up in two teams in labor camp uniforms, waiting to be visited by their families. Xia Qiufeng found her son in the team at a glance. She shook the thermos bottle in her hand at his son, and finally heard the guard calling his son’s name and watched his son come out of the team. Xia Qiufeng waved to his son, opened the thermos when his son approached.

Mom, my son called her, and I bent down and sniffed it. It was really fragrant, and I was greedy for the beef you made in it.

Eat it. If you want to eat it, Mom will make it for you next time. As long as you make a good transformation in it, don’t let Mom worry. Xia Qiufeng handed the spoon to his son.

The son took the spoon and buried his head to eat, and the left cheek moved the cat-like birthmark on his face, as if the cat was eating beef with him.

At this time, the old lady who was visiting next to me cried softly. The old lady came to see her grandson, and she burst into tears without saying a few words. Xia Qiufeng turned to look at the old lady, remembering the first few visits when her son first entered the correctional center, he was crying too. Fortunately, after a long time, she got used to it, and she stopped crying, and no longer made the short visit time seem like parting from life and death.

Mom, did you bring any money? The son, who had been eating beef, raised his head and asked.

What money to bring?

Didn’t I tell you last time? Let you bring me some money, punch the card.

What do you use the money for? The six hundred dollars I gave you last time ran out so quickly?

Your six hundred dollars is still money? When people see it, they will be charged 2,000.

We can’t compare with others. You know our family’s situation. Mom only gets that little salary every month.

I know, tell me, did you bring it?


How much to bring?

one thousand.

one thousand? The son pouted in disappointment.

One thousand less? I spend this money every month. Xia Qiufeng raised his face.

Okay, okay, one thousand is one thousand, and you can punch me in later.

You gotta tell me, what do you want so much money for? During this time, you spend too much money, what do you spend? Xia Qiufeng stared at his son and asked.

Let me tell you, Xia Qiufeng won’t give money to the card if he doesn’t tell the truth. His son turned his head to look around and said in a low voice, “We have Brother Lei, but he has a background. Many people are following him.” Pull the relationship, buy him something, invite him to eat a small stove. I also want to get close to him, buy him something, treat him to a small stove, and no one dares to bully him under his cover.

Are you being bullied in there? Xia Qiufeng asked worriedly.

No, isn’t this a defense? son said.

You have to behave well, don’t learn those useless things, Xia Qiufeng blamed, you will come out in more than a year, don’t make anything wrong. Xia Qiufeng said with a serious face.

Oops, I know, don’t worry. The son said impatiently.

Before leaving, Xia Qiufeng took the books out of his backpack and handed them to his son. These are the books I found for you for the college entrance examination. You should read them first, then go back and take the college entrance examination. Now you need a diploma for everything. You can’t eat without a diploma.

Oops, look at you, why are you taking it all the way? I work every day, how can I have time to read? The son frowned and said reluctantly.

I carried it all on my back, you still let me carry it back? Xia Qiufeng glanced at his son angrily, and shoved the book to his son. You can read as much as you can, as much as you can. Reading is better than doing useless things.

Okay, okay, I don’t think it’s okay? Seeing Xia Qiufeng’s face stern again, his son reluctantly held the book in his hand and urged, “Hurry up and give me money.”

After paying his son’s money to the card, he came out of the correctional center and got on the returning bus. Watching the bus drive from the field road to the expressway, Xia Qiufeng suddenly remembered that he didn’t tell his son that Wen Shengli had been here yesterday. How did you forget it? For a while, Xia Qiufeng regretted that he didn’t think to tell his son. But then he thought about his son’s discipline for more than a year, and Wen Shengli has been here several times. If he really misses his son, he has already come by himself, so would he still use her to talk? Thinking about it this way, Xia Qiufeng felt that it was right that he forgot to say it, maybe he didn’t intend to say it at all, otherwise how could he forget it?

