Lopez holds hands with Affleck, and the engagement 20 years ago is finally completed

   In July 2022, Hollywood superstars Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck entered the marriage hall. At this point, it has been 20 years since they first fell in love. Netizens applauded after learning the news, saying that they were deeply moved by love again.
   I have to say, no matter in the past or after years of reconciliation, the love between these two superstars has always been wonderful and touching, and they never want to miss each other again… The
  sexy goddess fell in love with the handsome male god
   In July 1969, Jennifer Lowe Pez was born in New York, USA. She debuted at the age of 17, and at the age of 21, she was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress with the movie “Selena” and became a popular star in Hollywood. Since then, Lopez has developed in an all-round way, integrating multiple identities such as singer, actor, producer, businessman, fashion designer, etc., and is a sexy goddess in the eyes of the public.
   Because of the smooth development of his career, he was sought after by everyone along the way. The young Lopez couldn’t help being a little frivolous and presumptuous. He didn’t take his relationship seriously, his private life was chaotic, and he frequently changed boyfriends. It was not until she experienced two failed marriages that she slowly realized the value of true love and changed the madness of the past.
   In 2001, Lopez was invited to play the heroine of the movie “Mandarin Duck Kidnappers”, and it was Ben Affleck who played the male lead. Affleck is 3 years younger than Lopez. He is handsome and charming. He is a famous Hollywood movie star and popular male god. The global movie “Pearl Harbor”.
   This is the first time the two have worked together. Lopez fell in love when he saw Affleck for the first time on the set. He couldn’t help but say, “This is the person!” Her previous boyfriends and husbands never let her have it. Such an amazing feeling. During the filming of the film, Affleck also gradually fell in love with Lopez.
   After the filming, the two fell in love, with a feeling that “this life is for him (her)” in their hearts, and their relationship developed rapidly. It didn’t take long for Affleck to suggest, “Let’s have dinner at my parents’ house.” Lopez thought it was just a casual meal, and readily agreed.
   Who knows, after going there, as soon as the door is opened, there is a red carpet on the ground, rose petals cover the whole house, and candles are also placed. The song “I’m glad” sung by Lopez is playing in the room. Before Lopez could react, Affleck took out a 6.1-carat pink diamond ring worth $2.5 million and got down on one knee to propose to her.
   Lopez didn’t expect this at all, and the whole person was stunned. At this time, Affleck’s mother also stepped forward and said proudly, “I also helped set up the scene.” After hearing this, Lopez was so moved that he cried with a “wow”. While crying, she hurriedly took the diamond ring handed by Affleck and said, “The ring is too big, I’m afraid I won’t be able to wear it…”
   Affleck also had tears in his eyes, but said, “Dear, You haven’t answered me yet.” Lopez then reacted and shouted loudly, “Oh, I’m willing, willing, willing, willing!”
   Afterwards, Lopez told Affleck that she had been sad for many years after her debut. She cried many times, and the day of the proposal was the first time in her life that she cried with joy. It was also the purest, most beautiful moment she had ever experienced.
   After the successful proposal, the two got engaged and set the wedding in September 2003. Lopez never looked forward to a wedding so much, but what happened next was unexpected.
   Since the two are Hollywood superstars, every move attracts people’s attention, and the media pays close attention to the progress of the wedding. This leaves them feeling stressed and worried that the happiest day of their lives will be ruined. So Lopez and Affleck thought seriously about avoiding the media, hiring three “fake brides” in three separate locations to confuse the public.
   However, as more and more people pay attention to the wedding of the century, some media have dug up Lopez’s previous “dark history” and carried out extensive reports, saying that she was wild and open in her private life. Instigated by the media, the first husband also came out to discredit Lopez for money, and announced the details of their relationship and the secrets of their married life.
   For a time, Lopez was plagued by negative news, not only explaining his past to Affleck, but also busy fighting lawsuits with various parties.
   The incident intensified, and some media picked up the income gap between Lopez and Affleck, saying that Affleck’s income was not as good as that of Lopez, and he was a “little white face who eats soft rice”.
   For this reason, the pressure on the two of them is very high, there are many conflicts, and they have no intention to hold a wedding. Just the day before the wedding, they announced that the wedding would be postponed.
   However, the postponement of the wedding did not stop the media from following them, but caused more suspicion. Those fueling reports have deepened the estrangement between Lopez and Affleck, and the relationship between the two has been cracked. In January 2004, after an argument, the two felt exhausted and chose to end the relationship.
