The guardian of the grassland who touches the heart

  The story of the movie “Harifu” takes place in the vast grasslands of Inner Mongolia: a dark horse with shiny fur was born on the grassland in the rainy night. The mare has died, and the young life is about to be swallowed up by the dark night. A herdsman Danba rescued it by accident, bringing it hope of life. It ushered in the dawn at the shepherd’s house, and saw the first rays of sunshine in its life. From then on began an extraordinary life journey.
  Under the careful care of the old herdsmen, the little black horse Harifu grew up on the pasture freely and gradually became a strong and intelligent horse. The mischievous little grandson, Tubu Rigen, went home to visit relatives during the holiday, and the relationship with Harifu has been intimate from the horse being teased and chased, to the child hanging on the tree and being asked for help by the horse. Later, although the grandson burst into tears, he had no choice but to go back to the city to study. The children’s paintings by the child consistently depicted the growing ponies one by one. All around is slow and peaceful and doesn’t seem to change.
  The picture of the film is very beautiful. The grandfather and grandson led the pony and returned slowly on the grassy slope full of sunshine. The old herdsmen meet their friends by drinking, and rest when they are drunk. The horse silently carried its master and found its way home under the silver moonlight.
  However, a sudden change made the fate of the black horse fall from being cared for, because Batu, an orphan adopted by the old herdsman Danba, did not listen to his advice and failed in business, secretly mortgaged the pasture to repay the debt and sold almost all the livestock, including the black horse Kharifu. debt repayment. From that moment on, the dark horse began a journey of displacement, from the initial fear and struggle to accepting the facts to adapt to the unfamiliar environment and way of life, and even met a loving partner on the way to desperation. Harifu’s strong desire for the beautiful memory of his hometown has never been extinguished. He finally escaped from the racecourse with his partner one night and embarked on a bumpy road to return.
  On the way, he experienced many rounds from horse dealers and horse buyers and attacks by wild dogs, waded across the ocean through the forest, lost his partner on the way to the desert, and finally returned to the grassland. Ma’er came to the old herdsman with great pains, and Danba trembled and knelt down to meet. The horse and the owner embraced each other and the tears were like rain. But not long after the reunion, Ma Er was reluctant to part with the seriously ill old shepherd again. After the death of the old shepherd, the relationship between the people and horses was over. The dark horse continued the mission of the old shepherd, and stayed on this side of the pasture arrogantly and arrogantly. After watching the movie, the audience remembered the two grassland guardians Danba and “Harifu” who touched their hearts.

  It ushered in the dawn at the shepherd’s house, and saw the first rays of sunshine in its life.

  The magical “Old Horse Knows the Way” has a highlight moment on Harifu. The two black and brown horses travel through thousands of mountains and rivers, and the sassy and heroic appearance when they keep pace with trains and motorcycles is unforgettable. The actor of the old herdsman Danba, Bayin Erile, graduated from the performance department of Shanghai Theater Academy in 1986. He is very good at presenting the gait, figure and rich facial expressions of herdsmen of different ages. When he was looking for Harifu, who was dependent on each other, when the sun was setting, the picture of the heartbroken man in the end of the world felt a fatal impact and shock.
  It is difficult and dangerous to return to the pasture, and cross the ocean to find the owner. The image of Ma’er giving silently and guarding quietly is directly at the heart of the heart, and the scenes of the old herdsmen loving the horse like a child and being intimate are unforgettable. In particular, the old herdsmen pierced their hearts and searched for Harifu in the grassland, mountains and rivers. With tears in his eyes, Harifu struggled to remember the imprints along the way, factories, farms, farmhouses, slaughterhouses, the sea… There was a little boy at the scene of the movie who burst into tears: It’s so uncomfortable, it’s true that Maertong is human! The mother kept comforting the child: yes, so love animals and cherish the environment. Perhaps, the dialogue between mother and son is the key word of this film, and the audience has a good understanding of it. Perhaps, this is the original intention and mission of the editor, director and creative team.
  The producer, producer, screenwriter, and director of this film are all newcomers who have been “electrically shocked” for the first time. It is a big movie in the theater as soon as they get started, which can be said to be extraordinary. “Harriv” won two awards, “Jury Award” and “Audience Choice Honor Award” at the 14th First Youth Film Festival in August 2020; in May 2021, it won the special fund award for film quality issued by the Central Propaganda Department; In November 2021, he won two nominations for Best Small and Medium Cost Feature Film and Best Director’s Debut at the 34th China Film Golden Rooster Awards. The movie is still in the screening stage and has not yet been released. Looking forward to good results after the release at home and abroad.