Culture – show my respect for yours

  The scattered yellows are concentrated and concentrated in the flowerbeds dominated by white and multi-colored, and they also have a prominent and balanced beauty.
  Entering the circle of others
  In April 2000, Cui Qi organized an “Asian People’s Association” in Johnson & Johnson Canada, which is the company’s first and currently the only organization based on ethnicity. The reason for the establishment of such an organization is the past and the reality. The past is personal feelings, and the reality is bystanders.
  The previous reason happened 17 years ago. In 1991, Cui Qi immigrated. At that time, there were very few mainland immigrants in Canada. What he faced was not only the difficulty of finding a job, but also the confusion of people from mainland China.
  Johnson & Johnson Canada interviewed him. Johnson & Johnson is a health care product manufacturer and service provider with a history of more than 100 years. Its products involve consumer products, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and clinical diagnostic products. It is one of the 50 largest companies in the United States and has more than 50 global There are more than 200 subsidiaries in each country. In 1983, a representative office was established in Beijing, and 7 branches were established successively. In 1985, its subsidiary Belgian Janssen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and China jointly established Xi’an Janssen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Now Xi’an Janssen has developed into an excellent enterprise in China. Cui Qi is one of the main start-ups of Xi’an Janssen; he brought a sincere and enthusiastic recommendation letter from Wu Jieping, the company’s foreign president, chief financial officer and then president of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Those were two reasons why Johnson & Johnson of Canada made an appointment with him.
  On the day of the interview, seven white people were sitting in the room, forming a semi-circle “barrier”, with Cui Qi sitting in the center of the semi-circle. “The enemy is outnumbered and I am outnumbered” and “condescending”, only by fighting the backwater can we “break out of the siege”. In the professional part, Cui Qi talked eloquently. When working at China’s Xi’an Janssen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., he mainly did three things: according to the incidence in China, he selected 8 out of more than 70 pharmaceutical products to be registered in China; established the China branch of the Janssen Scientific Research Committee, with Cui Qi as the first Secretary-General, the foreign chairman is Dr. Yang Sen, the founder of Janssen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Belgium, and the Chinese chairman is Professor Wu Jieping, an expert in urology; top scientists in the fields of skin, pediatrics, surgery, gastrointestinal, anesthesia, pharmacology, plants, etc. Clinical thinking, which was an advanced move in China in the 1980s. In 1987, Cui Qi obtained an MBA degree in the United Kingdom. After all, the “barrier” began to loosen: “You know so well about our company’s products?” “You work directly with Dr. Yang Sen?” Cui Qi knew that he had won the first round.
  And the remaining questions made him laugh or cry, “Why did the Chinese government call you out?” “How did you come out?” “What background do you have?” “Are you a diplomat?” He also asked some more bizarre questions. question. At this point, Cui Qi realized that it is no wonder that someone once said to him that the understanding of Chinese people in the West is limited to restaurants and dry cleaners; it is no wonder that some Westerners once thought that China was the domain of a certain tribal chief. Is it funny? No, because the “distance” between the West and the East, Canada and China, is too far, one is far from the other, and it is not only the region that is far away. However, as professionals and executives who have a place in the Canadian pharmaceutical industry, even in North America, and in the international pharmaceutical industry, the unfamiliarity of China and the Chinese is more shallow and lonely than the Chinese who have just opened up to the West. To this extent, it is astounding. Whenever he talks about this, Cui Qi always says with deep feeling that the barriers and cognitions between ethnic groups and regions can sometimes be worlds apart.
  Cui Qi was hired, and people in the company were talking about his joining: “He is from mainland China!? The company gave him a job!?” The curiosity and disdain were mixed.
  In the company, Asians are in the minority, Chinese are even rarer, and mainland Chinese are very rare, especially in those few years. Because there are not many people, they are not powerful, and they are scattered and diluted in every corner. People often ignore this group of people, no matter what they do or don’t do, whether they are good or not, whether it is punishment or punishment. Commendation.
