The sycamore flowers bloom where we can’t reach

  At that time, we were very small, so small that we could only reach the ankles of the sycamore tree.
  Standing under the sycamore tree, we seem to be a thin grain of wheat: small, small hands and feet, and small eyes full of admiration for sycamore flowers. But the sycamore tree is too tall, higher than our foreheads, higher than the roof, even higher than the clouds… This makes us often look at the tree and sigh!
  The most indispensable thing in the countryside is flowers. You see, some flowers bloom between our feet, and when you run over, they will poke your head in your footprints; some bloom beside our knees, sitting on the grass, you will It can be integrated with them; some of them bloom on our chests, just stretch out your hand, hey, they will lie in your arms obediently… In my childhood, the time accompanied by
  flowers is wonderful of. Because, the color and fragrance of flowers will make us forget the difficulties and sourness in life, and only feel that being accompanied by flowers is happiness. Blossoming flowers are like elves taking our little hearts and flying away into the distance.
  Our favorite sycamore flowers bloom in places we can’t reach. In front of the house, behind the house, at the end of the village, they occupy the spring sky, purple horns, clusters of purple horns, waving to us on the branches, we are like birds, running under the tree to pursue. When the wind came, the tung flowers fell under the tree, piled up layer by layer, and we couldn’t bear to step on them. Pick up one at random, put it in front of your nose and smell it, the fragrance is intoxicating, and you can’t wait to swallow it in one gulp.
  Tung flowers can bring us a lot of fun. For example, we rub the tung flowers, tear them into pieces, then gather them into a ball, squeeze them hard, and there will be a crisp sound of “bang”, and there is still juice The splashes flew into our eyes and faces, which caught people off guard. The fragrant smell, the pleasant sound, the cool juice… We are in love with this kind of fun. Sometimes, the little friends squeeze each other’s tung flowers, letting the juice splash each other, laughing and chasing each other, so happy…
  More often, we will use fresh tung flowers to make wreaths. Wear the tung flower with thin wicker, hang it on the neck, wear it on the head, hey! The black and thin Mao Ni became a “princess” at once, Zhu Zhu, who was wearing shabby clothes, became a “prince”, and the slightly older Xiaoqin became a “bride to be married”… In short, everyone used tung flowers to dress up Let’s use tung flowers to beautify our lives and dreams. We often forget the shriveled belly and the old clothes that we have piled up under the tung flowers because of the tung flowers… In short, the tung flowers have magic power, because of the tung flowers, we all become carefree happy angel.
  The sycamore tree grows so tall that we need to look up to see the crown. They stand tall, with bare branches covered with tung flowers. Some tung flowers are so dense that they even bend the branches. For such a tall sycamore tree, it takes some thought to get fresh tung flowers. For example, begging Uncle Huitao in the village to climb a tree to pick tung flowers for us; another example is to carry a ladder and climb up a tree to pick tung flowers for us. But these methods will always be scolded by adults for delaying Uncle Tao’s farm work or for taking away the ladder, so we have to think of other methods ourselves.
  At that time, when we were young, we were ghosts and ghosts. No, everyone thought of hitting with bamboo poles.
  Every family has bamboo poles, long and short. We gathered the bamboo poles together, picked the longest one, and then arranged for two friends to hold the bamboo poles and beat the tung flowers. At the beginning, we were savages, knocking on the branches indiscriminately, and the originally gorgeous tung flowers were broken by us, and the petals fell to the ground, which made people feel distressed. There were also sections of branches that were broken by us and fell down with a “wow” and hit us on the head, but we didn’t feel the pain, and instead laughed more happily… Later we picked out the strong Qiangzi and Mao Dan’er, raised the bamboo pole to hit it, when the bamboo pole touched the tung flower, because of the control, the bamboo pole would become soft, just a light touch, and the tung flower would fly down the branch obediently. We have already spread our palms under the tree to welcome them…
  ”Hold up, hold up!” Together, the magpies on the branches were startled and flew away.
  The beautiful tung flowers flew down from a high place one by one, crossed the restless sky, and landed in the palm. They are auspicious birds, looking at our little eyes with warm eyes, as if they have something to say to us. We carefully listed them on the ground, and when there were enough, we began to string tung flowers.
  Fingers fly, hands fall into pieces. Tung flowers are strung one by one by us, worn on the top of the head, hung around the neck, or tied around the waist. What’s more, there are strings of tung flowers on the ankles and wrists. Oh, this kind of dress makes us “poor little children” suddenly glow, and become flower people, flower girls, or flower fairies in fairy tales! We flew from under the sycamore tree to the small road in the village, like happy birds, galloping…
  the ground turned into mud.
  My sister has entered the city. That morning, she was wearing a light purple shirt, looking very plain, like a piece of undressed soil, pure and honest. When my sister talks to people, she always has a kind smile on her face, which makes people feel kind.
  At that time, the sun was very poisonous, hitting the street persistently. Summer is anxious, hot wind and heat waves make people sweat like rain. This kind of temperature made me worry about finding a job as a restaurant waiter for my sister.
  I know that my sister is also anxious. My sister tried her best to conceal her inner unease and expectation, and went door-to-door, tirelessly asking restaurant owners if they needed waiters. After being rejected countless times, my sister still mustered up her enthusiasm and started the next inquiry with full of anticipation.
  My sister wiped the sweat off her face with her sleeve, sighed, and said, “I don’t know whose restaurant is short of people?”
  Pointing to the street ahead, I said, “There are many restaurants, and there are always people who need staff. Let’s go on. Ask…”
  Ahead, the streets are bustling under the harsh summer sun. The green trees are tall and straight, the buildings are towering, all kinds of vehicles, and all kinds of well-dressed pedestrians come and go… My sister and I walked along the street from left to right and asked from house to house. Occasionally, the boss said that he needed someone, so I hurriedly introduced my sister’s situation one by one.
  Before my sister came to the city to find a job, I had already introduced my sister to many people: 55 years old, neat, clean, responsible, hard-working… These beautiful words are not collected for my sister The golden words, but a true portrayal of my sister’s life.
  The elder sister lives in the countryside, the mother-in-law is weak and sick, the brother-in-law is uneducated, honest, and earns a meager salary by working hard… In addition, building a house, the eldest son marries a wife and has children, and the younger son goes out to study… and he is in debt. Therefore, my sister who lives in such a situation is often anxious about earning money. When she learned that someone from the same village came to the city to work as a waiter and could earn more than 2,000 yuan a month, my sister had the idea of ​​coming to the city to find a job.
  Easier said than done, my sister is bothered by a bunch of trivial things at home: the potatoes and corn in the field need to be fertilized, weeded, and watered… In order to come to the city as soon as possible, my sister is exhausted from early morning to early evening. Not angry. But my sister was very interested. One night, after ten o’clock, she called me and asked me to help her find a job.
  I know about my sister’s situation, and she is determined to find a job, so I agreed to ask for help, so I sent a message on a certain platform, but the effect was not good. My sister said that she was coming to the city to look for opportunities.