4 days and 3 nights at -26°C

  On November 6, 2009, Jupi Angutiluk, 17, and uncle Jimmy Nakorak, 67, went to hunt polar bears in the Arctic ice field near Port Coral. When Zhu Pi and his uncle were trudging through the vast ice sheet, an accident happened: the ice surface under Zhu Pi’s feet suddenly melted and broke, and the ice surface he was standing on was separated from the mainland in an instant, and soon formed a piece of about 50 meters long, A huge ice floe with a width of 50 meters, and quickly drifted towards the Arctic Ocean.
  Zhu Pi and his uncle were separated in an instant, watching Zhu Pi drift farther and farther with the ice floes, uncle Jimmy was stunned. He shouted out Jupiter’s name, but couldn’t think of any way to rescue his nephew.
  Terrified Zhupi also cried out to his uncle for help, but to no avail. What Zhupi didn’t expect was that he turned around suddenly and found that there were a female polar bear and two cubs trapped on the ice floe at the same time as himself. At that moment, he was completely stunned, and subconsciously picked up the shotgun and aimed at the three bears less than 20 meters away from him.
  Almost at the same time, the mother bear also saw Zhupi, and she roared, and then slowly approached. When walking 10 meters away from Zhupi, the female bear roared, and then jumped towards him. Jupiter recovered from the panic, and quickly raised the shotgun. At the moment when the female bear jumped, aiming at its head was a shot. The bear was hit in the head, but was not killed. It stood up staggeringly, with a fierce light in its eyes, ready to launch the second round of attacks.
  Zhupi took advantage of the rest of the female bear to quickly adjust the shooting position, took the initiative to attack with the gun, and pulled the trigger before the female bear jumped again. With a bang, the mother bear collapsed in a pool of blood.
  Although the mother bear was killed, Zhupi did not dare to relax. He was soberly aware that on this piece of ice floes without any shelter, there were still two little bears peeping at him, and they would attack at any time in order to “kill their mother”. In order to prevent the two little bears from attacking, Zhupi adjusted his position as far away from the little bear as possible, and watched the little bear’s every move vigilantly.
  While dealing with the bear, Zhupi also faces the threat of cold. In the icy Arctic Ocean, the temperature during the day has dropped to minus 15 degrees Celsius, and after nightfall, driven by strong winds, the temperature has dropped to minus 26 degrees Celsius. With a strong will, Zhupi faced off against the two bears while fighting against the cold, and survived the first sleepless night on the ice floes.
  While Jupiter is fighting a bloody bear on the ice floes, his uncle Jimmy is lost on his way to Port Coral for help. On the evening of November 6, the family had been waiting for Jupiter and his uncle Jimmy to return home, but they had not returned until the morning of November 7. The family felt that the situation was not good at this time and chose to call the police.
  The local police immediately launched a large-scale search and rescue operation, and in the early morning of the 8th, the dying Jimmy was found on the ice pile on the coast. He was soaked all over and had a hard time talking, but he still tried his best to provide the police with clues about Jupi. After urgent research, the police decided to request reinforcements from the Canadian Air Force.
  On the afternoon of the 8th, rescuers identified Zhupi’s location on the plane. But the plane hovered over Zhupi’s head for 40 minutes, but Zhupi did not respond at all.
  How did the rescuers know that at this moment, the two bears were preparing to attack Zhupi, who was concentrating on taking countermeasures and had no chance to cooperate with the air rescue. After the rescuers dropped chocolates, torches and lighters for Zhupi, they returned to the base to refuel the plane.
  Regrettably, when the rescuers flew the plane again to the previously determined position, the visibility of the plane was seriously affected due to nightfall, and the determined position was difficult to identify. Jupiter disappeared again.
  The third night came soon, and the cold and sleepy Zhupi had drifted into the Arctic Ocean with the ice floes. Even so, he did not dare to be careless and stared at the two little bears in front of him without blinking.
  Perhaps because he was too tired, the little bear could no longer care about the danger of a black muzzle facing them, so he fell asleep “huhu”. Seeing this, Zhu Pi also seized this rare opportunity to rest for a while, and then continued to quietly wait for rescue.
  In the early morning of November 9, the rescue “Hercules” military plane finally found Zhupi. Rescue workers found that there was a huge ice floe near the piece of ice where Zhupi was trapped. The two paratroopers saw the opportunity and landed on the large ice floe along the slide. One of them closely monitored the movements of the two little bears, and the other swam to the ice floe where Zhupi was, and successfully took him to a lifeboat. He was taken to a hospital in Port Coral for treatment.
  It was unbelievable to everyone that although Zhupi drifted in the Arctic Ocean at minus 26°C for 4 days and 3 nights, he was not only very conscious, but also thanked the rescuers with a smile. When asked why he remained calm in such a predicament, Zhu Pi said with determination: “Everyone will face a desperate situation, and only with the determination to die and then live can they have the opportunity– An opportunity for miracles.”