  There was a problem with the company’s computer system, and the Chinese engineers rushed to repair it on the weekend. On Monday, the computer was normal, and people were working as usual, but no one thought about it or asked more. What about the achievements of the repair personnel? What about the holidays? Shouldn’t it have been? A colleague often works until after hours, but never registers overtime. Maybe it’s because the workload is too big, maybe it’s because people are questioning the ability to work, maybe it’s based on or accustomed to silent dedication, maybe it’s because the boss is expected to take the initiative to notice and appreciate it, no matter what the reason, there is only one result, he simply cannot to what he should have gotten, because the boss doesn’t care about any of his “becauses”. Cui Qi was moved by his work and worried about his “non-dispute”. He went to the boss to explain the situation, and the boss had his explanation: “His English is not understood by others”, “Is this really the case?” One reason has nothing to do with “this case”, and the second reason makes Cui Qi angry: “Where are your eyes?”
  The day that happened 16 years ago and the things that happened around him often prompted Cui Qi to set up an organization to let Chinese Americans There are channels for mutual understanding, transmission and absorption between people, Asians and other ethnic groups.
  Do you speak Chinese?
  It is easier said than done to set up our own organization in other people’s “turf”, however, the difficulty is not with others, but with our own people.
  In such a large company, there are few Asians, and even fewer people know each other. How can we get to know those who do not know each other? Cui Qi began to explore his own people “all over the world”. Starting from looks, “all over the world” fanned the flames, starting with “building a platform for yourself”. When commuting to and from get off work, those who are approaching; those who are in line for lunch, those who are in front of and behind; those who are chatting after tea between work… Anyone who looks like an Asian face, he will go to “speak up”, the first sentence is like this: “Do you speak Chinese? If you don’t speak Chinese, you can write.” Sometimes he greets him with enthusiasm, but is poured back with a bucket of cold water, “I’m not interested.” “I’m not Chinese.” “My husband I’m Canadian, I don’t speak Chinese.” “I was educated abroad.” “I’m too busy to have time.” Some people didn’t even say a word, they just shook their heads and didn’t even turn their eyes. Cui Qi was disappointed and discouraged, and even wondered if his thoughts were unrealistic.
  However, someone still stood up, and someone said to him: “Your idea is very good, we can talk about it carefully.” So Cui Qi invited the person to have dinner together and talk about the grand blueprint that was still in his stomach. The blueprint is getting clearer, the interest is getting stronger, the meal is over, and the idea is basically formed. Soon, four people carrying “Xinghuo” gathered in the office for the first meeting. Cui Qi suggested, “Can we write our names in Chinese on the blackboard and get to know each other formally?” Only the word “Cui Qi” stretched and stood upright, and the three names all seemed to have lost their bones and braces, lying on the ground limply, barely able to see “Wang Lisha”, “Xie Yuanfu”, “Liu Hong”, They embarrassedly said: “I’m sorry, this is the best, I can only do this step.” The three enthusiastic people are from Hong Kong and Taiwan, and they can hardly speak Chinese. They have been writing for decades. It’s not easy to make them stand up squarely with the little meat worm-like things.
  The first meeting decided three things. The first is to name your organization “Asian Committee of Johnson & Johnson of Canada”. The second one is to determine 3 missions—to fully display Chinese culture and improve people’s understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture; to provide professional training to members through the personnel department to help them improve and develop in the company; to strengthen cooperation with doctors, Contacts with customers such as pharmacists contribute to the company’s competitiveness in the market. The last and most important thing is to develop members and start a “big series” with the help of pyramid schemes. One person must string 10, ignite a spark, and strive to quickly form a “fire prairie” trend.
  At the same time, Cui Qi made a formal application to the company’s personnel department. He said: “Westerners are very good. What you propose, under normal circumstances, they will not object.” Indeed, soon, the reply came back , the reply is: “Okay, no problem, let’s try it out.”
