Choose a wedding dress, get married

  October in early autumn is a season suitable for weddings. Looking around, lace, floral, chiffon, and retro styles from the 1950s are all romantic symbols that can be captured in this season’s wedding dresses. So brides-to-be, how should they choose and match their own perfect wedding dress?
  A-line skirt wedding dress—suitable for elegant and gentle brides.
  An A-line skirt is a skirt with a narrow upper body and a gradually wider hem. It looks like a capital A-line skirt on the whole, and it belongs to the classic wedding style. Petite and thin brides can choose a high waistline design; while brides with full breasts should choose a deeper neckline or V-shaped neckline.
  Mermaid wedding dress – suitable for sexy mermaid brides
  The mermaid wedding dress wraps the body tightly at the waist, buttocks and mid-thighs, then gradually releases the hem downwards, and finally develops into a mermaid shape, so the mermaid wedding dress is the closest to the body The curves can fully show the advantages of the figure.
  Tutu skirt and cake skirt wedding dress – suitable for playful princess brides
  Tutu and cake skirt are not only playful and cute, but also have a princess temperament. This is especially true for tutu skirts and cake skirt wedding dresses, and the playful princess bride can make you attract everyone’s attention and become the focus.
  Straight-fit wedding dresses—suitable for slim and natural-looking brides
  Straight fit wedding dresses are simple and elegant, low-key and natural, and silk georgette, crepe, etc. are mostly used as materials, which have an excellent sense of drooping, low-key and restrained, and can fully show a charming curvy figure.
  Trailing wedding dress – suitable for noble queen type brides Have
  you seen the long tail of Princess Kate’s wedding dress? There is also a special person holding the skirt at the back, how noble. If you are tall and have an elegant temperament, then wear a trailing wedding dress like the princess, and that kind of aristocratic luxury will undoubtedly be evident.
  Short wedding dresses—suitable for lively brides
  Individual brides-to-be also require lively weddings, especially wedding dresses. Short wedding dresses are more popular with them. In other words, it is more convenient to walk.
  Candy wedding dress – suitable for candy beauty type bride
  In recent years, candy color has become extremely popular, and natural candy-colored wedding dresses have gradually entered the eyes of brides, making you a beautiful bride.