Us falling down the waterfall

  In a previous job, I was involved in an APP design project. When the group discussed the layout of the software interface, the group leader asked, should we adopt the page-turning method or the waterfall flow?
  Page-turning is to divide the content into pages and pages, and users can click on a page number to enter the corresponding page content. At that time, I just joined the company, and I didn’t quite understand what waterfall flow was, and I was not afraid to expose my ignorance, so I asked for advice out of curiosity.
  The team leader kindly took the time to explain that the waterfall flow is that when the user slides down, the page constantly loads new content, like a waterfall that flows forever.
  I immediately reacted, because when I usually limit my Internet time, I always impose a strict rule on how many pages I turn to end. But if I encounter the layout of waterfall flow, new content will be loaded with a single swipe, and I will lose my boundaries and will probably continue to slide.
  Turn on the phone, and now many APP page designs are waterfalls, probably to retain users for a longer time. I was immersed in a certain short video software a while ago, and I often watched it overnight. I have to admit that this is a very clever design for developers, but it is convenient and highly addictive for users.
  Because it was the same downward slide, I was immediately reminded of Beauvoir’s words: “She was not asked to work hard, but was encouraged to slide down to bliss. When she realized that she was being fooled by a mirage, it was too late, Her strength has been exhausted in the failed adventure.”
  In fact, there is no shortage of waterfall temptations in life, which are constantly flowing and difficult to quit. With the development of society, our various needs are constantly being met, and there are more and more delicious and fun things, as well as the progress of science and technology. Big data makes it easier to understand our personal preferences, provide us with personalized recommendations, and continue to send us the content we like. Coupled with the in-depth psychology, there are more and more traces of people’s hearts.
  Everything becomes more interesting, but also more and more fascinating. I often have a feeling of being distracted and unable to stop. When I finally stopped the car, time was running out, but I couldn’t remember what I did or what I got.
  The temptation of waterfall flow is nothing to be drenched for a while, but after a long time, the turbulent water flow may rush people to the bottom of life. In this world, not only good things have the power of water droplets, but also good and evil things. People’s will, it’s really easy to fall through the rocks under the temptation of a waterfall, dripping into holes everywhere.
  But after thinking about it, I actually don’t have to be afraid of this waterfall. In life, each of us is inevitably surrounded by various temptations, and it is unrealistic to stay away from it. It is better to think about how to withstand its impact like a martial arts master and train yourself, knowing how to stop at the right time.
  Learn to stop many things. Stop when you can’t afford it. Stop when you perceive danger. Stop when you realize that time is passing and you are getting nothing. Because if you don’t stop, you will be paddling happily at first, and then slipping down a little apologetically. After a long time, it will become a kind of sinking.