Why Johnson’s Prime Ministership ended abruptly

   On July 7, local time, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivered a speech outside No. 10 Downing Street, announcing his resignation as the leader of the Conservative Party and the post of Prime Minister, but will remain as Prime Minister until the Conservative Party produces a new leader.
   According to the usual analysis, Johnson was forced to resign mainly for two reasons. One is a recent fuse, the deputy whip of the Conservative Party in the House of Commons, Ping Toru, “touched” two men at a club event at the end of June. Although this MP has always had this “hobby”, Johnson insisted on appointing him as the deputy whip of the party in the House of Commons, and he did not change his position after being criticized by the outside world. The “sexual harassment” incident of Pincher caused strong criticism from the outside world, and there were calls within the party to remove Pincher from his post, but Johnson downplayed this and failed to respond to requests from inside and outside the party.
   Second, at the beginning of this year, he exposed a “dating door” scandal about violating epidemic prevention regulations. When the epidemic was raging at the beginning of the year, the Johnson government issued an order strictly prohibiting public gatherings in the UK. But he himself “gathered” with his subordinates in the small garden of the Prime Minister’s Office, drinking happily. Fortunately, at the critical juncture of epidemic prevention, a stable political situation was needed to fight the epidemic together. With the efforts of the party and his own strong insistence, Johnson was able to get away with a vote of no confidence in the parliament.
   However, after the “salty pig’s hand” incident of Ping Che, whether it was within the party, the opposition party or the public, doubts about its governance ability, style, moral literacy, etc., eventually evolved into a large-scale group of cabinet members, senior government officials and party backbones. The “wave of departures”, with more than 50 high-ranking officials leaving, can be regarded as the “last straw” to crush Johnson. In the situation where the tree fell and scattered, Johnson, who was betrayed by his relatives and left alone, had to change his mind and sadly announced his resignation as the leader of the party, leaving the British political arena “a piece of chicken feathers”.
   Behind all the above chaos, the fundamental reason why Johnson was finally betrayed by everyone lies in two points: First, he failed to really solve the problem of “Brexit”. The reason why he can ascend the throne of Prime Minister in 2019 is closely related to “Brexit”. At that time, Theresa May’s government’s “Brexit” plan was constantly constrained by the upper and lower houses of the Parliament, so it was finally unable to complete the “Brexit Agreement” negotiations with the EU within the specified time limit. Resign from office. As the then foreign secretary, Johnson rose to prominence like a dark horse in the party, and was finally entrusted by the party to become the prime minister, taking on the unfinished business of “Prime Minister May” and continuing to complete the “Brexit” negotiations. However, to this day, although the “Brexit” negotiations have long been completed, there are still many contradictions after “Brexit”.
   At the same time, he failed to solve the British economic problems. After “Brexit”, the British economy was stagnant for a period of time and its growth was sluggish. Shortly thereafter, the epidemic of the century struck again. Under the double impact of Brexit and the epidemic, the British economy is going from bad to worse. Coupled with the energy shortage at the end of last year and the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict this year, inflation has remained high, seriously dragging down the economic recovery. The people’s livelihood became more and more serious, and the public support became worse and worse, and finally met the joint opposition of the party, the opposition party and the people, and Johnson stepped down in a hurry.