Lack of money and people, how do small and medium-sized businesses get traffic

  No matter what stage is achieved, the confusion of small and medium-sized businesses comes from: no one has no budget.
  Let’s go a little further, and specifically to the following three points:
  1. I will not put in, and I have stepped on a lot of pits in finding proxy investment.
  2. Compared with the lack of traffic, the more painful thing is the lack of money, the result is sensitive to ROI and can’t afford to lose.
  3. If you are short of money, you will not be able to engage in free traffic.
  In addition to improving products and services, the fact that small bosses have to worry about is too much.
  Regarding delivery, is there any shortcut, and can the traffic be handled through the “self-service mode” without worry and effort? This article tries to help you find the answer as much as possible by giving several conclusions.
The core of Douyin drainage lies in conversion

  If you don’t know what the traffic portals of Douyin are, it is recommended to take a look at the traffic portal analysis of each live broadcast in Jumugexue. You will find that it is not that Douyin has no traffic, but that your live broadcast room will not engage in traffic.
  If you want to continue to get stable and growing traffic on Douyin, there is only one answer: if you continue to convert, there will be new traffic. If you can understand this, you can explain the many problems in daily live broadcasts, such as: the
  pitcher blames the anchor for not being able to catch the traffic, the anchor blames the pitcher for the inaccurate traffic, who is to blame?
  Why is the traffic in the live broadcast room getting less and less, from thousands of people online at the beginning of the broadcast to only a few dozen people online?
  Why did a good launch plan die while running?
  Why do some live broadcast studios sell tens of thousands of yuan a day the day before, but suddenly they sell millions of yuan a day?
  The answers to the above questions are:
  It is most likely the anchor’s fault, because the anchor can’t catch the traffic.
  Because of limited capacity, Douyin will allocate traffic until you can catch it.
  Because the conversion rate could not keep up, a single plan was sentenced to death.
  Because Douyin has withstood the test in the continuous increase in traffic.
  The core here revolves around two words: transformation. So, it’s not that there is a lack of traffic, it’s that you didn’t seize the opportunity of Douyin to feed you with real money traffic, and you’ve been tested by Douyin again and again in the traffic test, then in the end you can only get what you deserve. the part above.
  It’s not that the delivery is not good, but the people and goods in your live broadcast room are not good enough to make users interested.
  Therefore, only by working hard on conversion can it be possible to get the next 5 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes of traffic push rewards.
All the data you’re trying to attribute is wrong

  When you try to attribute a single dimension of data in a live broadcast, your conclusions may be wrong. To put it simply, don’t blindly analyze the data, you will not be able to do well if you analyze it.
  I often see that there are many teaching live broadcast rooms on Douyin, and they are “pointing” to a certain live broadcast e-commerce market, and the conclusions are all set.
  For example: if the GPM (total sales generated by one thousand plays) is above XXX, the live broadcast room is qualified; if the dwell time is above XXX, new traffic can be generated; if the exposure click rate is above XXX, you can get More exposure; only when the conversion rate of goods brought in is XXX or higher, can you outperform your peers…
  Most people see this and directly pick up a small notebook and record it. They use seemingly scientific experience to prevent you from thinking independently.
  On Douyin, no data dimension exists independently, and the live broadcast room is determined by a variety of dynamic factors. All the data in isolation tells nothing.
  In the case of a large field view, we can achieve GPM of tens of thousands of yuan, but the ROI is terrifyingly low (because the customer unit price and conversion rate lead to high entry costs). We also have live broadcast rooms that have an average stay of 35 seconds but still get a steady stream of system push streams. We also have a live broadcast room with a low conversion rate, but the natural traffic directly doubles in the end.
  Many times, you will find that the theoretical experience you have accumulated frequently fails, and the data you are trying to attribute is easily falsified by reality.
  Small and medium-sized bosses, please be alert to the following three truths:
  1. Most of the refined operations are superfluous and bad tricks.
  2. Many people can’t do anything except analyze data.
  3. Stay away from people who “shoot arrows and then draw targets”.
  Doing a Douyin live broadcast is not complicated. After understanding the definition of data and the principles behind it, please forget about the data for a while and spend time where it is really worth the effort. For example, constantly iterating on the words, for example, if the conversion is not good, it will be broadcasted, and for example, if the operation staff with a monthly salary of 20,000 yuan is fired, you can turn losses into wins.
  Let me give you an example. I have a friend who used to run an advertising company. Recently, he has also integrated some sources of goods and wants to do Douyin live broadcast. Let me teach him how to operate. I said you don’t need to learn anything. You use your years of creative design experience to make the live broadcast room look better. You see it yourself and think it’s a great work. Then let the copywriters who can speak human words polish the language of the live broadcast room, so that it is simple and direct, so that the primary school culture can understand, and there is no nonsense. The unit price of the product is moderate. If there is no difference, it will be priced within 200 yuan, and then a bunch of things will be sent.
  Search for product/project keywords, find short videos of peers that have a good response on Douyin, and then learn from imitation and micro-innovation. My friend is doing well now.
Good operators are entrepreneurial traders

