Dog accident

  Passing by Anjuyuan, the street lights were already on, and Agen couldn’t help but increase the speed of the battery car a little. After a tiring day, he wanted to go back early for dinner. Unexpectedly, a poodle suddenly crossed the road. Coincidentally, the dog arrived, and the battery car also arrived, and they were about to collide. When it was too late, Agen hurriedly slowed down and turned left, and the wheels rubbed against the dog’s head and rushed over. “Wow——” the poodle screamed and fled.
  At the same time, the battery car crossed the solid line in the middle of the road and bumped into an oncoming red battery car. With a click, the two cars fell to the ground at the same time.
  The owner of the red battery car grinned and got up from the ground, pointed at A Gen who was still lying on the ground and shouted: “How do you ride a car? You don’t know the traffic rules, drive in the opposite direction.” A
  Gen moved his legs and got up, rolling up On the bottom of the trousers, a large piece of skin was wiped off the knee, and it was bloodshot. He frowned and ignored the man’s words, and wanted to help his battery car.
  The owner of the red battery car was not happy. He grabbed Agen’s arm and said angrily, “Hey, didn’t you hear me? You crashed my car, look…” There were indeed scattered on the ground. There are many fragments of lights and wheel covers, and it seems that the battery car is not badly damaged.
  Agen stiffened his body and said, “It’s not my responsibility.”
  ”It’s not your responsibility? Then whose responsibility is it?”
  ”It’s the dog’s responsibility.”
  The owner of the red battery car was anxious, and said with wide eyes, “You The kid is quite rude, hit my car, and still swearing at people?”
  Agen explained: “It’s really the dog’s responsibility…” So he told the scene just now, and at the end, he added, “I didn’t expect the dog to Now that you have arrived, I avoided the dog from knocking you down.”
  At this time, there were already people around, some passing by, some walking, and they couldn’t help laughing when they heard this.
  The owner of the red battery car blushed. He didn’t know whether it was illuminated by the street lights or he was laughed at. He was so angry that he took out his mobile phone and called the police.
  After a while, the traffic police came. The traffic policeman asked: “What’s going on?” The owner of the red battery car told the story first. As soon as the traffic policeman heard this, he pointed to Agen and said, “You are responsible.”
  Agen felt wronged, so he argued: “I am not to blame, but it is all the dog’s fault…” The
  traffic policeman looked at the scene and probably thought it was no big deal, so he said to the owner of the red battery car, “He also took it because he loves animals. You have a good heart to evade in an emergency. Do you want to negotiate with him and let him pay you some money?”
  The owner of the red battery car helped the car up. He asked: “How much is the compensation?” The
  traffic policeman said: “Is 300 yuan enough?”
  ”Not enough, it is estimated to be at least 500 after the repair.”
  ”Okay, 500.” Then, the traffic policeman said to Agen, “You take 500 yuan Here comes the money.”
  Agen said: “I don’t have 500 yuan…” He said and took out his pockets, but they were all empty.
  The owner of the red battery car said: “Use the mobile phone to transfer the money.” A
  Gen said: “There is no money on the card. If you don’t believe me, take a look…” He turned his phone.
  The traffic policeman saw that there was really no money, so he picked up Agen’s battery car and pushed it away: “Detain it first, and take the money to the traffic police team to redeem the car tomorrow.” The owner of the
  red battery car also pushed the car away. Under the street lamp, Agen looked at their backs, then at his own legs, and cursed angrily: “Dog day dog!”
  Just as he was limping and about to leave, a woman’s voice stopped him .
  ”Hey, you hit my dog, right?”
  Agen turned around and saw a curly-haired young woman with a poodle lying in front of him. The dog looked at him and barked, and the hair on his neck seemed to be pulled off. He had the impression that it was this dog that caused the trouble just now.
  The curly-haired young woman stared at him angrily and said, “How did you ride the bike? My dog ​​is a purebred import. It cost tens of thousands of dollars. If you hurt it, you have to pay for it!”
  ”I’ll pay?” Agen stared at the curly-haired young woman, “It was your dog who crossed the road and caused me to avoid running into someone else, and I have to pay 500 yuan. I’m still looking for you!”
  ”Looking for me A joke! It’s a dog, you are a human, can a human compete with a dog?” The curly-haired young woman looked at A Gen in a mocking tone.
  At this time, a passer-by stood up and said, “People can’t compete with dogs, but they can compete with you.”
  Cheng Yaojin came out halfway, and the curly-haired young woman was taken aback, and asked, “Who are you? What does it matter to you?”
  The man said: “I’m a lawyer, passing by.” He turned to Agen and said, “You go and sue her. According to Article 1245 of the Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China, animal breeders or If the manager fails to take safety measures for the animals and causes damage to others, she should bear the tort liability. As the owner of the dog, she is fully responsible for the car accident…”
  As soon as the curly-haired young woman heard the lawyer’s words, she wanted to run away with the dog. The owner of the black battery car grabbed her and said, “Where to run, follow me to the traffic police team…”