Quiet kindness

At the end of the month, I will return to my hometown to visit my mother. In my spare time, I take my 8-year-old Dongdong to the peanut field that has just been harvested to “pick up autumn”. Due to the light rain at night, the ground was a little wet, and some scattered peanuts were exposed on the ground, which was delightful to watch. I simply squatted on the ground, took myself as the center of the circle, and patiently picked it up while raking. Dongdong is too playful, so he picks up the fat ones. Every time he picks up a grain, he will happily send it to my basket, and after a while, he will be sweating.

Just as she was picking it up, Sister Zhang, who was next door, rushed over. She greeted me with a smile, and asked about Dongdong’s studies. Then, taking advantage of the gap between picking up peanuts, she chatted with me about her children’s future employment issues. I am very familiar with Mrs. Zhang’s family situation. In the past two years, her husband’s leg disease has been so bad that he can’t do heavy work in the fields. She relies on her to do all the work outside of the family. In college, all subjects are excellent. Mrs. Zhang said that there are college students everywhere, and the chances of getting employed are getting smaller and smaller. She was worried that her son could not find a stable golden job after graduation, and asked me if I had any good suggestions or solutions. Seeing Mrs. Zhang’s frankness, I patiently comforted me: In today’s era, the party and the country pay more and more attention to education, and the society’s demand for talents is not rigid. As long as children are willing to work hard and be good enough, they will find their ideals in the future As a parent, you don’t have to worry about it at all. After listening to my words, Sister Zhang pursed her lips and smiled, turned around and poured the half bag of peanuts she just picked up into the tin bucket beside her.

A short time has passed, and Dongdong and I have gained a lot, picking up more than half a basket of peanuts. When leaving the peanut field, Dongdong bravely held the basket in his hand and poured all the peanuts inside into Sister Zhang’s white bucket while I wasn’t paying attention. Looking at what Dongdong has done, I nodded approvingly, took his hand at the same time, and walked towards home happily.

Sleepless at night, looking at Dongdong sleeping soundly beside me, an old thing came to my mind. When I was 10 years old, an accident happened at home, and the problem of food and clothing was difficult to solve for a while. At that time, there lived a single old stubborn man next door. He was not tall and had a quirky temperament. The children in the village had to walk around him when they met him. The old man’s family is very good, and he does not worry about food and clothing. He often stays at home alone, reading and reading newspapers. He doesn’t know much about farming either. He only knows how to grow sweet potatoes in the ration field at the head of the village, which is easy to manage and easy to eat. “Picking hawthorns in the cold dew, digging sweet potatoes when the frost falls”, before the frost falls every year, the old man always finds a shovel pick and picks up the sweet potatoes in the field in advance, and then calls me to his house to “open a circle”. Turn sweet potatoes in the ground. After a long time, the experience will come, I will dig in the field or the corner of the ditch, because there are the most sweet potatoes, and some even have no trace of turning. When I brought the piles of sweet potatoes home in a basket, I saw, in addition to my mother’s smile, there were more and more tears left on her face. Years later, I learned the truth of the matter from my mother’s mouth: The old man is not good, he is a down-to-earth intellectual, and he deliberately “rewarded” the sweet potatoes left in his fields to me, just to help my family silently. overcome obstacles. As the years passed, I completed my studies step by step, and finally settled down in a big city. After my son Dongdong got a little familiar with people, I told him the story of the old stubborn man who helped others many times.

The real kindness is silent, no need to be vigorous, and no need to praise loudly, but the little beauty hidden in it can be passed on, just like those sweet potatoes that the old stubborn gave me silently, not only filling It filled my stomach, nourished my soul, and finally led my next generation in the form of inheritance to be content and grateful, and to move forward with good deeds.