  The “Asian Committee” that has completed the prototype and procedures has gradually attracted a group of people who are keen, obsessed, and longing for Chinese culture, hoping to make Chinese and Asian friends widely. Friends, they went straight to “Chinese culture”, “Chinese children”, and “linking between China and the West”.
  ”Yellow” shock wave
  Cui Qi is very concerned about the “Asian Committee”‘s first “appearance” in the company. He chose the “appearance” in the traditional Chinese festival – the Spring Festival. The principle is “to be prosperous, to have impact, to have Overwhelming, there must be a shocking effect, it can be overcorrected, and it cannot be silent.”
  Before the Spring Festival of the Chinese Year of the Rooster, suddenly one day, the walls of the company, restaurants, corridors, windows, toilets, gates, small doors, the doors of the CEO, the big boss, the small boss, the staff’s office… all have a small area. The huge yellow promotional poster, especially the door, is inside and outside the door. When you come to work and go to get off work, “yellow” blows at your face, and you can’t hide if you want to hide. one slice. The propaganda poster is a giant Chinese painting, the most traditional technique, the most traditional thick ink, the most traditional eternal theme: mountains, rivers, cliffs, green cypresses… 11 red characters “Exhibition of Chinese Culture Up and Down Five Thousand Years” turned out. , 5000 years of magnificent momentum, 5000 years of majestic atmosphere, vividly on the paper, it is telling everyone in the company: this day – we celebrate the New Year!

  ”New Year, what is it?” “The New Year is divided into chickens and ducks?” “This year is the year of the rooster or the year of the hen?” If you want to ask a question, Cui Qi will reply proudly and mysteriously: “Wait and see.” The company has never had this battle before, and many people are curious and looking forward to it. They really want to see China’s “passage”. New Year”.
  Year has come. In the lobby of the company, the only way for people to come and go, a group of Chinese people appeared on the “Hula La”, painted on the spot, cut paper on the spot, kneaded clay figures on the spot, and then “Hula La” surrounded a group of “foreigners”. The strange objects were very surprised, and they all asked to paint on the spot, cut paper on the spot, and knead clay figurines on the spot. Chinese people have written Chinese idioms with various fonts for “foreigners”: the golden rooster announces the dawn, the rooster dances, and perfection is perfect… Of course, “foreigners” will not understand, but only about “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” , they called “Wow”, “Crouching tiger hidden dragon” turned out to be “long” like this! A man asked to translate his girlfriend’s name into Chinese and write it down with a brush. He went on a date at night and took out this square character. What would she do? He asked the Chinese to guess.
  A set of exquisite Chinese dances, Chinese songs, and Chinese folk music boiled the restaurant at noon. Folk songs played on the vast grasslands, dances were gorgeous in the Gobi Desert of the Western Regions, the pipa was galloping with thousands of troops, the erhu flowed in the mountains and springs, and the Qinzheng of the Western Zhou Dynasty described the vicissitudes of China for thousands of years. …… Lunch that can be finished in 15 minutes is “drag hall”. The dining staff are standing, sitting, eating, watching, until the end of the 90-minute program, the applause sounded, and then they chewed and forgot. The half of the hamburger I ate left. “Ah, what is Chinese culture, that’s what it is!” Cui Qi was moved by the culture of his own ethnic group, and was also moved by the appreciation and focus of Westerners.
  After the year of the rooster, someone immediately asked Cui Qi, when will the next year be? Year of the Pig? Year of the Rat? Cui Qi did not expect such an effect. He said that he had planned for the worst. If no one attended, then he would find a way to pay the painters and artists he invited, but he did not expect it to be so popular.
  Cui Qi also organized China Week, Olympic photo exhibitions, Chinese fine ceramics “The Story of the West Chamber”, “Monkey King”, “Dragon and Phoenix”…Folk art rattan weaving, batik, Taiwan’s feather stickers…also invited by Cui Qi Johnson & Johnson. People paid for it, bought it, and the Asian American Council donated 5% of it to charity on behalf of the company. It wasn’t much money, and even such a big company didn’t lack that money, but Cui Qi, they had to do it because they should. Do this.
