Begonia flowers

  On the way to the research institute in the morning, I looked up and saw crabapple flowers blooming in the garden of others, blooming in colorful clusters. This reminds me of the two crabapple flowers in the yard of my hometown, and now it is time to bloom.
  Although I like crabapple flowers, it seems that I have nothing to do with crabapple flowers. Although there are two trees in my yard, but I can only find a few fragments when searching for the scene of flowering in my memory. I remember one night when I was playing with a few companions on a high cliff to the south of my home. Looking north, I saw a roof with gaps interspersed vertically and horizontally, which were streets. Although it is also possible to imagine a sea wave, it is very boring after all. But amidst the monotonous roofs, I suddenly saw a spiers of trees and flowers, as gorgeous as the sunset in the western sky. At that time, I was really indescribably happy, mixed with a little longing, longing to go under this tree and have a look. So I counted the gaps, and finally found that they were the two crabapple trees in my house. I immediately ran down the cliff head, returned home, and stood under the crabapple tree until the reddish flower cluster gradually faded into the dusk, leaving only a hazy patch of pale white.
  But such a scene only happened once, and I spent the rest of the spring in Beijing. Beijing is an ancient capital. Although there are many opportunities to enjoy flowers, I seldom have such a blessing. I have only been to Zhongshan Park to see peony, and once to the Summer Palace to see Mulan. In addition, it was the same old friend who ran through many narrow dusty streets to Chongxiao Temple to see peonies once under the poisonous sun; As for the crabapple, not only is it rarely seen, even the monastery that is famous for it seems to have never been heard of. Spring in Beijing is very short, so short that there are almost no springs. It was still winter at first, but there was a strong wind for several days, and the trees grew green leaves. The weather suddenly warmed up, and it was already summer.
  As soon as summer comes, I go back to my hometown again. The two crabapple trees in the yard are densely covered with large leaves, and it is hard to recall that there were billowing flowers blooming on them. After dinner in the evening, I moved a chair and sat under the crabapple tree to enjoy the shade. From the gaps in the leaves, I saw the gray sky with stars embedded in it. The spider webs in the middle of the eaves under the crabapple trees borrowed the twilight of the stars to cast their shadows on the sky. Everything is so quiet. At this time, I often don’t think about anything, just let sleepiness gently press down on my brows. When I really fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the night, I often heard the rustling of crabapple leaves, and knew it was raining outside.
  It seems that there are not many summers like this. In autumn six years ago, when the leaves of the crabapple tree gradually turned pale yellow, I left my hometown and came to Germany. In a blink of an eye, I have lived in this small town for so long. We live every day, but we often don’t know how to live. I read this sentence in an article before: “We must live our lives carefully from now on.” At that time, I felt the same way, and felt that I should also live my life carefully from now on. But after a while, when I think about it again, I still feel a little unpredictable, I don’t know how the days passed.
  Even more so in Germany. I originally made up my mind to study in Germany with the spirit of an ascetic, so I seldom think of other things except reading books every day. But the actual situation does not allow me to do so. Moreover, the motherland sometimes comes to dream again, which makes me, a wanderer thousands of miles away, feel uneasy. In this way, between fantasy and reality, between the motherland and the foreign land, my thoughts are struggling. I don’t know how it happened, but six years passed in a flash.
  Göttingen is a famous city of flowers. In the first spring when I came here, I was surprised by the amount of flowers here. Every house is full of flowers, colorful and brocade-like. But I seem to have never noticed that there are also crabapple flowers here. The reason is that at first I only saw flowers, most of which I couldn’t name. “Looking at the bitterness of flowers is the translation of Qin names”, so I will not translate. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what kind of flower it is, it’s just dazzling. But, like a miracle, I saw crabapple flowers blooming in someone’s garden this morning. My heart skipped a beat. As if waking up from a long sleep, he suddenly found that he had lived in this small foreign city for six years. Nostalgia weighed heavily on my heart, and I couldn’t get rid of it.
  In this beating May day, when my heart is full of sorrow, it is painful to have such a strong nostalgia pressing on my heart. At the same time, I cherish this bit of nostalgia and appreciate this bit of nostalgia. She made me think: I am a man with a hometown and a motherland. Although the hometown and the motherland are far away in the sky, it is now close at hand.
  The farther away I am from them, the closer they are to me. My motherland is in misery, how I want to see it! It seems to be this crabapple flower that called the motherland to my eyes, and I should be grateful for it.
  On the way home at night, I walked through the garden again to see crabapple flowers. It is still the same as in the morning, blooming into a group of colorful and brilliant. It seemed to ignore my mood at all. I stood under the tree and stayed there for a long time. When I looked up, I saw that the western sky was shining with a red sunset glow like crabapple flowers.