— It’s not said, even if Vileeni manages! It drank well and used its nerves well, held its own, so that it could be the last male in the final race — —

The first day of field sports was Sunday, and among the special sports for meirän’s boy that day was the javelin throw and a 10-kilometer sprint. In the meantime, other sports were played, but John’s men didn’t have much to say. Vileeni and Jukola took part in the 400-meter hurdle race. They tactically ran the preliminaries just so they could get to the semi-finals on their tails and let the boys of the others immediately ruin the preliminary competition. Here at Sortis, we don’t think about prizes, but in the semi-final Vileeni already gave so much advice that Pihkala started to shout

— It’s not said, even if Vileeni manages! It drank well and used its nerves well, held its own, so that it could be the last male in the final race — —

The high jump was attended by two Suamalans, Kreemeri and Yrjölä, but not those fairies who were the ride boys for the American girls, who bounced with carbon dioxide or overalls from 190 cents. Meirä’s boys were already behind by 170 and will be out of the game.

The 100 meter sprint was made of sea mud. Halme, Härö, Huuskaffel and Eskola had left us too, but they were little boys by the side of the Masters. Halme came in second in the heat, but in the semi-final he fell to third and out, due to a slight delay in the thief’s departure. Härö was already eliminated in the first round, although the result of the first man was not 11.2. Huuskaffeli had been forced into sakihihi, a boy’s parka, Johna was defected by the beastmen Abrahams and Carr. Nothing helped here but the pillar respectfully followed the Lord. Eskola, a no-nonsense fellow, was able to get there from the very first dawn. So it was clear from the very beginning.

In Viälä, the 800-meter sprint qualification was held that day. We had announced Nurmi, Peussa, Jaanssoni and Luama for this trip, but Jaanssoni went on the trip and, saving his money, saved his money so that he finished in third place and got to the end of the race. Nurmen’s absence was frowned upon and the crowd even more cold. It should have gone sooner! It is very likely that you were a puppet. From the beginning, the boys of Meirä showed their cold guts to Muuto. Not those juassehs like many others, so that the initial competition already pulled out all the stops. They give the son of Muire or reap the honor of the preliminary competitions and kept their money to get to the semi-finals.

The final matches of Näire’s small competitions were held the next day.

Today Meirä’s hay was the javelin throw and Ritola’s 10,000. When we came to the field, we Suamese people were very sure that the javelin throw would bring all the prizes to Suameh. Who can handle us when we have Myyrä, Saaristo, Juhanssonin-Pekka and Eekvisti, who all hit 63-65 meters? It was really a pity to think of the ruattala glass — —

But the boys were the only ones who won the first prize! It’s so cold that I sit down and cry, and then I can’t come. — That’s what it’s like to be too sure beforehand.

It was a hot thundery day and it started to rain when the javelin throw started. It took a long time before they even got started. We fintupis are the fittest and the most careful, because the white shirts and blue-rimmed sunglasses catch the spear. Eekvisti was the first person to throw a suamalan. Sivalti and spear barely flew 50 m.

— Broken!

Myrä came and drew with approx. 58 points and it also broke.

— Well, now the joke is off! That’s a bad sign, they get nervous and become so nervous that they don’t dare to push with force anymore! — And those other perttanas threw signs at the boy!

— Well, they don’t crack on the second and third throw, do they?

— It’s true that every hoof of the boys in Meirä usually hits over 60 at home and now they don’t get 58! — —

— Aha, aha, Eekvist’s second throw now went 57 — — — and kas perttana!! — — heee boys, Myyrä sivalti — — hooray, shout — kiljumma we on the balcony.

— Did it go 60?

— Not Taira aiva —

— Well, I’m over the top! — Can you see clearly now — —

— And no, even though it looks like it here.

— Now you announce — — quietly! — — It was 59.5. —

— What’s that ruattala blue pants that’s slapping now? —

— Let it be Ruatt’s pride, Lindströmi, a dangerous man, pulls 62-63.