   After the breakup, Lopez was heartbroken and burst into tears. Affleck was also depressed for a long time, even his mother said in an interview: “They used to love each other very deeply, deeply and deeply. I didn’t expect to regret breaking up. I also feel very sad and regretful. .” After the
  ups and downs, the occasional reunion
   Lopez changed, and this time it is difficult for her to come out of the emotional injury. Her old friend, singer Mark Anthony, took the initiative to accompany her, comfort her and relieve her. Those lonely days were spent by Anthony with her. Lopez was deeply moved, and the two fell in love for a long time and walked together.
   This year, Lopez, who left Affleck, married Anthony and lived a peaceful life. The following year, Lopez’s calm heart suddenly surged when he learned that Affleck had married actress Jennifer Garner. But if some feelings are missed, they are missed, and people have to move forward step by step. Lopez packed up his mood and continued to live his life.
   In 2008, Lopez gave birth to a pair of twins and successfully promoted to mother. On the other hand, Affleck and Garner have a stable relationship and have three children. They are also praised as Hollywood’s model couple.
   After entering middle age, Lopez’s career declined due to past relationships and increasing age, and gradually went to a low point. At the same time, her marriage was in crisis. Through the grapevine, Lopez suspects that Anthony is unfaithful to her. And Anthony accused Lopez of not delivering all her love in her marriage, feeling that there is always someone in her heart that she can’t forget.
   In 2014, both Lopez and Anthony, tired of the endless bickering and cold war, ended the marriage.
   After the divorce, Lopez no longer indulged in love and turned to work hard for his career. Three years later, she finally returned to the top with her hard work, and was known as “the queen who can’t be beaten to death”. It was at this point that she met professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez and had a sweet time.
   When the two fell in love, Lopez accidentally learned that the model couple Affleck and Garner had divorced. It turns out that over the years, like Lopez, Affleck has also been hit hard in his career. His acting skills have been questioned, and the filming has been criticized by the public. It was not until he directed and acted in three films that he gradually got out of the predicament. However, because he was busy with his career, his relationship with Garner faded and eventually separated peacefully.

   Once again, Lopez felt like he was brushing past Affleck. However, she and Rodriguez are in love with each other, but they are not too sad. In 2019, after two years of dating, Lopez and Rodriguez announced their engagement, with the wedding set for summer 2020.
   In 2020, due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, their wedding was forced to be postponed. Lopez inevitably felt lost, and at the same time she heard the news that Affleck was in love with actress Anna, and for some reason, her heart was sour.
   Fast forward to 2021, and Lopez feels more and more that he has never completely let go of Affleck. She decided to be honest with herself and called off the wedding with Rodriguez, saying, “We are more suitable for being friends.”
   Lopez, who was single, felt relaxed. When he was on a show, he was asked about his relationship with Avery. Lake’s past events also seem to be generous. She smiled and said: “This is the best relationship in my memory. I don’t regret falling in love with him at all. Although I was under great pressure at the time, if the time can be repeated, I am still willing.”
   Ling Lope What I didn’t expect was that soon, Affleck and Anna also broke up. In an interview with reporters, when asked about Lopez, Affleck smiled and praised Lopez as a very powerful woman, and said: “I usually watch her movies, she played in “The Dancing Girl” Very good, should be nominated for an Oscar.” The
   only thing that makes Lopez feel lost is that Affleck refuses to comment on the relationship between the two and avoids talking about it. Lopez thought sadly that Affleck must have let it go. He only admired her.
   It wasn’t until a month later that Lopez and Affleck were invited to the same event. After the ups and downs, the two reunited by chance, and Lopez was overwhelmed with emotion and did not dare to look directly at Affleck. Unexpectedly, Affleck took the initiative to step forward, shake hands and greet her.
   As the two shook hands, Lopez was surprised to find that Affleck was wearing the bracelet, which he bought in 2002. It was 19 years ago, when the two were in love, when they filmed the MV for the song “Jenny From The Block” together, Lopez gave him the bracelet. Lopez couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Do you still have this bracelet?” “Keep it all the time.” Affleck said, and added, “After so many years, I discovered that my favorite is still This bracelet.”
   Lopez naturally understood Affleck’s implication, his eyes suddenly became wet, and his heart was surging. With tears in her eyes, she said, “I thought you had forgotten about the past.” Affleck shook his head gently: “I thought so too, but in fact, I will never forget it for the rest of my life.
