I had a dream

  In Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, the ugly duckling turns into a white swan after going through untold hardships and suffering. Does the ugly duckling need to follow the changing trajectory of the white swan to find its own happiness and beauty? Susan Boyle’s “Britain’s Got Talent”, 48, may be able to pursue happiness and beauty in the journey of life Ideal for adding new annotations.
  ”I dreamed a dream in time gone by. When hope was high and life worth living (full of hope and life worth living).”
  Nearly half a hundred years old, the chicken coop is messy, the appearance is ordinary, the figure Bloated, unemployed, never in love… When Susan Boyle stepped onto the “Britain’s Got Talent” talent show, no one would compare the “Old Leftover Girl” composed of these elements with the world-famous “Super Girl Song” God” is linked. Before starting to sing, Susan talked about her dream – to become a professional singer and be as famous as Elaine Page, the famous singer of the “First Lady of the British Musical Theatre”. For a grandmother-level contestant, when he said such ignorant words, the judges and the audience booed, and the camera was aimed at the young lady who rolled her eyes and the snickering judges many times.
  But for Susan, she has experienced such a scene since she was a child. Susan was born in rural western Scotland in 1962, her mother was 47 years old. Susan’s family was not a lucky one, as only 5 of the 4 brothers and 5 sisters in the family survived before she was born. Oxygen deficiency at birth due to dystocia, cerebral palsy has accompanied Susan since birth, which also made Susan have some difficulties in reading and was diagnosed with learning difficulties; coupled with her unattractive appearance, teachers often criticized her, The classmates also mocked her as “brainless Susan”. Childhood Susan left a painful shadow and trauma. So the jeers she encountered on Britain’s Got Talent might be a commonplace for Susan.
  Simon Cowell, who is also a judge of the British and American Civilian Competition and is known for being harsh and mean, asked Susan slightly sarcastically: “Why have you never achieved this wish (to be a professional singer)?” Susan replied: “Before I never had any chance, but from here there is hope for change.”
  Indeed, the unfortunate Susan was lucky. This luck began when she looked for happiness from music and singing, and the young Susan gradually showed her talent in singing. Since she fell in love with singing at the age of 12, young Susan began to dream of becoming a professional singer; however, of all people, only Susan’s mother believed that she had the same singing voice as her idol, Elaine Paige.
  But everything about Susan seems to come later than others. When she was in her 30s, with the support of her mother, she went to an unknown drama school to learn to sing. 10 years ago, her father died and her mother fell ill. As a devout Catholic, Susan gave up singing, and only volunteered in the church and devoted herself to taking care of her mother. Two years ago, when her 91-year-old mother died, she began to live alone and depended on her cat “Little Stone”. Before joining “Britain’s Got Talent,” Susan’s life was fraught with depression and anxiety, with no job, no partner, no hope, and neither received a single date invitation nor was ever kissed by a man.
  ”I want to fulfill my mother’s wish, and I want to do something for her.” Susan faced the camera, unable to hide her tears. This time she decided to participate in the competition because her mother had encouraged her to participate in the competition. The death of her mother gave Susan, who had low self-esteem and sensitivity since childhood, the courage to take risks. She began to face up to her dreams and pursued her dreams with her mother’s last wish.
  Morgan, another judge at the scene, asked Susan the last question: “What are you going to sing?” Afterwards, Morgan admitted that his mood at the time was like waiting to see a “smashing pot” performance. Susan’s answer seems to have been prepared for more than 40 years, she said firmly: “I dreamed a dream” in “Les Miserables”.
  ”He filled my days with endless wonder (he filled my life with endless surprises). He took my childhood in his stride (he took away my youth easily). But he was gone when autumn came
  Come , but he left). And still I dream he’ll come to me moment. With the gentle prelude, when Susan just sang “I had a dream”, everyone present was stunned. Simon raised his eyebrows and judge Amanda opened her mouth as the camera captured their disbelief. After the audience was stunned, cheers erupted immediately. Susan’s voice like that day and the lyrics about dreams deeply moved everyone at the scene.
  In 2 minutes and 22 seconds, it only took 2 minutes and 22 seconds, Susan made thousands of people at the scene turn from cognition to emotion! Surprise, everyone laughed at you when you claimed to be Peggy. But now, no one laughed at you anymore. It was a shocking, unimaginable performance! It was amazing, I was blown away !” Judge Morgan was the first to comment.
  ”I’m really excited because I know everyone here is starting to look down on you, and I really feel like we’re all judging people by their looks, and I think this is the strongest wake-up call for us. I just want to say, being here to hear you It’s an honor.” Amanda couldn’t hide her excitement.
  Although after the preliminary contest, Susan returned to her simple life, but her song reached an incredible 30 million hits and 160,000 comments on Youtube within 7 days. Many netizens left messages saying that they were moved to tears, listened to it several times, cried several times, and some even listened to it more than a dozen times and kept crying. On Youtube, tens of millions of viewers around the world expressed the same opinion as Amanda: don’t judge people by their appearance, don’t be worldly prejudice!