Yesterday, when she returned home from the supermarket and put the beef in the kitchen, Xia Qiufeng involuntarily came to her son Wen Yiding’s room, and the scene where Wen Shengli raised his son to his shoulders at the entrance of the supermarket deeply stimulated her. , Wen Shengli regards the son he and Tao Hong gave birth to like a jewel in the palm of his hand, but when did he treat his own son like this? The son has a stubborn personality since he was a child. Every time he is naughty and beaten by Wen Shengli, he never agrees. He just stands there and lets Wen Shengli beat him. The son and Wen Shengli didn’t lose their temper, and they quarreled after a few words. But she listened to her very much. As long as she asked her son to do anything, her son would readily agree. Her son didn’t let her worry about her studies. The first thing she did when she came home from school was to do her homework, and she didn’t go out to play until she had finished her homework. Although the grades are not among the best in the class, there are still some in the top ten. Since when did the son change? It should be the year when she and Wen Shengli got divorced. That year, when her son was in the first year of high school, Wen Shengli had an affair, and her family life suddenly lost its balance, which made her panic for a while. After she knew that Wen Shengli had an affair, the two began to quarrel. At first, they quarreled behind her son’s back, but later she didn’t even care about her son. At that time, she was disturbed by Wen Shengli’s extramarital affairs and neglected to care for her son. Sometimes the two quarreled and vented their anger on their son. No one cared about his son’s feelings until his son started to play truant, went to and from Internet cafes, and met some gangsters in the society. Three years later, after entering the juvenile management center, she began to regret it. If she could have cared more about her son, how could her son have come this far? Every time he thinks of his son, Xia Qiufeng feels that he owes his son, and his heart is filled with panic, and he hates Wen Shengli. He hated his infidelity, hated his betrayal, hated that he was blind and fell in love with him, and what was he arguing with when he found out that Wen Shengli had betrayed him? Wouldn’t it be over if you leave now? What kind of luck is there, hoping that he can restrain himself, the prodigal son will return to keep the family intact, but the result? Not only the family was not saved, but even the son was destroyed. Xia Qiufeng picked up the photo of his son on the computer desk. His son looked like Wen Shengli, with thick eyebrows and big eyes. If it weren’t for the dark red cat’s head-like birthmark on his left face, his son should be very handsome. Xia Qiufeng touched his son’s face and said to his son, Mom will see you tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the family visit day, and the juvenile detention center has a family visit day every month. Although the visit time is only one hour each time, Xia Qiufeng goes there every time to chat with his son, give him some encouragement, and bring some food that his son likes to bring. Only seeing her son with her own eyes will her heart be at ease. Since she got divorced and her son entered the correctional center, she is the only one at home. Xia Qiufeng’s heart seems to be hollowed out. She is alone in the house. She feels lonely and does not know how to live day by day. Especially at night, standing in front of the window, looking at the lights of thousands of homes in the city, thinking about the scene of the family sitting happily together for dinner in each window, Xia Qiufeng felt sad from the heart, and the whole person was full of joy. Desperate, I wanted to jump out of the window for a hundred times. Until one day, when she learned from the Internet that her state was suffering from depression, she broke out in a cold sweat. She warned herself that she could not go on like this, otherwise, this state would become more and more serious for a long time. The sky really jumped out of the window. I’m gone, what about my son? She had to find herself something to do to get herself back together.

There is an advertising column at the north gate of the community, and various advertisements are posted there every day. Those red, green, white and pink paper sheets of different colors, like large and small plaster, are placed on the gray advertising column. with patch. Among the colorful advertisements, Xia Qiufeng found an advertisement for recitation students. The study address was more than 20 miles away from where she lived, and she had to reverse the car twice. She is not afraid of Lu Yuan, but the tuition is a little expensive, 1580 yuan per 20 class hours, she is a little reluctant. She copied down the phone number and had been hesitant to sign up. Later, I heard that the cultural center in the district offers free recitation training classes for adults, so she went to the cultural center to ask, only to find out that there are many free training classes in the cultural center, and she signed up for two classes, recitation and yoga. After leaving the cultural center, she was secretly thankful that she didn’t sign up for the recitation class advertised, otherwise she would have to spend money.

When she came out of her son’s room, she went to clean the beef. The last time she met her, she told her son that she would cook beef for her son next time. The son liked her beef stew the most. When they were a family of three, every ten days For half a month, she has to stew her son once. She cut the cleaned beef into equal-sized cubes, heated it on the fire, skimmed the blood after the water boiled, fished out the beef, and put the beef in a frying pan with brown sugar and fry it for a while, then put it on Onion, ginger, garlic, astragalus, aniseed… All kinds of condiments are slowly boiled in the filtered original soup. Xia Qiufeng was meticulous when she did these things, as if she had fooled her son in any way.

