Beautiful corner

  Walking in the evening, passing a certain building, my eyes were attracted by the windowsill of a family.
  This family turned the off-white marble window sill into a simple tea table, with a dark tea table on it and a round cushion below it, nothing else. Every time I catch a glimpse of this refreshing corner, I become happy and light, and even if people have passed by, this little corner will stay in my mind for a while.
  When my family was still in the northeast, my father put a pale yellow desk by the bedroom window, with pen holders, picture albums, copybooks and old ledger books on it. As long as there are no chores to interfere, every day after dinner, he will sit at the table, practicing calligraphy and drawing on the old ledger. There was also a green plastic cup with a landscape pattern on the table, with some change stuffed in it. In addition to withdrawing money, family members rarely get close to this desk, because this is a small corner belonging to Dad.
  In fact, my father is not a literary and artistic worker. Writing and painting are just his hobbies. It was not easy at home at that time, and my father was very busy with work, but as soon as he returned to this desk, he was relaxed. Sometimes, when I see my father sitting at the table, concentrating on cutting paper, and copying Xu Beihong’s horse and Qi Baishi’s shrimp, I will envy and secretly feel happy for him, because he can get away from the noisy mundane business and be quiet. do something for yourself.
  With WeChat, fragments of other people’s lives will come into our field of vision from time to time, bringing inspiration.
  A cousin in the distance often shares flower arrangements in the circle of friends. She is not a professional florist, but a physics teacher, but the vase she shoots presents an intriguing and minimalist beauty: the milky white door and the bean paste green curtain form an elegant background, setting off the vitality of the flowers. Those flowers are not necessarily precious, some are vegetable sprouts thrown in the field when vegetable farmers tend their yards, and some are just small daisies in the mountains.
  When sharing these pictures, she will use some concise words to name them, such as “Xiangyuan Yiqing” and “Long-lost joy”. An inconspicuous place in the home, under her manipulation, became a “less is more” flower corner, bringing comfort and comfort to the family.
  No matter how big the residence is, finding ways to create a special space for oneself is not only a respect for the external life, but also the maintenance of the integrity of the internal world. In this small space, our body and mind can be relaxed, we can also reflect on life, adjust our pace in time, and gain new strength. In his masterpiece “The Art of Simple”, Dominic Lorro appreciates the benefits of a well-ordered space: saving time and reducing the burden of memory.
  In life, pleasing corners are not necessarily limited to indoors, as long as you have a desire, you can find them anytime, anywhere.
  When passing through the flower corridor made of wisteria flowers in the community, I often stop by the stone platform under the flower stand to enjoy the sunlight sprinkled among the fine leaves. Here, I can see the shelves full of goods in the small supermarket in front of me, as well as the clerks who are focusing on their work. If I turn around, I will find that the flowers in the rose garden are blooming just right.
  From spring to summer, the swaying purple flowers turn into green pods that bear fruit, making people experience the magic of the transformation of all things. Under the flower stand, the time is quiet, some troubles have been put aside, and others have quietly dissipated.
  Temporarily distanced from the hustle and bustle does not mean lonely. Polish author Adam Zagayevski said: “When introspection becomes prayer, it’s not boring. It’s outward, towards strength. It becomes an arc connecting weakness and strength.” We allocate time every day, find a corner, drink tea and meditate, enjoy flowers and listen to the rain, which is the most delicate care for our body and mind. Even when we are disappointed, such a presence reminds us that there is beauty in the world, and it is close at hand.