— Don’t leaven! When you went over the edge! —

— Hiss hiss Lindström kastar — shouts Tekneeri, »Ruattin-Pihkala», who is sitting in the Pihkalab viäres of Meirän oikia.

— Now pulled! — Hii saakeli, down down, puta puta puta spear on the ground! — I huff and Pihkala snorts like a mahatauris.

— Over went! Thrown over the Mole mark!! — Oh zeitgeist — — ruattalaane, this is terrible —

It’s raining and windy.

And almost two Americans threw aiva around Myyrä’s mark, where there wouldn’t have been an overcoat.

— Eekvist, blood blood, now the emergency is at hand! —

— Ah, it went too low, barely 55.

— And almost another ruattalaane, something from Plumpkvist came right into the corner — the squealing swamp-glasses sweat in pain.

— Boys, now Myrä has a last-minute throw! — Come on now, men, so that the homeland will rise. It’s a bloody mess now, it would be horrible if one of Ruattin’s Lindström wins the gold metal! —

The mole seems to be nervous, walks around, tries for spears, and can’t get a bite. Haira will take everyone to the place.

— Come on boys! The mole throws for the third time!

— Sit there, sit down!! — I roar from every corner.

— Thing! — (it’s french fries in a can and you don’t have to sit down!)

That’s how you yell at me from behind, and that’s how I roar at others to make their eyes light up. — Thing! — do you listen there — — thing, thing! — and I’m going to stand on the bench. Behind me, some bulkaria lazas are screaming “things” at me, but I’m not going to get away with it. — Donkeys too!!

— Well, now pulled —. No! — towards Pyttyhy went the Mole’s throw. Too low.
Lindström won.
— What does Suames say? —

— Well, yes, that final race boat will improve — some of us cheer the other.

When the throws were then measured, Lindströmi was the best with 59.92, Myyrä a little behind, then the Americans Neufeld and Oherst, the flag was Blomqvist from Romania and the deaf Suamen Ekvisti. These made it to the final race. The other two from Suamaland, Saaristo and Juhansson’s Pekka, didn’t manage to throw a single shot. — Yes, it was so sad that you cried. But I didn’t get the Estonian Klumperika, which is definitely 60 men. Lillieri, scared of Ruatt, went to Samoa as a plor. This was the result!

The final race boat, which followed right behind, was cold as hell.
Don’t miss the flying spear. Samoan main or putooloatos.
— Ahh! Eekvisti Petras a little, but not much.

— Well, the boys were already pulled by the Mole! — Cheers now it’s a win — — — kah kah — — cheers, I’m about 65, — — cheers! There’s at least 3 meters now between the ruattalaan’s cover — —.

— Is Lindström cracking up?

— Oh, well, now, Petre, — says something from behind the leaves.

— Naa-ah, tame faan —, I roar behind you. — — Wake up, Myyrä still has
one throw. Well, now you can see the Mole throw!
— Hush hush hush hush!

— Thing!! möjöö silvuplee!

— Now — hurr — you bastard, when did you go down?

— Now go Lindström! —. Yes, it has a good speed, — — ka ny, whoop! — — putua, putua — pluttis!!! — It didn’t work!

— Cheers, bye bye The mole won!

Suamehe was the first gold mitku, but it got stronger. The second prize went to Ruatt and the third to America. And meirän’s Ekvisti was fourth. Fortunately, it put off that Ruattalaan Plumpkvist’s rant.

As a sign of victory, a large Suamen flag was drawn in the center of the flag. The first gold medal of the competitions was won by Suami. The orchestra played our country’s song, people stood up and uncovered their heads. It was a solemn moment. It hurts just because the sun is shining, but the pure blue cross flag of the sea was shining in the wind. It is covered with respect by the black negro of Africa, the diplomat in Japanese silk. A stiff-necked Englishman, a turban-headed Egyptian, and a red-faced Turkish boy cheered it on. It was covered by Punss-Juunssonikki a bit like Nuan niinku so:

— That’s it again, yes, we already know our mother Tua’s teachings.

But the old Yankees say or to:

— Oorait, it is Finland, oh well!