Each cabin is a single cabin

  When I was young, I was dizzy. As soon as the silver needle was inserted into my body, my heart began to beat, sweat, and breathe unevenly.
  Later, when I was hospitalized in the obstetrics department, I walked into a delivery room, and a pregnant woman immediately asked, “Do you know how to get injections?”
  I couldn’t figure it out: “Why didn’t you find a nurse?
  ” It’s up to them.” He lobbied me again, “Do you dare to fight? It’s easy to fight, you don’t need to find a blood vessel, just tie it. My mother used to beat her, but she’s not here today.”
  I immediately shared her sympathy. As early as the 24th week of pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Fortunately, I checked again a week later and the diagnosis was changed to impaired glucose tolerance. Otherwise, it would probably be me who needed daily injections.
  However, the big white belly is bulging high, and the blood vessels are like rivers, green and green. There’s a baby in there. What if I miss it and get it pierced? I waved and shook my head again and again, thanking me again and again.
  Another mother who had come over, encouraged her calmly: “It’s better to ask for yourself. This insulin is on, maybe it will be a lifetime.” – 15% of gestational diabetes will become lifelong companion, “Don’t you Looking for someone to beat you for the rest of your life?”
  She thought about it and it made sense, gritted her teeth, her face full of sadness, she closed her eyes first, then turned her face away resolutely, holding the needle tube in her hand like a dagger, and with a posture of giving up her life, she made a righteous stab.
  I don’t sympathize with her because I myself have to go to the nurse’s station for fasting blood sugar monitoring every day before breakfast is delivered. The morning light was dim, and most of the wards were still closed. I was drowsy and stood on the corridor, waiting for the last pregnant woman to finish the test. If you are already familiar with it, first tear off a bag of alcohol cotton balls and wipe the finger to be blood drawn—usually the left middle finger or ring finger. Remove another needle, put it neatly on the lancing pen, and aim it at the finger – always at this moment, I will hesitate for a while. As soon as he gritted his teeth and pressed the switch, the needle tip popped out, piercing the flesh silently, with a second pain, like a sudden shock. A drop of dark red blood spilled out and stopped quietly on the tip of the finger, and it was the dew that condensed on the lotus petals. Put on the test strip quickly, and be careful not to let your hands touch the blood collection port or the test strip, as temperature and sweat will contaminate the index. Also, the needle should not be pierced too shallowly, otherwise, if the blood volume is not enough for a test strip, you will have to take another needle.
  It was not until the last day or two that I occasionally encountered a little nurse who pointed me: the needle was stuck on the side of the finger, which was not as painful as the belly of the finger. Hey, tell me sooner!
  Now I occasionally go to the hospital, and I see a young girl stretch out her hand nervously at the blood collection window. I couldn’t help it, and smiled softly – no schadenfreude. Absolutely not.
  There is a movie called “A spoiled woman is the best life”, but it is the most spoiled woman. The ugly looking Dong Shi put her hand on her chest, maybe she really had a coronary heart attack instead of imitating Xi Shi, but the whole city laughed at her. Who can face this loud smirk and act like a spoiled child?
  It takes a very, very lucky woman to have someone to rely on in her old age, to be able to act like a spoiled child at any time, and to cry out, “I’m afraid…” But even so, she will eventually understand that everything in life is the most important thing. The matter of life, old age, sickness and death, no matter how scared you are, you have to face it alone and do it alone. You’re a VIP passenger, you fly first class, but everyone’s class is single. Parents are gradually not the big tree you can rely on, the lover is out of reach, weeping and weakness looking for escape… all to no avail. In the end, gritted his teeth, closed his eyes and stomped his feet: I can.
  I remember, before the cesarean, the family stopped outside the dressing room, the door was closed behind me, and the doctor waited in the operating room. Alone, I undressed in panic, entered the operating room, and climbed onto the operating table. I am ready to face all the possibilities in my life alone.
  ——One day, my daughter asked me, “Is it possible that when you become a mother, you are no longer afraid of injections?”
  I hugged her and said, “Well.”

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