Sudden bad temper may be caused by endocrine

  Recently, Zhang Li has been a little irritable, quarreling with her husband every now and then, and the reasons are all trivial things.
  That day, when she came home from get off work, she heard her husband say as soon as she entered the door: “You forgot to pull out the key again today! How many times have you said it, why can’t you always remember it!” Zhang Li also didn’t look good, and directly replied: “Why? A look like a teacher asking a crime? I just can’t remember, what’s wrong? You think I want to forget.” The more they talked, the more angry they became, and they broke up unhappy.
  At night, Zhang Li tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep, so she called her girlfriend and complained: “Do you think my marriage is in a mid-life crisis?” Nothing changed?” Zhang Li was taken aback: “I told you about marriage, why do you care about my body?” The best friend insisted: “My intuition tells me that what you are facing now may not be a marriage problem.”
  Zhang Li was confused by what she heard, but she still thought about it seriously and reported truthfully: “Recently, my menstruation has been abnormal, and I haven’t slept very well. I lay in bed at 9 o’clock and couldn’t fall asleep at 11 o’clock; I finally fell asleep. dream, and the result is poor energy during the day and great forgetfulness.” My best friend is more determined: “Sure enough! Hurry up and check the gynecology department, you may have an endocrine problem.”
  Under the persuasion of her best friend, Zhang Li went to the hospital for an examination. The result is really abnormal androgen secretion (commonly known as endocrine disorders). When hormone levels are out of balance, the body will experience a series of symptoms. Abnormal sex hormones can lead to irregular menstruation; too high androgen levels can cause repeated acne; decreased estrogen may cause headaches; too little thyroid hormone can cause fatigue… In short, the symptoms of different hormone abnormalities are different.
  After finding the crux of the problem, Zhang Lijin followed the doctor’s advice to recuperate. After a period of time, her health gradually improved, and the relationship between her and her husband became much sweeter.
  In fact, women’s health problems are mostly related to endocrine disorders, such as dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders, breast hyperplasia, polycystic ovaries, infertility, etc. Poor skin, short temper, long body hair, obesity, etc. are also mostly caused by endocrine disorders .
  Why do women suffer from endocrine disorders? How is endocrine disorder diagnosed? How to treat after diagnosis? Professor Chen Rong from Peking Union Medical College Hospital has been practicing medicine for 20 years. He has consulted various patients and seen various symptoms. She found that many problems can be prevented in advance if she can master more scientific knowledge.
  To this end, Professor Chen Rong specially recorded a set of courses, and female friends can judge their physical condition only through a simple examination. From cause analysis, prevention methods to practical solutions, you can understand and learn as soon as you listen. Here I would like to share with you two small knowledge points in the course.
  The benefits of estrogen to women needless to say, but does this mean that the more estrogen, the better? In this regard, Professor Chen Rong said: “If ovulation is normal and menstruation is normal, it means that the body is not short of estrogen and does not need supplementation. If the body is not short and supplements randomly, the consequences will be very serious, and it is easy to cause breast cancer or endometrial cancer. Therefore , Estrogen cannot be supplemented casually.”
  Metabolism is an important factor in maintaining a figure, and many people think that the higher the metabolic rate, the better for the body, blindly pursuing high metabolism. In this regard, Professor Chen Rong believes: “The higher the metabolic rate is not the better, too high will cause problems, the most typical is hyperthyroidism, which will lead to more and more thin body, impaired organ function, the most serious It is called hyperthyroid crisis, and it can even be life-threatening.”
  Seeing this, have you already understood how practical this course is? If you are confused about endocrine regulation and body maintenance, you might as well come to Professor Chen Rong’s class to find the answer.
  Advantages of the course:
  1. Comprehensive coverage of women’s aging problems
  Endocrine is the core for women to keep young and beautiful. This set of courses is divided into three parts: daily management, scientific pregnancy and childbirth, and disease prevention and control. 270+ knowledge points to help you delay aging and live a youthful and beautiful life!
  2. The content is authoritative, no IQ tax is paid, and no money is wasted. All kinds of information on the
  Internet are mixed, and rumors are mistrusted, not only wasting money, but may also hurt the body. Can Estrogen Slow Aging? Is ovary maintenance reliable or not? How should contraceptives be eaten? In the course, you can get authoritative and detailed answers from Professor Chen Rong, and acquire truly effective female nursing knowledge.
  3. The explanation is simple and easy to understand, and the method will be easy to understand. The problems involved in the
  course are closely related to us. The language is popular and vivid, so there is no need to worry about not understanding. All the explanations are very detailed, and it is not difficult to operate at all. For example, in response to the difficulty of falling asleep for some women, Professor Chen Rong taught us the “478” breathing method in the class, and by doing it step by step, you can easily have a good sleep.
  It only takes 10 minutes a day to do self-examination easily, and 90% of women’s health problems can be avoided. Early prevention and early treatment is the real love for yourself!