Unexpected Peeps: Dual Mirrors, Cameras and Cat’s Eyes

  When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares into you. When Nietzsche wrote this sentence, he must not have thought that many years later, this sentence has another practical significance: when you look at yourself in the mirror, the people behind the mirror are also looking at you.
  What makes people creepy is that, during these years, whether in public or private spaces, “being watched” has really happened.
Double-sided mirror “see-through eye”

  In a staggered, feasting, reinforced forest, the bar has become a place for many people to relax. However, when he learned that there was a private box behind the mirror in the bathroom of the bar, and his every move was being watched, he easily dissipated, leaving only horror.
  A domestic bar was revealed that the mirror of the bathroom sink is a double-sided mirror. Behind the double-sided mirror is a private room, and the guests in the private room have an unobstructed view of the scene in front of the mirror. Double-sided mirror, also called single-sided perspective glass, is widely used in prisons, police stations, interrogation rooms, kindergartens and psychiatric hospitals. The person in front of the mirror looks at himself in the mirror; the person behind the mirror can observe every move of the “person looking in the mirror” through this piece of glass.

Double-sided mirrors are widely used in police stations, interrogation rooms and other occasions. The picture shows “Stranger Things” stills

  Regarding the double-sided mirror becoming the “perspective eye” for the guests in the private room to see the washstand area in the bathroom, the bar involved argued that the double-sided mirror was set up to increase the permeability of the private room and allow the private room guests to see a better landscape— The shark tank mounted on the wall does not cater to “obscene behavior and perverted psychology”.
  Some designers believe that if double-sided mirrors are used in daily life, most of the usage scenarios need to be identified. However, many businesses tend to play side balls and ignore the guests’ right to know.
  In foreign countries, peeping under the double-sided mirror has even become a business. A nightclub in Glasgow, Scotland launched a voyeur service for women’s toilets: double-sided mirrors are installed in the sinks of the women’s toilets, and the “audience seats” behind the mirrors are clearly marked for sale, with two seats 800 pounds. And those who bought the seats were able to peep behind the double-sided mirrors of what the ladies looked like in front of the sinks in the women’s bathroom.

  This design gives consumers the misinformation of a semi-closed environment and exposes privacy unconsciously.

  These real cases have also made the method of judging double-sided mirrors widely circulated on the Internet—close your fingers to the mirror surface, and there is no gap or ghost between the fingers and the image, then it is a double-sided mirror.
Public places need public order and good manners

  As mentioned above, installing double-sided mirrors in the bathroom may involve an invasion of personal privacy. According to Tan Guojian, senior consultant of Guangdong Zhuoxin Law Firm, as a public place, whether the installation of double-sided mirrors in bars is suspected of spying on the privacy of customers, there are two concerns that need to be paid attention to: first, whether the installation of double-sided mirrors is open or public; The second is to set the location of the double-sided mirror, whether it involves a location where personal privacy is exposed.
  There is no good or bad tool, there is no right or wrong in the double-sided mirror itself, but the use of the double-sided mirror involves the question of whether it is legal or not. Tan Guojian believes that although the bar is a public place, in general, customers go to the bar sink to clean up, which is a personal private life that is unwilling to be disclosed, especially the activities of female customers to organize their personal makeup and clothes here, and they do not want to be known by others. .
  Therefore, if the bar uses double-sided mirrors to spy on the private activities of guests, even private parts, in a non-public situation, it is a violation of the law and the right to privacy of natural persons.
  Zhao Shanqi, director of Guangdong Jinhongqiao Law Firm, also said that although the washbasin outside the bathroom is a public space, for consumers, especially girls, after going to the toilet, they may need to arrange clothes and make up on the washbasin. , this kind of design gives consumers the wrong information in a semi-closed environment, makes people expose their privacy unconsciously, and violates consumers’ privacy rights to a certain extent, and this behavior does not conform to the principle of public order and good customs.
  It also said that if the businessman did not make relevant reminders, if the privacy behavior of others on the other side of the double-sided mirror was displayed to the box, it would also violate the right of other consumers to know.
Private places are also “watched”

  People in public places are complex, and it is difficult to protect personal privacy. However, in private places, voyeurism is also everywhere.
  How do you feel when you find that monitoring equipment is monitoring your every move in the rental house? A couple in Indiana, USA, had such a thrilling experience. The husband booked a homestay in Longboat Island, Florida, on a short-term rental website, and planned to travel with his wife. It was relatively late when we arrived, and the couple washed and went to bed.
  However, the next day, when my husband woke up, he saw something strange on the smoke detector directly above the bed. He found a black spot on it, and his scalp felt a little cold. He called his wife up, and the two checked it carefully. The result was horrifying: there were cameras and microphones hidden in the detector.

cat eye voyeur

  Then the two carried out another investigation in the house, and also found monitoring equipment in the living room. The two immediately called the police. The owner of the house was quickly controlled by the police, but he denied that the hidden camera was used to spy on the tenants. Instead, he said that when there were no tenants on weekdays, he would invite friends to have a party, and the camera was used to take pictures for everyone.
  However, the evidence collected by the police immediately debunked this not-so-sophisticated lie. The surveillance cameras in the house are remotely controlled and still in operation. In another home of the owner, a large amount of data storage was also found. The police investigation found that the homeowner’s candid recording records even dated back several years. In other words, more people are being spied on and recorded without knowing it.
  Not only is the rented apartment unreliable, but there may also be other people’s “eyes” in your own home. There was a case of camera voyeurism in Texas, USA. A technician of a security monitoring service company took advantage of his position to turn the security camera of a client’s home into his own peeping tool. Over four years, the technician hacked into the cameras of 220 customers’ homes 9,600 times.
  The tools used to ensure safety open the door to danger. Hackers also “hack” into surveillance cameras and watch the world on the other side of the camera. The surveillance camera of a family in Tennessee, USA, was hacked: At first, the surveillance camera was only for parents who were away from home to take care of the sick little daughter, but after the hacking, they talked frequently through the camera, which not only made the eldest daughter suffer The fright also caused my mother to suffer from anxiety and quit her job at home.
  It is also worth noting that, is it because the smart device is unreliable that the voyeur at home is unreliable? That would be a big mistake. In Osaka, Japan, the perverted behavior of a middle-aged man was exposed: he used the cat’s eyes in every house to secretly photograph women changing clothes from outside the door – and this only required a small peeping mirror.
  After the man puts the peeping mirror on the cat’s eye, he picks up the mobile phone and shoots at the peeping mirror, and he can take pictures of the situation inside the door, but the girls inside the door know nothing about it. By the time of his arrest, the man had secretly photographed women changing clothes 9 times, involving 3 victims. Some experts suggest that residents should cover their cat’s eyes with something indoors.
  Cover the cat’s eye, turn off the surveillance camera at home when not in use, and put a Band-Aid on the computer camera… Just like there are many ways to test double-sided mirrors, various anti-peeping methods are emerging one after another. This has to make people think, in addition to mastering various anti-peeping coups and protecting personal privacy, we need to do more.