Disguised as a Russian billionaire, “big brother” deceived Shanghai luxury goods sales circle

   Whether it’s selling tea or selling houses, salespeople from all walks of life are extremely afraid of running into one type of person: a “fake eldest brother” who pretends to be a rich man. It’s not entirely to blame for the “snobbishness” of the salespeople, they are just afraid of being pinned to the ground naked and pulling wool.
   Every three days, there is such a fake big brother who is looking for a free prostitute. Titles are often played particularly attractively, “upstart”, “rich” and “generous”. And the big brother only picks a meal time to meet, and as soon as his butt hits the chair, he begins to promise to make a big order for you. When you secretly rejoice that the business is coming, warmly entertain the big brother after eating and drinking. However, the big brother suddenly changed his words, and the business was gone, not only let you work all day in vain, but also put in a lot of entertainment fees for nothing.
   However, the story of the ultimate evolutionary version of the “fake eldest brother” circulating in Shanghai’s luxury sales circle recently not only slaps this fake eldest brother who traditionally relies on thick-skinned eating and drinking, but also “Fictional Anna” and “Tinder Fraud King” , This kind of fraud reversal drama that everyone has been talking about for a whole year is not as shocking as this real story.
   In the past two or three years, this eldest brother has smashed almost all the luxury brands in Shanghai from private jets, yachts, luxury cars to famous watches. Without spending a penny, eating, drinking, and having fun in Shanghai, and prostituting an office of more than 1,000 square meters in Shanghai World Financial Center for 3 months…
   All this is done with one mouth. How did this fake brother do it?
  He was fooled by a fake big brother and lame.
   ” Announced a liar who, in 1992, was always dressed in Nike, deceived Cartier for 390 million yuan and said he wanted to buy jewelry. Balenciaga took him around the whole floor, Dior was played by him for four hours, Rolls-Royce He tricked him into making an agreement, went on a business jet to take pictures, and pretended to buy a yacht to be successful…” This is a “reward” notice that Douyin blogger @DCtown Dawei saw on social platforms.
   The fooled sales and bosses gathered through the circle of friends and social networks to form a “victim alliance” group.
  Dawei recounted the whole process of one of the watch shop bosses being fooled by the “fake eldest brother”.
   At that time, the fake eldest brother went to his watch shop with the business jet contract he just signed, claiming to buy a watch. In one go, I settled on 3 famous watches, each costing over one million yuan, and one of them was out of stock.
   The big brother waved his hand: I will increase the price to adjust the goods.
   Trench, really trench.
   The boss was not careless and asked the eldest brother to pay a deposit first. The eldest brother also took out his foreign bank card very readily, and swiping the card naturally showed that it failed. The big brother took out another check from Chicago, USA.
   Serious Chinese who use checks.
   But the big brother is different. The big brother’s personal design is mainly in Russia, the company is globalized, and he is planning to enter the domestic top international rich. Signing the check at random shows that he has been operating foreign business all the year round, and this person is reasonable.
   The boss cautiously asked someone to ask, the check is real (but whether it can be cashed is another matter).
   After two trials, the boss finally put down his guard, thinking that he had met the second generation of the top rich, and immediately decided to make this little brother.
   Not only did he make money to book a presidential suite at the Sea Peninsula Hotel for one night, and a river view room at the Peace Hotel for 5 nights. He also drove his own Rolls-Royce Phantom, acted as the driver of his eldest brother, took his eldest brother to eat, drink and play for a whole week, sang, stayed and danced, and spent about 400,000 yuan before and after.
   You know, up to this point, the eldest brother has only paid a check that he still doesn’t know if it can be cashed.
   But the eldest brother is calm enough, he appeases the boss, and when the cross-border transfer money arrives, it will be reimbursed to you.
   As a result, the boss was unable to wait for the cross-border transfer, nor for the check to be cashed.
   Perhaps it was the first time that he understood so vividly what a blank check was.
   Fortunately, the boss finally recovered 150,000 yuan, and the rest can only be left to nothing.
   In the beginning, the fake eldest brother pretended to be a top rich man, maybe just wanting to eat and drink to make some money, but soon, as he came into contact with more and more people, his vision became wider and wider, and the eldest brother made a big ticket.
   He registered a company in Guangxi with a registered capital of US$80 million at the beginning, which was later raised to US$5 billion.
   Of course, the meaning of subscription is that it is not really giving, but saying “I will give”.
   The company is registered, and there must be an office space.
   Big brother took a fancy to a 1,011-square-meter office in Shanghai World Financial Center with a monthly rent of 415,000 yuan.
   With the assistance of the intermediary, the eldest brother signed a contract with the owner in the name of the Guangxi company, and was just about to pay. But the eldest brother said that his assets are all abroad, the domestic company has just been established, and there is no money in the account, and it takes 15 working days for the foreign company to make money in the country.
