Woman’s body is bruised

  Women’s constitution is more stagnant, liver stagnation and qi stagnation, upper heat and lower cold are common.
  In short, the body is prone to stasis, which leads to uncomfortable symptoms such as breast nodules and thyroid nodules.
  The body is blocked by blood stasis, the meridians are not running smoothly, and the garbage that should be discharged cannot be discharged, and it is easy to gain weight, develop spots and acne. The nutrients that should be absorbed are not absorbed, and the qi and blood will not circulate, which will lead to irregular menstruation, deficiency of qi and blood, cold hands and feet, dull complexion, and poor spirit.
  There are 4 reasons
  why If emotions are not relieved in time, it is like a mass of qi in the chest. Over time, it will become a knot, which will affect the health of the body. This is liver qi stagnation.
  Poor qi movement, lack of motivation, unable to push the blood stasis out of the body in time, remaining in the body, this is called blood stasis.
  When the blood is cold, it will congeal, and the body will be in a cold state for a long time, or eating cold and cold food will also cause the body to be easily blocked.
  Eating too much, moving too little, staying up late for a long time, eating junk food for a long time, and heavy load on the spleen and stomach will also lead to blockage.
  Once the meridians are blocked, menstruation will not come, and there will be many blood clots and dysmenorrhea; poor blood circulation cannot reach the nerve endings in time, the hands and feet will be cold, and the complexion will be dull. In these situations, don’t blindly replenish qi and blood, and don’t blindly clear fire, you must dredge the body, adjust the qi machine, the road is smooth, and the qi and blood will be smooth.
  Two-step self-test is “blocked”
  Look at tongue. The tongue with liver stagnation and qi stagnation is thin, pointed and red, or there are dark petechiae on the tongue, and the blood vessels at the bottom of the tongue are dark purple.
  See how your body feels. If the body is prone to spots and acne, breast hyperplasia, chest tightness, moodiness, irregular menstruation, disturbed sleep and dreaminess, dry mouth, dizziness, bloating, abdominal distension, fear of cold and heat, etc. The body is blocked.
  Three steps to unblock the body
  Soothes the liver and relieves depression. If the channels through which the meridians and qi and blood run in the human body are compared to highways, then the liver is like a traffic policeman, responsible for maintaining the smooth flow of the highway. Take good care of the liver, the body will not be blocked.
  Invigorating the spleen and removing dampness. The heart and lungs are the upper burners, the spleen and stomach are the middle burners, and the liver and kidneys are the lower burners. The blockage of the spleen and stomach in the middle burner will cause blood stasis and heat, and this heat will promote heart fire, and people will easily get angry. Once the middle coke is unobstructed, the lowering of the heart fire can warm the lower coke.
  Nourishes the kidneys and nourishes the blood. Long-term light and stagnation without taking into account the benefits, the body’s qi and blood will be deficient, so it is necessary to nourish the kidneys and nourish the qi and blood at the same time.