Chaoyang Mountain, promise me a prosperous life

  Chaoyang Mountain is located in Maoping Town, Yangxian County, with an altitude of 1535 meters. It was once the birthplace of the Kuihui clan of Emperor Yan of China. The natural landscape is characterized by high, cold, strange, dangerous and beautiful. The forest vegetation coverage on the mountain is relatively high, mainly including tung tree, palm, fir, holly, nanmu, camphor, yellow sandalwood, secondary oak, pine, mountain elm, chestnut tree, bamboo and so on. Rare wild animals include takin, crested ibis, golden monkey, giant panda, muntjac, leopard, forest musk deer, fine-scale salmon, yellow-throated marten, etc., all of which are national-level protected animals, as well as blue sheep, yellow sheep, crested deer, mandarin duck, red bean There are many wild animals and plants such as fir and orchids, as well as natural Chinese medicinal materials such as Tianma, honeysuckle, rhubarb, Eucommia, Magnolia, Forsythia, and many rare species. Here is the breeding ground of the four national treasures of the Qinling Mountains, as well as a natural oxygen bar and a paradise for birds.
  I have an inexplicable awe and attachment to Chaoyang Mountain, just like the person I love, there is always a yearning, a yearning, an infinite feeling of affection and snuggle, leaning over and smelling the breath of Chaoyang Mountain, looking up at Cang Mountain The beauty, feel the intoxication of the green sea, listen to a legendary story on Chaoyang Mountain, it is very comfortable.
  Chaoyang Temple in Chaoyang Mountain is full of incense, and there is an endless stream of pilgrims and tourists, especially when there are temple fairs in February and July of the lunar calendar. Buddhist believers who climb the mountain are always flocking here to play in the spring, burn incense and drink, set off firecrackers, pray for blessings, seek wealth, and hope for peace. It is not easy to walk around a few bends, climb a slope, and pass a few hills. Although the mountain road is winding and bumpy, it is not easy to walk, but many believers and good women still work hard in order to pray to God and worship Buddha. Those who climbed to the top of the mountain were all exhausted and panting. Some were forced to undress and their necks were covered in sweat. Climbing high and looking into the distance, the mountains here are undulating, surrounded by peaks, pines and cypresses, and beautiful bamboos form a forest. The mountains are sometimes surrounded by clouds and mists, and the mountains and the sky are connected. Dengxian, but the Buddha entrusted her with a dream, and it is necessary to count the clear peaks in Mingyang Mountain before sunset on March 3rd. This is a secret. Niangniang looked through the clouds and pulled the fog in Mingyang Mountain, counting and counting until dusk, only to ninety-nine, but she forgot to count Mingyang Mountain where she was standing. The sun has set, and the time has passed. After all, the empress did not go to immortal, but left behind a beautiful and magical legend.
  Climbing to the top of the mountain, you can see from the top of the mountain, the mountains are low and surrender to the front, the mountains are full of flowers, and the four seasons are green. It always gives people a peculiar feeling here, the mountains are lush, the trees are overgrown, and the path is difficult to discern. In particular, the strange rocks on the mountain and the giant rocks are sturdy. Sitting on it, closing your eyes and resting, the wind blows from the mountain, the world is far away, and the mind is open.
  The mountains and rivers of Maoping are stacked with peaks and peaks, the clear water is like a mirror, the mountains are beautiful and peculiar, the sky is blue, the grass is green and the water is clear, and the top of the mountain is full of white clouds. The mountains here are steep and straight, majestic and majestic, like a beautiful landscape painting. It is evergreen all year round, shady and lush with green trees, many rare plants on the mountains, green bamboos everywhere, splashing waterfalls, and clear streams, which are refreshing. After the wind and rain, the hazy mountains, shrouded in a layer of veil, and shadowy shadows, are suddenly far and near in the misty cloud and smoke, and they are far away. The faint cloud of smoke fluttered and filled the thick fog, and under the thick fog, everything became hazy. Between the clouds and mists, it seems to hear the breathing of Cangshan Mountain. Looking down at the feet, the white clouds are filled with white clouds, and the peaks are surrounded by the clouds and mists. The air is so fresh and refreshing, take a deep breath, sweet, cool, cool and refreshing; the beautiful crested ibis chirping with each other has made countless tourists fascinated.
  Flowers bloom silently and flowers fall silently. Today, Maoping is famous for the “Four Treasures of Qinling Mountains” giant panda, golden monkey, takin and crested ibis. A variety of rare wild animals and plants are naturally distributed here, the economic industry is well developed, and the natural products are abundant. In particular, the organic Chinese native honey developed in cooperation with the Beijing Shanshui Protection Center is well-known throughout the country. Native chicken, native honey, dried bamboo shoots, wild Gastrodia , Wuyao, Baogu wine… It is also a good product for tourists to buy for their own taste or as a gift to relatives and friends.