  When the Asian American Committee was established, the reply “Let’s try it out” came to fruition: the Asian American Committee has grown to nearly 100 members in Canada, and more than 700 members in North America; there is a “Asian American Committee” page on the company’s website, The click rate is the highest; when introducing new employees, the company director will definitely say: “We are diverse, and the Asian American Committee is the first community-based organization in our company”; the company allocates special funds for the activities of the Asian American Committee every year; the company Arrange several senior executives who are friendly, respected and helpful, such as vice presidents and managers of major departments, as mentors for members of the “Asian Committee” to answer their questions at any time; West Indian and South Asian ethnic groups want to organize, other If the ethnic group wants to hold “Multicultural Week”, “Black Festival”, “Indigenous Festival”, please go to Cui Qi to give a speech; Chinese classes are held regularly, and some Westerners are used to saying in Chinese: “Hello”, “Morning” Good”; as long as it comes to minority issues, the company executive will say: go ask Edward (Cui Qi)…
  Therefore, the company headquarters awarded Cui Qi an award – the Outstanding Contribution Award for Promoting Outstanding Multiculturalism.
  Penetration affinity is connected with “nearest neighbor”
  Cui Qi has his own understanding of the existence of an Asian-American organization in the company. He said that this is a matter of whether it is too big or not, and there is also a problem of proportion. Some people think that since it is an Asian-American organization, it should be like a labor union to argue, argue, and fight for rights and interests on behalf of Asians. But I have to say that this is not our only purpose, and we do not want a quota system. What is the quota system? For example, if Chinese people make up 10% of the population of Toronto, then Chinese people from all walks of life should also make up 10%, and so on. The president of the company once said, my initial concern was that you would take the aggressive approach of the 1960s in the United States. Fighting for the rights and interests of the Chinese is not a small concept. What we need to do is to work on a larger scale including rights and interests. It’s not that Chinese Americans have no wisdom, but that no one knows your wisdom, or that they don’t care or give you a chance to show their wisdom. This is the overall weakness of our Chinese, and the overall weakness requires the rise of the whole and the publicity of the whole. The integration of ethnic groups and ethnic cultures is a huge project. It will take several years and generations of efforts. What we can do is to make us become one of these generations. What I can do is to work with more people. Many people work together to promote this project.
  Cui Qi was right. Ethnicity is a very sensitive topic. In Canada, where more than 100 languages ​​are spoken and there are all skin tones, it is not easy for all ethnic groups and cultures to coexist peacefully. If we can appreciate each other again, It is a very good result. Publicizing ourselves is because we are not public enough, which leads to many unexpected or unexpected consequences that we cannot achieve. Therefore, publicizing ourselves is imperative, however, it is not utilitarian. To promote yourself, you must infiltrate a breath, tell others your kindness, your easy-going, your wit, your wisdom, your mind… There will naturally be natural results.
  Cui Qi is now the chairman of the Asian Committee of Johnson & Johnson Canada and the vice chairman of the Asian Committee of North American companies, but his full-time job is not this committee. Cui Qi, who has a background in health management, is the manager of the company’s product development and analysis department. In addition to the administrative work of the management department, he is mainly responsible for the market estimation of products such as gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, central nervous system, gynecological contraceptives, and antibiotics, and launching new products. For approval, promotion, publicity, clinical medical analysis and other work, he needs data, research, and writing… One of his official documents has withdrawn the hormone supplements that the company invested tens of millions of dollars in research and development. The work responsibilities and workload made him not dare to relax at all. The first 3 hours after going to work every day must be browsing all the professional information on the pharmaceutical market that can be browsed around the world. Recently, he found that, after clinical trials in Africa, a gel used to treat AIDS is more likely to be infected with AIDS. He said that this shows that the market prospects of similar products of our company temporarily in the third line will be very good.