   In short, there is no money right now.
   The rental agency fee for commercial office buildings is generally 1 to 2 months’ rent, which is usually borne by the owner. Of course, the intermediary did not want to miss the “big order” of at least 400,000 yuan of intermediary fees, so they guaranteed it to the owner; in addition, such a large office itself was difficult to rent out, and the owner did not want to miss out on customers.
   In the end, the eldest brother accurately grasped the weakness of human nature. He did not pay a penny or even the deposit, so he established his own office in the Shanghai World Financial Center.
   There are still some office facilities left by the previous owner in the office, and the eldest brother really moved in with a bag. The hardware is done, and then the software is installed.
   The big brother decided to equip his industry with assistants.
   The eldest brother, who tasted the sweetness from the intermediary, intends to wipe the oil from the headhunter.
   There are 4 assistants to be recruited to manage the eldest brother’s business in four areas: finance, real estate, bulk trade, and jewelry. The monthly salary of each assistant is 45,000 yuan, and the elder brother also packaged some other recruitment needs of the headhunting company, which is worth a total of millions of yuan.
   With such a large list in front of him, the headhunter recruited 4 beautiful assistants for his eldest brother without confiscating a penny.
   No wonder the recruitment went so smoothly, the work address is in the Shanghai World Financial Center, the annual salary is more than 500,000 yuan, and it is endorsed by a well-known headhunting company. Which migrant worker is not confused by these conditions?
   However, half a year has passed since I joined the company in November last year. Not only has not a penny been paid, but the four assistants have also paid a lot of money in advance.
   The assistants have to pay for taxis, consumption and even health care.
   “Go back and look for financial reimbursement.”
   Now, some assistants have joined the rights protection group, and the eldest brother is still as stable as an old dog, calmly telling her: wait for the notice.
   After even pitting two big companies, the eldest brother decided to think about his personal safety.
   He contacted the Douyin celebrity bodyguard, Bai Xiaobao, who used to be a mercenary in Iraq, known as Bai Daxia.
   The elder brother asked him to design a “static and dynamic security plan” for his office.
   Bai Daxia was invited to take the team to the site to measure, but the big brother put forward a request on the spot: “I want to replace all the windows in the office with bulletproof glass.”
   Finally, at the request of the big brother, Bai Daxia gave the big brother a set for his office. A security solution worth 5 million yuan.
   Of course, still not a penny was paid.
   But after that, the eldest brother said that his bodyguard was “China’s No. 1 bodyguard”, the Iraqi soldier king, with a salary of 1.6 million yuan a month, and also claimed to his assistant that he wanted to give Bai Xiao a big G.
   In the end, Bai Daxia not only did not see the big G, did not receive the salary, did not see the security design fee, but was even borrowed 16,800 yuan by the big brother…
   master, this is a real master.
  How did he do that?
   I have to say that although the eldest brother is fake, he really understands the rich.
   Others pretend to be rich and wear fake brand names.
   But the fake brother is not like that.
   The blogger @DCtown Dawei, who broke the news, saw this big brother for the first time. The big brother was wearing a simple sportswear and carrying an unbranded bag, so he walked to the store full of luxury cars.
   When we met and greeted him and asked him how he got here, the eldest brother said calmly: take the subway.
   Rich people also have tens of thousands of images, so it is not completely unreasonable to be so self-righteous and low-key.
   After entering the store and sitting down, the eldest brother took out two contracts from an unknown small bag and laid them out on the table: a Koenigsegg and a Pagani.
   Both of these are luxury cars that cost tens of millions of dollars.
   Who is a normal person who goes out with a contract?
   But he is shrewd. The two cars he chose are not just a fake super limited edition, but they can make people instantly understand his strength.
   In a word, the fake is very standard. This is the wisdom of the big brother.
   Big brother even pretended to pay this step. He refused Dawei’s request for a discount and half of the deposit, and said proudly, I will pay the full amount, and you will work hard.
   But then, sure enough, the overseas credit card swipe failed, and the payment was not successful.
   The eldest brother blamed the embarrassment of the unsuccessful payment: my money is all overseas, and it takes time to transfer and redeem.
   One trick is fresh, eat all over the sky. This excuse has been used countless times on different occasions, and it has never worked out.
   When he mentioned his luxury car in other places again, the eldest brother did not need to dump the contract, but verbally described his luxury car reserve, saying that he would arrange to ship it back to China from abroad in the near future.
   He also called Zhejiang Circuit in front of the salesperson to book a hotel and package the track.
   Eating one cut grows one’s wisdom, the means are constantly upgraded, and the level of cheating is increasing day by day.
   In the process of communicating with the sales, the eldest brother also introduced 3 models to Koenigsegg. “I’ll sign it for you, and I’ll pay for the signing fee.”
   Speaking of which, Koenigsegg took advantage of the free model.
   But think about it, this is Koenigsegg!
