From complex to simple is the most beautiful

  The evolution of a person’s taste buds and preferences is mostly in line with his life trajectory.
  Just like when I was young, when it comes to cooking food, I always like to focus on strong food. The standard for judging a person’s cooking skills is the use of seasonings. The various seasonings are combined to give the ingredients a strong and rich taste. This kind of culinary skills often attracts a lot of envious clicks.
  Is this like life at that time? When we were young, we often pursued a strong life. All kinds of ideals are like all kinds of condiments, embellishing one’s life plumply and gorgeously. In the end, the taste of the fusion is specious, and it is no longer the original taste of the raw materials, but we think it is a treasure.
  A person, before experiencing precipitation, always has a time of turmoil. Inside and out, full of impatience. Only the blended strong flavor can give the taste buds the greatest stimulation in the shortest time. So, also feel happy. This is true of life and cooking.
  But later, people gradually changed, and so did food.
  Taste buds who are spoiled by strong taste will inevitably feel extremely bored suddenly at a certain point in life. At this time, I want to put aside the seasoning and taste the original flavor of the ingredients. Or boiled small potatoes, without salt, the tender and delicate texture seems to have a taste of earth; or vegetables, scalded in boiling water, poured a few drops of soy sauce, and mixed, you can turn your tongue tender ; or the home-raised chicken and duck, without any seasoning, just simmering slowly, sprinkle some salt when it comes out of the pan, the aroma can still make people’s nose shiver.
  It was only at this time that I realized that, back to the food itself, Sheng has countless seasonings. An ingredient itself is brewed by nature with various natural flavors, such as the fragrance of trees, the greenness of grass, the fragrance of flowers and the smell of earth. The function of seasoning is to remove the natural nature and reproduce another flavor that does not belong to itself.
  Just like a person, as he grows older, the trajectory of his life often runs counter to what he envisioned when he was young, and he no longer wants to deal with those who do not belong to him. More often, he is willing to taste the original flavor of life, relaxed and indifferent As frizzy as my youth. On the contrary, I have more patience at this time, and I am willing to slow down, and wait for the long and memorable original flavor to surface after the initial blandness. This is true for living and tasting food.
  After a walk on the taste buds and a circle in the day, I found the simplicity and beauty.