Microsoft build2022 developer conference held

  Microsoft Developer Conference 2022 (Microsoft Build 2022), one of Microsoft’s biggest events in 2022, has begun. Due to the global pandemic of the new crown epidemic, Microsoft’s annual conference has been moved online since 2020, from paid participation by IT professionals, engineers, etc. to free online registration for everyone, 2022 is the third year to be online. conduct.
  The content of Build2022 mainly focuses on Azure cloud services, developer tools, data platforms, Windows operating systems, and Microsoft 365 cloud office solutions.

Windows OS related updates

  Regarding Windows systems and applications, Microsoft plans to open up access to Windows system widgets to developers, and Windows 11 will support third-party widgets later in 2022.
  In addition, Microsoft further opened the application store at the meeting. It canceled the waiting list for win32 applications, and may see more software appear in the next few months. At the same time, the store will also offer the ability to automatically restore apps.
  Microsoft Teams will add a new online sharing feature that allows participants to co-create or edit content (such as 3D models) during a meeting to provide an interactive meeting experience. OneNote will be unified into a single application, with an interface design more in line with Windows 11 aesthetics. Functionally adds a “Drawing” tab and provides a “pen-first experience” for the stylus.
  It’s worth mentioning the Loop component, another important part of Microsoft’s vision for the future of work. Loop components can exist across multiple applications (Teams, OneDrive, Office, etc.), and content copied and pasted by users can be shared and edited with others in real time, connecting Microsoft’s main collaboration tools.
  This can also be seen as Microsoft’s response to the changes in people’s work habits (remote office) since the epidemic.
  The company will make more improvements and introductions to the Loop app “in the coming months.” Next month, developers will be able to develop their own Loop components by using adaptive cards.

Microsoft Dev Box, a cloud workstation for developers

  In addition to adapting the software to “cloud office”, Microsoft has also launched a Microsoft Dev Box workstation. This new cloud service runs on almost any modern browser (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS or web browser), supports all Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), Software Development Kits (SDKs) and on Windows tool to run.
  It is understood that contemporary development workstations face many challenges, such as the need to take a long time to set up the work environment, and working across projects can create conflicts. And Dev Box will allow developers to spin up a virtual machine that will be automatically provisioned in the cloud without having to set up a physical workstation before working on a project.
  Microsoft says Dev Box is ideal for developers of IoT, gaming, and desktop or mobile platforms, giving them easy access to the tools and resources they need without worrying about workstation configuration and maintenance, allowing them to focus only on the necessary code.

DevBox integration with Windows365

  It is worth mentioning that Dev Box can be seen as Windows 365 for developers. Windows 365 streams Windows 10 or Windows 11 systems in a web browser, allowing businesses to access cloud PCs from anywhere and from any device. Windows 365 was briefly launched for a day in 2021, and Microsoft suspended the service at the time due to far higher-than-expected demand and the need to expand server capacity.
  The Dev Box is currently in private preview and will move to public preview in the coming months, with no concrete word yet on pricing or a public availability.
Development kit Visual Studio 2022 and new hardware Project Volterra

  For the development kit Visual Studio, Microsoft is working on a native Arm 64 version of Visual Studio 2022. “This release will be available in preview in the coming weeks, with a full release expected later this year with Arm 64 .NET,” it said. “It’s the best-in-class for .NET and C++ developers on Windows. A comprehensive integrated development environment (IDE) that elevates and enhances every stage of software development.”
  In addition, Microsoft partnered with Qualcomm to create Project Volterra, an Arm-based host device. The device features a Snapdragon processor and NPU (Neural Processing Unit) that developers can use to build cloud-native AI applications.
  ”With native Arm 64 Visual Studio, NET support, and Project Volterra rolling out later this year, we’ll be releasing new tools to further empower developers,” said Panos Panay, head of Windows and devices at Microsoft. help.”

ProjectVolterra with monitor
Smart Data Platform and Low-Code Platform

  Microsoft also launched the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform. This is a unified suite of database, analytics and governance products that covers everything already in Azure Dataspace, including Azure Data Factory, Azure D at aE xplorer, SQLServer 2022, Azure eSQL , Cosmos Db, etc.
  In addition to the Smart Data Platform, Microsoft offers all developers a new low-code platform, the MicrosoftPower Platform, that can be used to create responsive business websites.
  Finally, Microsoft said that it has been a platform and tool company since its inception, and has comprehensively demonstrated “Microsoft Azure cloud services, data and artificial intelligence, hybrid work, low-code” through keynote speeches, technology releases, case sharing and interactive exchanges. Development and Windows Ecology” etc.