Find relaxation in your busy life

  Speaking of compliments on a person’s living conditions, “relaxation” may be one of them. This word comes from a scene shared by a netizen on a social platform: a woman took her whole family out for a trip, and encountered emergencies such as the expiration of the child’s certificate and the need to re-check the luggage. The onlookers guessed that they must be irritable, but they did not expect that the family did not have conflicts or quarrels, but calmly rearranged and solved a problem that seemed troublesome to outsiders easily and normally. After the post was posted, discussions arose, and netizens lamented: “It turns out that there are such relaxed families in the world!” Do you want to have such a sense of relaxation in your busy life?
what is relaxation

  In the fast-paced real life, adults are busy every day. Busy work and trivial life make it difficult for people to relax, and they are often in a state of nervous tension.
  The sense of relaxation is not big-hearted or lazy, but more about finding your own order in a cumbersome and hectic life. “Many people have lost this state for a long time.” Tang Yonglong, a professor of the Department of Applied Psychology of the Department of Psychology of Southwest University, said, “The sense of relaxation is in stark contrast to the restless, restless, and tense state that is full of society. The relaxed, quiet and peaceful state The state seems to be getting farther and farther away from people.”
  From the perspective of neural theory, relaxation is a psychological state in which the ventral vagus nerve is active. In this state, the individual feels safe and connected to others, and experiences positive feelings such as hope and flexibility.
Three steps to relax yourself

  Many people believe that relaxation is not a state that ordinary people can achieve, and that it can only be achieved with money and leisure. In fact, relaxation is more of an inner quality, and an optimistic and stable emotional state is an essential element of relaxation.
  From a psychological point of view, people with a sense of relaxation generally have a high capacity for tolerance, even if the outside world does not develop according to their expectations, they can calmly deal with it. These qualities and abilities do not come entirely from material self-confidence, which most people can try to be.
  Remind yourself to slow down In
  the face of external verbal attacks, emergencies, and unexpected results, don’t rush to react or even resist, and always remind yourself to slow down, especially not to act impulsively.
  Take a positive view of challenges. The ability to
  stay calm is trained. The more times you deal with difficulties, the more you sum up your experience from a positive perspective, and you will be able to deal with them with ease in the future.
  Reasonable planning of life
  Indifference and self-motivation are not true calmness. People who prepare and plan in advance and have a sense of control over life are more likely to relax. Try not to be chased by life and work, reduce some “have to”, and more “prepared”.
  Whether it is life or work, I hope everyone can have a free mind and live a relaxed life.