The beef was stewed on a slow fire, Xia Qiufeng started frying the sauce on another stove, preparing to eat fried noodles for dinner, and when the sauce was fried, Xia Qiufeng lost his appetite again and didn’t want to eat it. She turned on the reading software on her mobile phone and began to recite. Reciting and yoga every night were a good way for Xia Qiufeng to drive away her loneliness.

If I were a bird / I should sing with a hoarse throat / This land battered by storms / This river of sorrow that forever roils us…

Xia Qiufeng was engrossed in the recitation, her bright voice emanating from the living room. If she hadn’t participated in the recitation class, Xia Qiufeng would never have known that her voice was so good. In the past, Xia Qiufeng’s voice was drowned in the firewood, rice, oil and salt. After reciting Ai Qing’s “I Love This Land”, Xia Qiufeng recited another piece of Haizi’s “Facing the Sea with Spring Flowers Blooming”: From tomorrow / Be a happy person / Feed the horses and chop wood / Travel the world / From tomorrow / Caring about food and vegetables / I have a house facing the sea / Spring is blooming…

After the two poems were recited, it was time to practice yoga. Xia Qiufeng took a yoga mat from the corner of the living room, spread it in the wide area of ​​the living room, turned around and entered the bedroom, and changed into a black yoga suit after a while. She turned on her mobile phone and found the commonly used yoga music “Mandala”. Instantly, the calm, soothing and ethereal music swayed from the mobile phone. Xia Qiufeng sat on the yoga mat to tuck up her stomach, hold her chest up, stretch her back, and relax cross-legged… …after a series of movements, start doing the introductory asanas.

Before the recitation class was completed, the yoga class started. Xia Qiufeng got off work every Tuesday afternoon and went to practice yoga again. Yoga is not as easy as reciting. People in their 40s have stiff arms and legs without exercise. At first, when the waist fell down, the arms stretched out and could barely touch the calf, and it was difficult to bend down a little bit. She practiced this movement for a week alone.

She knelt on the mat, leaned back, and placed her left and right hands on her ankles, lying on her back like a camel in the desert. Just after making a move, someone knocked on the door, Xia Qiufeng got up to open the door, and Wen Shengli was standing at the door.

What are you doing here? Seeing Wen Shengli, Xia Qiufeng’s face sank.

I walked by and came up to take a look.

There is nothing to see, thinking of the scene at the entrance of the supermarket, Xia Qiufeng is about to close the door.

No, I’m here, let me sit in for a while. Wen Shengli firmly supported the door and stepped inside.

Xia Qiufeng glared at Wen Shengli and turned back to the living room.

What are you doing, dressed like this? Wen Shengli followed behind Xia Qiufeng, looking at Xia Qiufeng up and down.

Xia Qiufeng ignored Wen Shengli and wanted to sit down and practice yoga, but after thinking about it, he stood still. In order to prevent embarrassment, she turned on the TV and turned to sit on the sofa.

Really fragrant, and how about beef stew? Wen Shengli sniffed and stood in the living room, looking into the kitchen. Wen Shengli also likes the beef stewed by Xia Qiufeng. Every time Xia Qiufeng stews beef, Wen Shengli drinks two cups. After they are full, they sit on the sofa chatting and watching TV. Since Wensheng had an affair, the family’s happy days came to an abrupt end. It is said that if you want to win a man’s heart, you must first seize the man’s stomach, and you have fed Wen Shengli’s stomach full. Perhaps it was because he had fed him too much that he had the energy to frantically frantically and tossed out of trouble outside.

Are you going to see that bastard tomorrow? Seeing that Xia Qiufeng did not answer with a sullen face, Wen Shengli sat down and spoke.

My son is not a jerk, he has a name and a last name. Xia Qiufeng suddenly raised her eyes and looked at Wen Shengli sullenly. When she was not divorced before, when it came to her son Wen Shengli being always a bastard or a bastard child, Xia Qiufeng was not as disgusted as she is today. It is only when the son is dissatisfied or hates iron that he is angry that he will say that. But today, the word “jerk” that Wen Shengli said made her particularly harsh.

It’s all yours to protect. As soon as I scold him, you protect it. It’s like this. Seeing that Xia Qiufeng was a little annoyed, Wen Shengli said reproachfully.

