Three golden foods are eaten wrong and become rubbish

Potato Nutritious French Fries Junk

Potatoes are rich in vitamin A and antioxidants, and have anti-inflammatory properties. They are very high-quality tuber vegetables. However, potato chips are a big no-no for a healthy diet, because fried foods contain a lot of fat and calories. As long as you don’t mash the potatoes and eat them with butter and brown sugar, stewed potatoes are a great way to eat them; you can also steam diced potatoes or roast them whole.

Eating apples with their skins peeled and peeled nutrients loses nutrients

Apples are the best snack because they’re sweet, juicy, and full of fiber. Most vitamins and minerals are hidden in its epidermis. So, if the skin is peeled, most of the nutrients are thrown away. If you can, it’s best to choose an organic apple and chew the whole red or green skin and eat it.

Boiled broccoli is not nutritious and steamed is the most nutritious

Boiled broccoli may be the traditional way to eat it, but it’s not the healthiest way to eat it, and many nutrients are lost.

To eat broccoli, steam or sauté for a few minutes to slightly soften the stems and brighten their color.

Ordering food is the most common thing in our life, as long as you walk into a restaurant, we have to deal with it. Often this simple thing has stumped many of our elites and heroes. They are worried that they can’t order satisfactory dishes, and they appear embarrassed at the dining table. what. What’s more, he didn’t know how to order food, so he ordered the most expensive dishes in the store, and ordered all the expensive dishes, which was completely a local tyrant. How could he know that ordering food is still a science, and there are rules to follow.

I am not a professional orderer, because I have eaten a lot, so I have summed up some experience and lessons of ordering. The most important rules of ordering are the balance of heat and cold, the combination of meat and vegetables, the consideration of sea, land and air, and the attention to the seasons and the restaurant’s characteristics. These four points, as most people know, are easier said than done. The number of people who eat each time varies from men and women. Sometimes two or three people eat at a table, sometimes seven or eight, sometimes a dozen or even twenty. How to order food so that everyone can eat and drink well, I think three or two people eat three dishes and one soup. In this way, the dishes are neither too much nor too many, even if there is less, you can add more dishes.

Cold dishes are available in the north and south, and they are snacks and appetizers. There can be no shortage of them on the table, and they can’t cover the limelight of hot dishes. When three or four people eat, order two cold dishes for appetizers. One table of guests will order four or six dishes of cold dishes. Everyone You can move your mouth before the hot dishes are served, and increase your appetite for eating.

The combination of meat and vegetables is a reasonable combination of meat dishes, vegetarian dishes and vegetables. You can’t just order dishes according to your personal preferences. The person who orders the dishes can ask everyone here before ordering, if there are any taboos, and if there are any dishes that you particularly like. If so, consider their taboos and preferences first. Also know that there are young people in this era who do not eat fish, chicken and duck, ginger and garlic, seafood, or have food allergies. These prerequisites must be taken into account, and then two-thirds of meat dishes must be considered. , one third of vegetarian dishes and vegetables, which are both rich and simple.

Taking into account the comprehensiveness and nutritional balance of the ingredients, whether it is a meal for three or four people or a banquet for more than seven or eight people, we must consider the ingredients that swim in the water, walk on the ground, and fly in the air. Fish, shrimp, crabs, turtles, etc., pigs, cattle, sheep, dogs and offal on the ground, chickens, ducks, geese and pigeons that can fly, etc., you need to order one or two kinds of ingredients for each type of sea, land and air. In order to increase the grade of the banquet, you can add seafood and mountain delicacies To improve the level of the banquet, there is no need to fill the table with delicacies from mountains and seas.

Seasonal dishes are closely related to the seasons, and each season has its own seasonal dishes and ingredients, and try to eat as little as possible greenhouse dishes and out-of-season dishes. Spring bamboo shoots and asparagus in spring, Artemisia annua in the lake area, and Chinese sprouts in the mountains are worth eating; river shrimp, hairy crabs, peppers, and garden vegetables in summer are worth eating; lake crabs and harvested fruits in autumn are worth eating; winter bamboo shoots and beef in winter , mutton, etc. are worth eating.

People who order food are often prone to two tendentious mistakes. One is to trust the hotel staff too much and let them recommend dishes. They recommend well-selling and classic dishes in the store, which do not match and cannot satisfy the diners’ preferences; The second is that you don’t believe the waiter’s recommendation at all, and you order it yourself. These two tendencies are wrong. When you go to a familiar restaurant or a well-known restaurant to eat, you must order the special dishes and signature dishes in the restaurant, and then order a few dishes according to your own preferences and match them, so that everyone will be satisfied.

To order food, you also need to order snacks, main dishes, fruits and drinks. These require more reasonable matching. There are many meat dishes. If you eat too greasy, you need a bottle of orange juice; if you have drinks, you can order more snacks; if you eat rice There are a lot of people, so order a meal or two.