   In this way, the two reunited after many years of reunion.
   Two people who have gone through the vicissitudes of life know how to cherish each other more than before. After the reunion, the first gift Affleck gave Lopez was especially precious and special. He personally edited the original MV of the movie “Marriage of a Superstar” starring Lopez, but what appeared in it was the sweet scene of the two falling in love 20 years ago. After watching it, Lopez was filled with emotion and excitement.
   Interlocking their fingers again, they are no longer afraid and avoid the media’s cameras. They fell into a happy and passionate love like when they were young, and they fell in love like glue. Lopez put on a gold necklace with Affleck’s name on it, went on vacation with him, and was frequently photographed kissing by reporters.
   In September 2021, when Lopez sang at the music festival, when he sang the song “I’m glad”, the scene exploded. It was a song played at his mother’s house when Affleck proposed to Lopez, but Lopez never sang it again after the two broke up. Now, their love has been rekindled, and this song has “reappeared”.
   Since both are divorced people with children, they sometimes take their children with them when they go on a date. Affleck is very good at getting along with children, and is extremely tolerant and patient with children, which makes Lopez admire and move. She couldn’t help but say: “After so many years, you have grown a lot more mature.” Unexpectedly, Affleck laughed at himself: “I’m almost 50 years old, will I still be immature?”
   In March 2022, Luo Pez and Affleck traveled all over Los Angeles, buying a $50 million mansion as their love nest. The two often bring their children here to gather and play together.
   One day a month later, Lopez was taking a bubble bath in the bathroom when Affleck suddenly knocked on the door: “May I come in?” Lopez thought he had left something in the bathroom, so he Said: “Come in and get it.”
   Unexpectedly, Affleck gave her a big surprise as soon as he came in. I saw him kneeling on one knee, holding an 8.5-carat natural green diamond ring worth $7 million, and proposing to Lopez. He always remembered that green was Lopez’s lucky color, so he specially ordered a green diamond ring this time.
   After a lapse of 20 years, Lopez got Affleck’s romantic proposal again. She couldn’t believe that everything in front of her was true, and she cried and laughed instantly. Affleck asked her affectionately: “Would you say ‘yes’?” Lopez immediately cried and said, “I will, of course I will.”
   After the successful proposal, the two got engaged the next day.
   Lopez took this lost and found love very seriously, and completely regarded Affleck and his children as his family. In June 2022, Lopez was honored with the Time Honor Award. Standing on the podium, she smiled sweetly and said, “My family is waiting for me to go back for dinner. I have to go back before 7 o’clock. Thank you all!”
   On July 16, 2022, Lopez and Affleck went on a date as usual before having dinner at the restaurant. The two chatted while eating, and the more they chatted, the happier they became. Their eyes met, and the fire spread. Affleck said on a whim, “Honey, I don’t want to wait any longer. Let’s get married now!” Lopez was a little stunned: “Did you say now?” Affleck nodded firmly, then looked down at his watch: “There’s still time, let’s fly to Las Vegas to get married!”
   Lopez was very excited, feeling too crazy and too happy . Affleck added that at midnight, the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas was closing, and they had to leave. So, the two settled the bill, set off immediately, and rushed to Las Vegas.
   Affleck casually grabbed a blazer from his closet and changed it in the men’s bathroom at the church. Lopez changed into a retro white dress in the church lounge. Although the bride’s shape was simple, her happiness at the moment made her radiant. After putting on the dress, Lopez also used the camera to record the happy moment. Facing the camera, she had a sweet smile on her face as she turned around and said, “I feel so great, so excited!”
   In this chapel, Lopez and Affleck looked at each other affectionately, The vows are read, rings are exchanged, and the marriage is officially married.
   This simple wedding came so suddenly and low-key, without alarming any media, 53-year-old Lopez and 50-year-old Affleck finally made up for their regrets 20 years ago.
   A week later, Lopez announced his sweet marriage with Affleck through social platforms. She wrote the statement of love: “We are married. Love is beautiful, and love can be patient, patient enough to span 20 years. This is exactly what we could have dreamed of…” At the end of the statement, Lopez With Affleck’s surname in front of her own, she finally became his wife.
   This statement caused a huge sensation, and fans all over the world wished them success in their cultivation, and the rest of their lives will only be sweet and happy. Both Lopez and Affleck said they’ve missed too much time and don’t want to miss each other again. No matter what happens in the future, they will no longer care what others think, love each other wholeheartedly, and enjoy every minute and every second.