Disney roller coaster

  The main roller coaster at Disneyland in Florida is “only” 200 feet (50 meters, about 15 stories) high at its highest point. The roller coaster swoops down from the height of fifteen floors. It’s scary. How can you say “only”?
  Because when the roller coaster was designed and built that year, higher and more exciting versions had already appeared elsewhere. How high is the highest point of a roller coaster in an Ohio park? Four hundred and twenty feet (over a hundred meters)! Dive down from a height of 420 feet, and in just four seconds, the flying car can reach a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. That kind of acceleration efficiency is unmatched by any top sports car. It takes only twenty-five seconds for the whole roller coaster to turn three big head-turning turns and come back after a round!
  Others have already achieved 420 feet, but Disney’s petty design is only half of theirs. How could this be the case? What’s even more strange is that the roller coaster is only half the height of others, and Disney spent as much as 100 million U.S. dollars on its construction, which is several times the cost of others.
  Disney is rich and rich and spends money indiscriminately? Did Disney employees take the opportunity to do something? neither. A large part of the 100 million US dollars is not spent on the roller coaster’s machinery and equipment, but on the story about the journey of the roller coaster.
  The name of the roller coaster is “Everest Adventure”. On the border of an imaginary mysterious country, there is a small village where Western entrepreneurs grow high mountain tea and build a railway to transport tea. In order to further develop commercial interests, they gradually extended the railway into the mountain range of Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak. In the cloud-shrouded mountains, giant snowmen that everyone thought were extinct appeared. They were obviously furious at the intrusion of the railway into their own domain, and used their supernatural power to dismantle the railroad tracks…
  Tourists boarded the train, and the train slowly went up Climbing, as if to climb up the Himalayas, into a bleak and terrifying area, suddenly, a roaring snowman appeared in front of him, the train quickly backed up and changed to another track, it seemed that it was temporarily away from the crisis, it was too late Suddenly, the rails on the road suddenly stopped and disappeared. Amidst the roar of the snowman, the train descended rapidly, as if it was going to fall into the valley all the way, and there were several violent rollovers in the middle…
  Theme – Man must respect nature, and arrogantly violate nature, which will eventually bring disaster to himself, and the roller coaster journey with terrifying ups and downs is a kind of “disaster experience”. Riding Disney’s roller coaster is not just a roller coaster, but also a story, experience the story, and use the story to convey your feelings on the train. I can’t just say “so high, so fast, so exciting” as soon as I open my mouth, I don’t know what else to say.
  Guess which one is more popular, the 200-foot “Everest Adventure” or the 420-foot simple “Roller Coaster”, and which one is more competitive in the market?
  Just think about it: would you rather experience twenty-five seconds of pure G-force experience, or the “Everest Adventure” that can be told for a while just by telling a story? You don’t need a spreadsheet, you can get a clear answer.