Let children have a correct concept of winning and losing

  Son Xiaoxing is 11 years old this year. During the Chinese New Year, our whole family gathered around to play poker. Xiaoxing was a novice, even if we kept giving way, he would still lose.
  As long as he sees that he is about to lose, he will regret the card. If we don’t agree, he will play tricks and shout: “I’m a child!” But after thinking about it, the child is still young, besides, this is not a big deal, it will be fine when he grows up, so I don’t care about it.
  However, one day not long after, when I came home from get off work, I heard sobs from Xiaoxing’s room from time to time. I was puzzled and cast a questioning look at my husband.
  I saw my husband spread his hands, helpless: “Today, the school announced the results of the mid-term exam. It stands to reason that this is a normal thing, but our little star learned that his grades were behind the neighbor’s. When he was with Lele, he kept pulling his face on the road, embarrassing Lele and his mother, hey…”
  That’s right, Xiaoxing usually has better grades, and is usually ranked ahead of Lele, but there is no constant victory in the world. General? If you fall behind, you will fall behind, so try harder! But why is Xiaoxing so abnormal?
  In order to find out, I knocked on Xiaoxing’s bedroom door. Looking at Xiaoxing’s red and swollen eyes, I hurriedly asked: “Son, what’s wrong? My eyes are so red!” Xiaoxing waved his hand and said: ” It ‘s all right…”
  I knew the reason and asked, “Why didn’t Lele come over to play today? You didn’t tell your mother when you were upset, why don’t you ask Lele to come over to accompany you?” Little Xing immediately turned her head to one side, saying “Hmph” and spit out a word: “No!”
  I knew that Xiaoxing was unhappy because of Lele, so I pretended not to know and went to dial Lele’s mother’s phone, only to see Xiaoxing shouting loudly: ” Don’t! I’m not good with Lele!” I took advantage of the situation and asked, “What’s wrong? Tell mom!”
  Xiaoxing was silent for a moment, and then opened her heart to me: “Mom, before this exam, Lele and I I made a bet, he said, let’s see which one of us got better grades in the test, and the one who got the lower grades will buy the other a hamburger. I thought I would be fine, so I agreed without even thinking about it. Who knows, today’s grades Come out, I’m actually behind Lele!”
  After listening to Xiao Xing’s statement, I patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile: “Isn’t this normal? Victory or defeat is a common matter in military affairs. Who stipulates that Lele has not surpassed you before, and will not surpass you in the future?” Xiao Xing My eyes widened: “Is it normal? Mom, why are you turning towards others!”
  Seeing that the mist rose again in Lele’s eyes, I didn’t speak any more and exited the room. After returning to the bedroom, I told my husband what happened. My husband blurted out: “Xiaoxing can’t afford to lose!” I said, “That’s right! So we have to find a way to solve this problem!” We finally realized belatedly that Xiaoxing cannot accept winning or losing, which is a typical loss. Sorry.

