The warm light in the dark night

  One day in February when I was thirteen, I carried three domestic chickens on my back and walked for several hours on the mountain road to the town. School was about to start, and I wanted to sell the chickens and pay part of the school fees for myself and my younger siblings. incidentals.
  But when I arrived, the people in the market had almost dispersed, and no one bought my chicken. I waited from morning to dusk, but I couldn’t wait for a buyer.
  The setting sun in the west was about to be pierced by the mountain peak, and it was getting dark, so I had no choice but to pack up and leave in frustration.
  I was penniless, hadn’t eaten all day, and couldn’t afford a car, so I could only walk back along the winding mountain road step by step.
  The sky in the mountains is getting dark very fast and thick. Those mountains that look beautiful and charming during the day, or majestic and steep, at night, seem to turn into black and lacquered terrifying giant monsters, surrounding me without saying a word, trying to devour me at any time like.
  There were hardly any people on the road, and there were no cars. The cold spring and the gusty mountain wind made me feel cold and hungry. All of a sudden, a few strange calls of birds came from a distance: “I am, I am suffering.”
  Since I did not have a flashlight, I could only walk in the dark. Although I am a child in the mountains, I grew up in the mountains. I am big, but there are not many opportunities to walk alone at night, and I am not very courageous. Therefore, the fear in my heart arises spontaneously, my whole body is very nervous, and I can’t walk fast.
  After walking for an unknown amount of time, a very strong light suddenly lit up behind him, and at the same time, he heard the roar of an engine.
  I turned around and saw a big truck coming, and I hurried to dodge to the side of the road. The moment the car passed by me, the fear in my heart disappeared instantly, and I felt safer than ever: there were lights and roaring sounds, and there was no darkness and loneliness on the road!
  The car drove to the front, and I still had a sense of security. The tail lights were still bright red, leaving a bright light behind.
  However, that ray of light is getting farther and farther away from me after all. I was immersed in the boundless darkness again, fear struck again, and people became a little desperate-I was so hungry that I couldn’t walk.
  But unexpectedly, the car suddenly stopped in front, and the headlights cast a motionless light on the road.
  When I approached, the door of the cab opened, and a thin, plainly dressed middle-aged man jumped out from inside. “Child, it’s so late, why are you walking on this mountain road alone?” He asked.
  I said the reason, and he asked again, where is your home? How long do we have to go? I pointed to a place with lights at the foot of the distant mountain with my finger: “It’s there, and it will take about two hours to walk.” After finishing speaking,
  I heard someone in the cab talking: “It’s too far, take our car.” Get in the car, we’ll take you home.”
  It was a middle-aged woman.
  ”Do you want money?” I said, “I don’t have any money with me.”
  ”What kind of money do you want? No money. Uncle will take you home for free.” After speaking, the man unloaded my basket and put it in the car Get on, invite me into the cab again, and then drive towards my house.
  Inside the car, it’s much warmer than outside. It turned out that they were a couple of truck drivers who ran long distances. The woman gave me a box of biscuits. I ate two pieces and was reluctant to eat any more. I wanted to take them home for my younger siblings.
  ”You can eat as much as you want. When you get off the bus, I will give some to your younger siblings.” The woman said, “You are about the same age as our son, and it hurts to see you walking in the dark all by yourself.” Walking, far away from home
  . But under the fast rolling wheels and under the guidance of a bright light, it was not too far away. About half an hour later, the truck couple took me to the entrance of the village.
  After getting off the car, the man asked me, how are the chickens sold? I gritted my teeth and quoted a high price: 10 yuan each, and he took out a 50-yuan note to me: “I want them all, no need for change.” Then he said,
  I bought these three chickens, but It’s inconvenient to take it away, so let’s give it to you and your younger siblings to eat, “Each one eats one, so you can make up your body and study hard!”
  At this time, I saw the shoes he was wearing, which were very worn out and covered with mud. Just after the end of the new year, he came out to run a sports car. I guessed that it would not be easy for him to earn money, so he refused to accept it. But he still gave me the money and the chicken. His wife also gave me two boxes of biscuits and three packs of instant noodles, which were the only food in their car.
  Afterwards, the car turned around, emitting a bright light, and disappeared into the vast night. Since then, I have never seen the truck couple again, but what they said, I am as old as their son, I always remember.
  I also want to say that they are as good as my parents. It’s just that my parents are unable to love me for the time being, because the contracted kiln factory is losing money, they owe a lot of debt, and they hide outside and dare not come back. Those three chickens are the only valuables in the family, or because they were secretly raised at the uncle’s house, otherwise they would have been captured by the creditors. They are our only hope to continue to go to school after school starts.
  They cared for me in the dark and drove away the fear in my heart. The truck couple made me feel the warmth of the world. With their simplicity and kindness, they gave me a precious warm light.
  Now, when I meet strangers who need help, I will also extend a helping hand, no matter whether the other party has helped me or not. I want to pass on the warm light given to me by the truck couple back then.
  There are many lights in the world, and the brightest one is the warm light that reaches the heart.