British “calorie restriction plan” is boycotted

  Limit your calories! In response to the national obesity problem, Public Health England plans to introduce strict measures to impose “calorie restriction” on the British diet. Unexpectedly, this new regulation has not only caused controversy among the people in the past few days, but now even senior government officials are expressing resistance.
  According to the British “Sky News” report, the controversial plan aims to reduce the calories of British food dishes by 20% by 2024. The draft is more than 100 pages long, involves thousands of food types, and limits calories to single digits. For example, the calories of each main dish in a restaurant should not exceed 951 calories, and the ready-to-eat meals in convenience stores should not exceed 554 calories.
  The British “Daily Telegraph” stated that Truss, the chief secretary of the British Ministry of Finance, issued a message to the Public Health Bureau on the same day: “Please let everyone go!” According to people familiar with the matter, Truss opposed the “calorie restriction plan”. The real reason is that this measure will lead to unnecessary market supervision, burden the catering industry, and increase the cost of living of the people.
  A poll last month showed that more than 90% of people in the UK believe that the obesity problem is mainly the responsibility of individuals and families, rather than the government and industry.
  Brother’s “Fake Priest” Deceived at the End of 18 Years
  According to Spanish TV reports, a Colombian named Ibarra came to the Diocese of Cadiz, a city in southern Spain, with false documents last October, claiming to be appointed by the Diocese of Colombia. new. The diocese of Cadiz then arranged for him to preside over the church. Over the past year, Ibala has presided over dozens of weddings, baptized many children, and listened to the confession and prayers of hundreds of people.
  But the paper could not contain the fire after all. Some believers found that the “priest” was not very professional in his speech, and even had wrong words. After a detailed investigation, the mask of the fake priest was finally revealed: Ibarra’s clergy certificate was forged of. The Spanish diocese ordered him to return to Colombia immediately, announcing that the weddings and baptisms he had previously performed would still be acceptable, but that no confessions or prayers addressed to him would be valid. The case of false priests casts a shadow over the 11,000 people in the diocese of Cadiz.
  The BBC further stated that Ibarra has been pretending to be a priest for more than 18 years. Due to the lack of clergy in Spain, the church had to “import” priests from Central and South America in Spanish-speaking countries, which also provided opportunities for fake priests to forge.
  Christmas is stressful for Britain’s “biggest family” The
  holiday season is exciting, but preparing presents is stressful for Britain’s “biggest family” with 21 children. According to the British “Daily Telegraph” report, a couple operating a bakery in Lancashire, England, welcomed the birth of their 21st child last month. They have been busy since August to prepare gifts for their children. This Christmas, counting the couple, the elderly at home, 21 children and grandchildren, this “largest family” will have 30 people having dinner and celebrating the festival.
  His 43-year-old wife, Su, said that in order to buy suitable gifts, the couple began to “refine their budgets” in August, and each gift was controlled within 200 pounds (1 pound is about 8.7 yuan). But even so, the Christmas gift bill was still as high as £5,000.
  Lincoln Museum plans to sell cultural relics to pay huge debts The Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (the Lincoln Museum for short)
  in Illinois, USA, has a collection of many cultural relics about Lincoln’s life and the American Civil War, attracting many tourists to visit every year. However, the Lincoln Museum may be forced to sell its collection of artifacts to repay a $9.2 million debt.
  In 2007, the Lincoln Museum Fundraising Foundation borrowed $23 million to purchase 1,500 artifacts from private collectors, according to the Associated Press. The loan came due in October 2019, and the Lincoln Museum still owes $9.2 million. Donations to the museum are dwindling, and previous attempts to secure funding from the Illinois state have failed. In desperation, the Museum Foundation issued a statement saying that it was considering selling museum artifacts.
  It is reported that the Lincoln Museum has many precious collections, including samples of Lincoln’s early works, President Lincoln’s seal and the wax left over from the last use, the signature on the summary of the case when he was a lawyer in 1839, and the blood in his pocket when he was assassinated gloves. The Lincoln Museum does not currently plan to sell these “core artifacts.”
  However, the British “Guardian” stated that if the Lincoln Museum only sells “minor” items, it will not help to pay off the debt. 100 dollars. Appraiser Brian Kitney said the Lincoln Museum would have to “give it up” if it were to pay off its debts.
  The Lincoln Museum, on the other hand, continues to raise funds and has now raised about $33,000 on crowdfunding platforms.