  I thought, Xiaoxing is currently having a temper tantrum, to be on the safe side, let this matter go for now, and I will talk to Xiaoxing again in a few days.
  One afternoon a week later, I ran into Lele by the garden of the community, and he was playing football. Xiao Xing likes to play football very much, usually, he often plays with Lele. I was confused, so I took a chance to ask Lele: “Son, why didn’t you get together with Xiaoxing today?” Lele lowered her head, and said a little embarrassedly: “Auntie, Xiaoxing is angry with me, it’s been a long time Just ignore me!” I hurriedly asked, “I’m mad at you? What’s the matter?”
  Sure enough, since the last time the results came out, Xiaoxing saw that he was behind Lele and lost the hamburger to Lele. Ignore Lele. Lele said helplessly: “Auntie, if I had known, I would not have made this bet with Xiaoxing.” I quickly comforted Lele: “Good boy, this is not your problem.”
  On the way home that day, I thought to myself , it seems that this victory and defeat education must be paid close attention to, otherwise, Xiaoxing will not even have friends in the future! Just as I was racking my brains to find an educational method, sister Wu, the superior leader of my company, called. She chatted for a long time, hesitating.
  Recently, the company is adjusting its organizational structure. Several managers at the same level have made presentations, hoping to make progress, and I am no exception. Sister Wu called at this time and talked about him. I basically guessed what was going on. So, I plucked up the courage to say: “Sister, I have been in the company for so long, and we are very familiar with each other. If you have anything to say, you can just say it, it’s okay.”
  Sister Wu was silent for a moment, and said: “You probably guessed it, Yes, the results of the debriefing are out. Sorry, due to the adjustment of the organizational structure, your team needs to be reduced, and you may not be promoted this time. But, to be honest, this is not your reason, there are various factors Sister, I hope you can calm down and have a long future.”
  Actually, in the workplace for many years, I have already cultivated an indestructible body. Although I worked very hard in the preparation and competition stages, I know that the company has its own decisions. , The leader has the consideration of the leader, there are too many things we can’t change, why not “I work hard myself, and leave the rest to God”? So, I thanked Sister Wu very calmly, and told her: “Sister, no matter what the result is, I will accept it calmly, please rest assured.”
  After hanging up the phone, I suddenly thought, the complete failure that just happened to me can be used to inspire Xiaoxing. So, I called ahead of time and told my husband about the current situation and my thoughts.

  So, when I got home, I shouted to my husband in the bedroom as soon as I entered the door: “Husband, I failed this job report! The leader just called me.” After hearing the news, my husband ran out and patted me on the shoulder. He said in one sentence: “Honey, it’s okay. Anyway, you have the ability to work, and there will be plenty of opportunities in the future. It’s nothing to lose this time!” I nodded heavily at him.
  When I turned around, I saw Xiaoxing standing at the door of the bedroom. I thought Xiaoxing should have heard and seen everything. After dinner, Xiaoxing walked up to me as if mustering great courage, and said, “Mom, when you just came back today, didn’t you say that you failed to compete with other colleagues in the company?” I can’t stop, it seems that the education of winning and losing is about to start, I quickly answered him: “Yes, my mother failed.” Xiaoxing’s face was full of puzzlement: “Then why do you still have the mood to do other things?” Why don’t you feel unhappy at all?” I patted Xiaoxing on the shoulder, motioned him to sit down, and said, “Baby, mom knows what you’re struggling with. Do you think mom should be unhappy? Come back Ignore you and Dad? Even the company’s uncles and aunts? ” Xiaoxing seemed to be hit by me, and said embarrassedly: “Then what should I do? After all, I failed, and I definitely can’t accept it. ”
  I patted Xiaoxing’s head and continued: “Children, there are many successes and failures in life. Accept the result!” Xiaoxing responded dully: “Really?” I said: “Of course it is true! The so-called willing to gamble and admit defeat means this. In layman’s terms, you must afford to lose! You can’t lose because of yourself. Instead of blaming others, what we have to do is to accept the result first, and then improve ourselves!” Xiaoxing’s black grape-like eyes flickered, obviously much more agile than before.
  I struck while the iron was hot: “So, since you failed the exam and lost to Lele, you should accept it calmly and be willing to admit defeat. Of course, you can’t miss the hamburger! Otherwise, how can Lele be friends with you in the future.” Saying that, I He lightly poked Xiaoxing’s forehead with his index finger. Xing Xing smiled, I know, the concept of victory and defeat education has worked!
  Soon after, the World Cup started. My husband likes to play football very much, so he must watch every game. There was a game between Spain and Japan. My husband has always been very optimistic about Spain. As a result, Spain lost to Japan 1:2. The next day, my husband sighed: “Hey, how could Spain lose?”
  Xiaoxing walked up to her husband and said seriously like a little adult: “Dad, there are winners and losers in the game. It’s normal, there is no general victorious in the world, you need to calm your mind!” When the husband heard it, he was instantly happy, and quickly echoed: “Okay, Xiaoxing is right! Dad changed!” Looking at the appearance of the father and son , I know, in terms of winning and losing, Xiaoxing has grown up!