   After winning the exclusive contract with Koenigsegg, the model’s worth increased sharply. The opportunity that many models want to post upside down, so I said it in the tone of “give you a favor”.
   If you can really knock this down, Big Brother Empty Gloves White Wolf is smart enough to charge a model agency for an agency fee, right?
   The fake big brother can be said to be the king of resource integration.
   Of course, when it comes to the payment stage, it is still the same routine: the credit card will definitely not be swiped, the checks and payment slips are all genuine, but the money will never arrive.
   In general, the routine of the fake eldest brother is to use all his strength to make a fortune.
   It is said that the fake eldest brother hired a lawyer and an accountant in the UK to help him with contract matters. He used the two to contact Boeing about buying a business jet.
   Up to two: Boeing 737BBJ, Dassault 8X.
   The price of the two planes is more than 60 million US dollars, adding up to more than 800 million yuan.
   But for the big brother, the signing is not important, the important thing is after the signing.
   After getting the contract, the eldest brother started looking for a yacht company to prepare to park his two planes. If you don’t want to buy a yacht, you will have to buy the largest one. Otherwise, you won’t be able to stop your two big planes.
   On the other hand, the eldest brother immediately found a domestic business jet management company, took custody of his two planes that were still on the contract, and obtained the resources and information he wanted from the sales outlet of the business jet hosting company.
   You must know that business jets are almost at the top of the luxury pyramid. The daily contacts of business jet hosting sales are the top rich who can afford a business jet of over 100 million yuan and can pay an annual maintenance fee of one million yuan. The eldest brother obtained the resources he wanted with just two contracts.
   And this information, when the eldest brother was chatting with other luxury industry salesmen, revealed some inadvertently, and immediately stood up to the “top rich” persona.
   This is dimensionality reduction strike.
  Where did the fake big brother win?
   Many people are asking: It seems that this eldest brother just got a small profit. He has worked so hard to create a character, deliberately disguised, and worked hard, isn’t he tired of living? What is he drawing?
   On the low end, the big brother can get free entertainment. And because it does not directly involve money, sales can’t claim protection from the law for the “sacrifice” that makes the order, let alone the time and money spent; on the high end, as long as everyone believes in his story and integrates resources, Form a closed loop, and this thing is done.
   Some netizens sighed that if it weren’t for the epidemic, this plate might really make him live!
   Too bad there is no if. Now that the eldest brother has become famous, at least in the top luxury circle in Shanghai, he can only eat deflated.
   Looking back, is the trick of the fake eldest brother really clever?
   Maybe not.
   The big brother is indeed smart enough. He is well versed in some of the usable aspects of human nature. He gives people a little hope everywhere. Using the information gap between different industries can always turn the tide.
   “You know that he may be fooling you, but he seems to have some strength.”
   Maybe this is a maverick top rich man? Compared with the huge benefits he may bring, a little concession in front of him seems to be innocuous.
   It’s a sad truth that the world is rewarding the rich.
   Some time ago, a female college student in Central America conducted a social experiment. She pretended to be a socialite and lived in Beijing for 21 days.
   In the past 21 days, she carried fake Hermes and wore a ring of 18 yuan. She was sticky all over but kept her makeup bright, and gained countless goodwill.
   She ate all the snacks prepared at the auction in one go, but the staff reassured her that it was okay, and the kitchen could be served again; she pretended to be a guest to enter the hotel gym for a free bath and was found out, falsely claiming that she was a customer who failed to renew the room , hoping to wash up and touch up makeup before the date, so the staff smoothly put her into the bathroom and rested until she was satisfied; there was also the exhibition hall security guard who “didn’t want to work hard”, who greeted her and took the initiative to care; even out of the exhibition hall, you can get acquainted with from The stranger who came out of the pavilion sent her home for free…
   She did survive for 21 days by relying on these “surplus materials” that were originally provided to the wealthy but no one cared about, but everyone found out that there was no chance of this experiment at all. Replicability.
   Because the exchange of “surplus materials” has a price, merchants are willing to provide it in order to sell more expensive goods or services.
   Netizens said that her experiment did not prove that the world was better, but instead proved that it was worse.
   Because it proves that bluffing is useful, and because people who already have money, it is easier to gain everyone’s trust and get more resources.
   Goodwill is conditional, and its condition is that you have enough money.
   In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu sighed with emotion: The way of heaven is to make up for what is lacking, while the way of man is to damage what is lacking and make up for it.
   This is the low-lying part of human nature and the shrewdness of a liar.
   Because the eldest brother has always been on the edge of the law, although there are many victims, it is difficult to file a case after reporting the case.
   On May 7, one of the four assistants released a video saying that he had received a call from the Shanghai police and would re-evaluate the possibility of filing a case.
   We can never expect too much from the lowest places in human nature.
  Maybe that’s why we need laws to exist.