Do not inquire about other people’s privacy

  Privacy is a private matter that has nothing to do with public interests and group interests, and is unwilling to tell others or disclose it. In addition to some unknown experiences, pain, and scars, privacy also includes the woman’s age, marital relationship, economic status, family life, etc.
  If you don’t inquire about other people’s privacy, you don’t do what you want to others. Everyone has their own living space and their own hidden “private garden”. Since we don’t want others to know our own privacy, then we should not inquire about other people’s privacy. Everyone has the desire to know the privacy of others. This is a harmful and unhelpful desire that should be restrained. For example, we have a hobby that must be changed, which is to pay special attention to the privacy of celebrities. Once the tabloids published an article about the privacy of such and such stars, such as “The Secret of So-and-So Divorce” and “So-and-So Love Becomes Insider”, they would definitely be looted.
  Do not inquire about other people’s privacy, you can win the respect of others. Once, an employee asked for leave: “Manager, I’m not feeling well. I want to ask for leave tomorrow to go to the hospital for a check-up. I hope you can approve it.” Of course I will approve it, don’t worry!” The employee asked curiously, “Aren’t you asking me what disease I have?” The manager said, “If you don’t tell me, there must be something you have to hide, why should I ask? , right?” Later, the employee told the manager after returning from the hospital: “I was worried about breast cancer at the time, but the test results showed that everything was normal. It was a false alarm. Thank you for not asking me why I went to the hospital to see a doctor. I was worried about others. When you find out, you will talk about me behind your back!” By
  not inquiring about other people’s privacy, you can avoid causing others’ resentment or even resentment. In a survey of 3,000 people, 44.6% said: If someone deliberately offends their privacy, they will definitely keep them away; 33.7% said: No matter whether the other party is intentional or not, as long as they touch their own Privacy will be angry. It can be seen that many people are firmly opposed to the invasion of their privacy.
  Do not inquire about other people’s privacy, you can eliminate disasters. A tiger ascended the throne of the king of the forest, and many animals sent gifts and congratulations. In order to curry favor with the tiger, a fox gave a very precious Persian rug and spread it in the tiger king’s hole. The size was just right, not bad at all. The animals praised the fox’s vision, and the fox was complacent, but the tiger was very uncomfortable: the fox could calculate its own hole so accurately, and it was not wrong, I am afraid that it must know its own privacy. It is too dangerous to keep such a fox around. So the tiger found an excuse to kill the fox. In fact, not only do tigers hate others for knowing their privacy, but humans also have such a mentality.
  Not inquiring about other people’s privacy is a principle that must be adhered to in life. Never ask a question about other people’s privacy. Even if others take the initiative to say their privacy, they should keep their secrets after listening to them. Only by learning to respect the privacy of others can you win the respect of others. Without respect for the privacy of others, even the most intimate relationship will eventually part ways. As a Western proverb says: “Eavesdropping or disclosing a friend’s secret without authorization, you will lose the friend.”