Don’t put all the blame on me. If you hadn’t cheated, would he have done this? Xia Qiufeng counterattacked unceremoniously, making Wen Shengli shut up. Both of them became dumb for a while. On the TV, a slender woman, shaking her head and shaking her long hair, is doing an advertisement for shampoo. The narration cooperates with the woman’s long hair to break the embarrassment in the house. The brand-new Lux Soft Shampoo, Contains hyaluronic acid, twice as smooth, water-glossy hair, full of aura…

I met you in the supermarket in the afternoon, and suddenly remembered that tomorrow is the day of visiting, and I won’t be there tomorrow. You told him to behave well and try to come out as soon as possible. After a while, Wen Shengli broke the silence and said that this time he didn’t mention his son’s name or scold the bastard.

I didn’t expect you to go either, my son I’ll go see him. Xia Qiufeng squinted his eyes. Since his son was disciplined, Wen Shengli has been there several times, but he has never been there again. It seems that his son is no longer his son and has become someone else. Every time Xia Qiufeng went, his son never asked Wen Shengli, as if the two had long since lost their father-son relationship.

are you OK? Wen Shengli was embarrassed and had nothing to say.

very good. Xia Qiufeng stood up and walked to the yoga mat, hurry up, I want to practice yoga now.

You practice yours, and I won’t prevent you from practicing.

Seeing Wen Shengli lingering on, Xia Qiufeng squinted at Wen Shengli, put Wen Shengli aside, and continued to practice yoga without anyone else.

Xia Qiufeng folded his body down, knelt on his knees, inhaled and arched his back, exhaled and collapsed, doing it meticulously. Wen Shengli felt that Xia Qiufeng was like a cat lying on a yoga mat at the moment.

After doing this, Xia Qiufeng stood on the yoga mat, leaned forward with his upper body, buried his head between his legs, and stretched his arms parallel to the back, looking like a curved bow and arrow. Wen Shengli silently looked at Xia Qiufeng who was constantly changing his movements on the mat. He felt that Xia Qiufeng in front of him was so unfamiliar.

At this time, Xia Qiufeng, who turned into a bow and arrow, had opened his body, sat on the mat, straightened his right leg, tilted his upper body to the right, his head was attached to his right leg, his left hand was holding his right foot, his right hand was holding his left foot, and his body Tilt and twisted, his eyes from bottom to top met Wen Shengli’s. Wen Shengli couldn’t help stunned, and quickly avoided Xia Qiufeng’s direct gaze.

When she turned her head, Xia Qiufeng stood up, her left leg rested on the ground, her right leg was crossed to the bottom of her left thigh, her body slowly squatted down, and her arms were stretched and intertwined, because the center of gravity of her body was on one leg. , lost his balance for a while, and the person suddenly fell on the mat.

what happened? Xia Qiufeng was a little surprised by her fall. She rarely falls with this action on weekdays. What happened today? She got up and started the same motion again, but this time she didn’t stand still.

Okay, don’t do it, it’s getting late, I’m leaving, Wen Shengli stood up.

Xia Qiufeng ignored Wen Shengli, got up, and started the action again.

Stop practicing, I know you can practice well, you don’t need to prove it to me, Wen Shengli walked over and grabbed Xia Qiufeng’s shoulders.

Get out of the way, you thought I was doing it for you? Xia Qiufeng shook Wen Shengli’s hands angrily, and then competed with that action.

You practice, I’m gone, I’m really a stubborn bull. After so many years, my temper has not changed at all. Seeing that Xia Qiufeng can’t move, Wen Shengli got up and walked out angrily. After so many years together, he knew Xia Qiufeng too well. She has a stubborn character. As long as she does anything, she has to do it well, and no one can persuade her. Walking to the door, Wen Shengli turned around and said, “I’m leaving. When you go tomorrow, you want to tell him to make a good transformation.

When Wen Shengli walked to the door, Xia Qiufeng’s golden rooster stood there independently and firmly, said coldly, and closed the door for me.

Seeing that Xia Qiufeng didn’t mean to send himself at all, Wen Shengli finally looked around the house, and when he turned his head and was about to close the door, he turned around and said, marry if you are suitable, don’t stay in the house all day long. Competing yourself is not good for your body. After speaking, he disappeared at the door.

Don’t cry with my cat, mouse, fake mercy, I don’t care. Do you think that no one wants your mother after you leave? Pooh! Xia Qiufeng Jinji stood there independently and stably, uttered a foul language, and then went on to practice the scorpion handstand, the backbend prayer pose… Finally, the yoga practice ended with the dance king twisting arm pose.