Inventory of the world’s most wonderful prisons

When it comes to prisons, what comes to mind is black rooms, bars, and no personal freedom. However, there are many kinds of prisons in the world.
  The strangest
   prison San Quentin Prison in California, USA is the only prison in California that can execute the death penalty for male prisoners. The strange thing about this prison is that because there is a quota limit for executing the death penalty every year, many death-row inmates are not able to line up and end up dying in prison.
  The most expensive prison
   Guantanamo Prison is a prison established by the US military at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba in 2002. According to the US side, all captured enemy combatants are held here, and the Guantanamo Joint Task Force is responsible for the operation of the camp. Statistics show that Guantanamo Prison costs an average of US$900,000 per detainee per year, making it known as “the most expensive prison in the world”.    The
Freest Prison Boya Prison is a sea-view prison built on the Atlantic Ocean outside France.
This prison is a women’s prison dedicated to detaining political prisoners. There are no restrictions on the freedom of prisoners here, and they will not be handcuffed or shackled. There are not even prison guards, and there are no access restrictions. However, even in this way, few people escape from the prison, because the prison is almost in the middle of the two islands, and it is too far away from the mainland. If the criminal wants to escape by swimming, he will probably die of exhaustion before swimming to the shore, and it is impossible to escape.
  The smallest prison Sark prison, which
   can only hold two people, is located on the island of Sark in the British island country of Guernsey. According to the local law, if you are locked up in this prison and continue to commit crimes without repentance after getting out of the prison the next day, you will be sent to a regular and strict prison to serve your sentence. Therefore, you only need to be locked up here for one day (as long as there is no serious crime, similar to the warning of being locked up in a small dark room), and then you can go home.
   The current Sak Prison still houses detainees, but because of the title of the world’s smallest prison, many people come here for sightseeing, which greatly promotes the local tourism industry.
  largest prison
   The Siberian Prison in Russia is a prison so large that it has no walls but no one dares to escape.
  The size of this prison can be compared to half of Europe or even larger. There are no tall walls here to restrict the freedom of prisoners, but there is no need to worry about criminals escaping. Because except for this control area, all other places are forests, and no criminal will escape from the prison by committing suicide.