  How to improve the operational capabilities of Douyin live broadcast?
  The answer to this question has already been found: first fire the current operators.
  It is not that operation is not important, but good operators are basically entrepreneurial traders and cannot be recruited just by paying wages. It is good for a good operator to play the role of an executor. The real founder is always the boss himself. I have come into contact with many live broadcast studios with monthly sales of more than 10 million yuan, which are basically operated by the bosses themselves.
  It’s not that the operation is not important, but the data diagnosis and analysis dimensions given by the huge amount of Qianchuan are really great. Unless you don’t understand Chinese, you don’t need to recruit an operation to help you translate. You can see the data directly in the background, and truly realize “having data in mind and implementing it into details”.
  The good reason is simple. If you want to get the traffic of the Douyin live broadcast room, you must do everything possible to arouse the interest of users. What is arousing the interest of users? That is, you ask the people around you if you are willing to click to enter your live broadcast room, and have the patience to listen to the anchor to introduce the product.
  Here, I’m going to release my classic theory again:
  talk > anchor
  process > product > product
  Good scene = high CTR (click-through rate) = low-cost customer acquisition

You don’t need to spend money on a professional pitcher to get high ROI

  If you don’t know how easy Douyin’s self-service advertising is now, you may have to be cut off by the information gap all the time.
  I have never seen a platform that makes the delivery tools simpler and simpler like a giant engine (the official digital marketing service platform of Douyin). Every time the version is upgraded, I can feel that the product manager is eager to feed you food. The kind on the side, this is the real “information equality”.
  The operation of DOU+ and Xiaodian is easy to use. I believe that everyone who understands Chinese can understand how to operate. The threshold for investment is 100 yuan. After a few tries, you can figure out the rules, and then you will not be able to stop. . Not to mention the “payment ROI” and “cost stable investment” automatic hosting tools that I have brought goods many times, which can help you save 3 investment (personnel) money in a month.
  Someone else wants to say, what should I do if I can’t eat it when I put it to my mouth?
  Official one-on-one free guidance and official courses can be described as not spending a penny, and have all the “correct information”.
  Yes, there is a lot of charged and incorrect information out there these days.
  If there are thresholds and poor information in the launch, more people will focus on taking shortcuts instead of improving the people and goods market. If recruiting a good pitcher can make the live broadcast room take off, then there will not be many big brand live broadcast rooms with only single-digit people online.
  The Hangzhou pitcher’s price and mystery have hit rock bottom this year. There is one person who likes to post ROI in the circle of friends all day long. You should be wary of him. He either wants to cut you or someone else.
  What you may not know is that this kind of high ROI screenshot is an excellent live broadcast room of the people and goods market. The pitcher just used the advertising tool to vote for the fans. Who does it have to do with the good sales? (Industry secrets, do you understand?)
  I have never learned how to put in live broadcasts until now, but this does not affect the fact that we have made so many cases in the beauty industry, which is extremely competitive with pay. Because I know that as long as the people and goods market is done well, no pitcher can use these tools to deliver well, and I can leave the traffic to Douyin with confidence. DOU+ and small stores launched by Huge Engine push these low-threshold marketing products at will, and the biggest beneficiaries are definitely small and medium-sized businesses. At present, for novices, the biggest difference in information about the launch is “knowing that this simple and efficient tool exists” .
Short video + paid delivery can make store broadcast traffic more stable