  British media commented that Susan fulfilled the dreams of millions of ordinary people trapped by a culture of “judging people by appearance”, which may be why her story is so remarkable – she represents countless people who have been ignored and excluded because of their appearance. proved its worth. “Washington Post” commented on this: “Modern society has become accustomed to judging people by their appearance. People seem to be powerless about it, this is the way people think, this is the life people are used to. But Susan taught people a lesson, Or set an example.”
  After Susan became famous, many reporters came to the small town where she lived to follow her every move. Before the semi-finals, Susan was on the verge of collapse under pressure from time to time. She is not good at things and doesn’t even have a computer, she is under excessive pressure, and she often speaks extreme words to reporters, so many tabloids equate her with being nervous, attacking reporters, and showing no sympathy for competitors; , Susan also took a swipe at the judges’ praise for another contestant in the other semifinal she watched. Some psychologists also believe that Susan’s small gestures on stage indicate that her mental state has been extremely fragile, such as beheading gestures and hip twisting movements. But Susan finally relied on her persistence to her dream and insisted on participating in the competition. She stood on the final stage. Although she finally won the third place, she proved with her own actions that she did not give up.
  Because of her singing voice and dedication to her dreams, Susan has her own fans all over the world, including international superstar Demi Moore, who uses her strength to help Susan become an international star. In an interview with The Times in April this year, she said that she and her husband accidentally opened a video on the Internet, and Susan’s “I Had a Dream” moved her to tears. Moore linked the Susan singing video on his blog, and the click-through rate of the video increased exponentially. As a draft rookie who is often talked about by international superstars, Susan has also become the object of media pursuit along with the superstar’s mouth. According to Entertainmentwise UK, Moore is planning to invite Susan to her wedding anniversary event in Hollywood in September. In the report, Demi Moore said she hoped Susan would show her knees in a short skirt, as she did for Morgan in the game, and that the climax of the entire wedding celebration would be left to Susan to perform.
  Moore’s recommendation to Susan made her a global celebrity. From Oprah to Obama, they all expressed strong interest in Susan. According to Susan’s brother, Susan, who was out of shape after the game, has accepted the Obamas’ second request to participate in the Independence Day celebration on July 4 and sing at the White House. Previously, Susan was invited to go to the White House for a banquet in May, but did not make the trip because she was busy with the game. After “two visits to the cottage”, Susan said that although she is still in poor physical condition and is still recovering at the Praioli Hospital, she is looking forward to the trip to Washington.
  However, Susan’s overnight fame is not unprecedented. As far as “Britain’s Got Talent” is concerned, there are many predecessors of Susan. In 2007, Paul Paz, the first champion of “Britain’s Got Talent” and known as “Mobile Man”, has created a miracle. In the 2007 finals, Paul Paz sang the song “The Princess Stayed Up All Night” and won the championship. More than 74 million viewers around the world witnessed this singing miracle through YouTube website. Paul was plain looking and was 36 years old when he participated in the competition. Although he had participated in amateur opera performances, he had the most ordinary job and was responsible for selling mobile phones in the supermarket. For his talent, Paul is not confident, even whether to participate in the draft game to change his fate, or to decide by throwing a coin.
  From the hardships of life to the “turning of salted fish”, Susan can be said to be a replica of Paul two years ago. They all used their singing to change their lives, from unknown ordinary people to well-known cross-border superstars. And Susan has more weaknesses of age and gender, but because of this, the success of “Mother Susan” has become a classic draft case.
  The replay of Susan’s short film is perfect from photography to editing. The clumsiness of Susan on stage, the close-up of the judges’ faces, the young women with dangling eyes, the flash mob of middle-aged women… all give the audience in front of the TV an intuitive and clear impression. Is Susan worth looking forward to? Maybe at the beginning, she But he is an aunt-level player who knows nothing about the sky, and all of this is a big twist because of Susan’s singing. From focusing on Susan’s singing to the overall picture of the audience cheering, the transition was just right. Although it is a live record, it is amazing from the artistic effect to the dramatic effect, which is the best effect that the draft team is eager to achieve.
  Undoubtedly, Susan is the most suitable character for this dramatic effect – I had a dream! For most viewers, Susan fulfilled a psychological demand: as a small person in society, by watching TV shows , It seems that Susan has surpassed her age and appearance, and realized her dream. When Susan performed “I Had a Dream” affectionately, the soul-stirring singing not only gave people a shock to the ears, but also a tremor of the heart: beauty is a matter of the senses, while beauty is related to the spirit. Susan is a unique person, and what people see through her singing is the spirit within a person. Susan proved that fate does not have a predetermined trajectory, and the ugly duckling does not have to choose the path of transformation of the white swan. Although setbacks and pain in life are inevitable, learn to tread them underfoot. Because of this, the gloomy hearts that were infiltrated by popular concepts were instantly lit up by the beauty of Susan’s voice overflowing; at that moment, those who listened to Susan touched this nothingness. The throbbing of hope for the return of human nature in the age of