  The word “shop broadcast” is often synonymous with “mediocre people and goods yard” on Douyin. You can probably imagine that in the high-definition camera + green screen scene, an emotionless selling machine is introduced dignifiedly and elegantly. product scene. Therefore, the traffic conversion rate of the brand store broadcast is not as good as that of the live broadcast room.
  But there is no way, not every live broadcast room can recruit “burning” anchors, so what can reduce the requirements of the live broadcast room for the anchors? The
  answer is: short video + paid delivery.
  High-quality short videos with goods can make users more accurate, and with paid delivery, they can combat the instability of traffic. Therefore, such a live broadcast room has lower requirements for the anchor, and a live broadcast room with a single product cycle mode with accurate traffic can be said to “everyone can sell it”.
  If the live broadcast room is compared to the production line, then the short video is the generator, and the paid delivery is the fuel. Pursuing good content is always the core of the platform ecology. All small and medium-sized bosses, please remember that the delivery tool is not a life-saving straw. It is not the delivery that makes you shine, but because you are gold. Moreover, under the new content-weighted traffic distribution model, good short video content can reap the dividends of more traffic Matthew effect.
There is no ceiling for Douyin live broadcast, and the seeker becomes a dark horse

  The meaning of this sentence is that in the first half of the year, we saw higher ceilings from natural traffic and paid live broadcast rooms respectively.
  The limit of a single account is constantly being broken, and we have seen the explosive potential of Douyin’s performance under the decentralized traffic distribution.
  The monthly GMV ceiling of a single account in the paid beauty live broadcast room has exceeded 100 million yuan, and it can also be standardized and copied.
  Let’s not mention the large ones with monthly sales of tens of millions of yuan, let’s talk about a humble kitchen and bathroom small household appliance account “Xiongle Trade”, the number of fans is less than 100,000. After 38 days of launch, it has contributed to a turnover of nearly 5 million yuan, and even a single launch ROI is as high as 20. These are all cases worthy of benchmarking by small and medium-sized businesses.

  When such a peer is desperately leading the way, you only have one thought: rush! TikTok is worth it!
  When someone asks me whether it is too late to join Douyin, I want to tell him that today’s industry leader hadn’t opened an account half a year ago. Under the new traffic distribution mechanism, shuffling will become the norm, and only those who seek change can become dark horses. For powerful merchants, it is never too late to go to any platform.
Pay if you don’t have the ability to boost free traffic

  Many paid live broadcast studios especially want to increase free traffic, but they always try to no avail, which is very distressing.
  The biggest misunderstanding about delivery is that paid traffic will suppress organic traffic. In fact, this is not understand the underlying logic.
  In many live broadcast rooms we have experienced, both natural traffic and paid traffic can attract and amplify each other. Why is it so difficult to increase free traffic in live broadcast rooms that are mainly paid for? The core is that the profit-making product cycle model of paid live broadcasts contradicts the conversion and push mechanism of natural traffic.
  People who can play both paid and natural traffic well are usually people-oriented live broadcast rooms. If you find that it is difficult to drain traffic at the initial stage, you can completely “exchange money for time”. A small amount of investment can also bring accurate seed users, and then make the performance snowball, which is especially suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. And whether it is DOU+ or a small store, you can do a promotion for a few hundred yuan. If the effect is good, you can add more; if the effect is not good, you can stop loss immediately, and the cost of trial and error is very low.
  Therefore, it is more important to overcome the inner paranoia and realize the positive feedback of traffic as soon as possible without holding on to the data proportion of a certain traffic port. After all, more expensive than traffic is the cost of time. Don’t believe that most of the live broadcast rooms can achieve the so-called “three-band resonance”. Most theories have prerequisites and requirements, and it is misleading to only talk about conclusions regardless of conditions.
Traffic structure is not the best, only suitable

  What kind of traffic structure is healthy?
  The answer to this question is: Anything that can profit and magnify is healthy.
  If you are good at creating people, you can contribute content to Douyin and play the natural traffic to the end. If you are willing to spend money in exchange for time, you can use self-service advertising to help your account survive the cold start period.
  Making the cake bigger is more important than making a dojo in a snail shell.
The secret to maintaining the feel is to do it yourself

  The last sentence for everyone:
  As a small and medium-sized business, the boss himself goes off the stage and stays on the front line, which is the core factor for doing a good live broadcast.