He met a man in a consuming coronary heart disease,rheumatic heart disease

The next day, Waltrud went to the elderly. His heart was bold and calm. He had received the grace and love of forgiveness, and all bitterness had gone away.

He met a man in a consuming fever. Restlessly, he turned himself on his hard bed and complained. Rebekka muori had called a doctor, and he had explained that the wound was life-threatening. He didn’t know much about the advice, and the old man refused to take the medicine alone. The doctor had tied the inclined leg somewhat. Waltrud sat beside the bed and moistened the burning forehead with cold wraps. He also provided that fresh air was discharged into the stale room. The sick soon became more restless, but his speech was confusing, he lamented and did not know anyone.

But Rebecca was no longer afraid of a foreign lady. That pale creature, who was quiet and gentle, showed her from Jehovah’s Messenger, and she was happy to do what Waltrud ordered.

A few days went by this way. On the fourth day, the fever was reduced, and for the first time the man knew where he was. She felt the Rebecca of the Moon, but she looked at the bothering and restless girl. Many years had passed since she left the girl at the cave, and these years had turned her into a girl.

“Who are you?” he asked, intending to sit down, but fell down again, exclaiming the pain, because every movement concerned a tied leg.

The girl calmed her with gentle words, moistened her forehead and gave her a refreshing drink. The sick was too powerless to speak. Again, he blocked his eyes, and soon he fell asleep. Waltrud quietly went home to go home. At the door he gave Rebecca a big silver coin and told her to call a doctor again.

When he came back the next day, the old Rebekka waited for him on the doorstep.

“The lady, let me talk to you before you go inside. He’s really conscious, but he’s behaving so strangely. one, the other before, the second one later, and I think he is old enough, but he doesn’t want to die.

This was the first time Rebekka was talking directly about old age. Waltrud asked, “How long has he lived here? And what did he have?”

“Two years ago he came to the city. put not one, old Rebekka telling the truth. I have often lied in my life, but I can not lie to you, you’re like an angel of God. ”

“Why did he come to the Christian street?”

“Only to make a deal. Before”, he continued, “Father Aamos has had another kind of job that has given him a lot of money. He has lived in Hungary and in the country of the Mohammedans, and now he will be the last traveler – you will be on your way for a few days.

This was a pleasure for the girl. He quietly stepped into the room. The man turned to him. “Who are you?” was his first question. “And what do you want from Dad’s father? Dad Aamo has no money.”

“Man, I don’t need your money. I have everything I need. I want to help you.

“That’s what makes me healthy. Father Dad doesn’t want to die yet. But why are you here?” he asked suspiciously. “You do not belong to our people.”

“My queen is sending you this refreshing drink.”

“The queen is good, I heard people say.”

He was silent, but his thoughts caught up in things that were not just fun. Suddenly he spoke again: “The learned doctor says that Dad Aam must die. Oh, can me! ”

“They did very badly,” Waltrud replied softly. “But,” he continued, “think your end, the old man, so that the great Lord who lives in heaven can take you there!”

“About my mother spoke to me when I was still a boy,” he said, wondering. “The gentle was his voice, like you now, and yet another kind But your voice, -. Where have I heard?”

She thought about her thinking, but she stopped her thinking.

“The doctor has said that your end is near, you know. But do you also know whether God is gracious to you?”

The old man turned himself back and forth. His face was a painful pain.

“If I get healthy, I will fill Jehovah’s commandments,” he said.

“The man is wretched, but if you do not get healed? You are old and weak, and very sick. You have broken God’s commandments, you can never reconcile it. gracious, wipe away my iniquity, and wash me clean from my iniquity. Do you know the words? ”

Tears wandered along the old face of the old man. “My mother, my mother. She also spoke at her last moments. Say those words again!”

The girl slowly repeated the same words, and the old man uttered them behind him. He got a little more relaxed.

“Who are you?” he asked suddenly again. “Who has sent you to comfort the old man?”

“God has sent me,” she replied. “He loves you,”

“No no no!” exclaimed man moved. “His anger is great, I have not kept his commandments, I have not worried about his law. He gets angry terribly.”

“His mercy is greater than his anger. He will sink your sins into the depths of the sea if you do them.”

The sick moaned and the girl was getting ready to leave. The old man grabbed his hand. “Will you come back?” The girl promised to come. “But come soon!” asked painfully.

* * * * *

In the meantime, Adelheid had been waiting very much for Waltrud, and when he came, he listened well to what the girl had to say. The queen herself was deeply sad and worried, because Lothar wasn’t healthy yet, nor did the drugs have any visible effect. Waltrud took part in the queen’s concern and prayed for her beloved spouse. It was a great comfort to the queen. However, the next day he sent his friend to a sick Jew, for he thought the end of the man was not far away. The Jew was glad about the girl’s result and immediately asked, “Speak more to me about Jehovah’s grace.” That’s what he did.

“How can I improve my actions?” he said again. “I’m battlegrounds robbed at night, where the dead and wounded were lying, stealing’m houses and betrayed shopping Jehovah’s commands I have not followed I also stolen and sold children last one was a girl;… Him I often beat in, even as he bled “When he was almost dead, I sold him. Now he probably won’t live anymore. His voice, yes, now I know it, it almost resembled you!”

“Maybe he’s still alive,” said Waltrud quietly.

“If he were still alive? – I have a bracelet that is his property. It’s a rare decoration.”

Surprised Waltrud asked, “Where do you have a bracelet?”

Semi-suspicious of the Jewish girl, but finally she said, “You know it. You’ve been a good father to Aamo. That’s in that box.”

“Let me watch it,” asked the girl with a trembling voice.

Restlessly, the man twisted himself in his bed. It seemed difficult for him to let anyone see his treasures, which he had been hiding for many years, and which his heart could not get away with at the gate of death. The girl was sitting in that intense expectation. At last he asked:

“Was the girl’s name you talked about, Waltrud?”

Like a lightning touched man. His eyes opened, his face became even more pale, and he agreed, “What do you know about him – Waltrud?”

The girl gently lowered her hand on the hands of the elderly, who trembled at her anger, and said:

“Be at rest, the old man, not quite at ease. You will not be anything bad happen. Waltrud has forgiven you, and I know it, because I am Waltrud.”

Now the man was very broken. In that blink of an eye, his whole eyes were praised by the eyes of his soul for the long time he had committed to this girl, treated him with hardness, even talked. And now he had come to him as a bright and gentle one, like a messenger of Jehovah, bringing him comfort with his bed. There he sat beside him, holding his wavy trembling hand in his own and speaking to him of the words of comfort – was this his revenge?

The old man cried. Without tears, his tears flooded, and the heart was long-hardened, melting. Waltrud noticed it; therefore he sat silently waiting for him to speak. Finally the old man calmed down and said:

“My old eyes didn’t know you. But you, Daddy, were you.”
Amos? Say it to me! ”
“I felt that day when you were so badly talked about on the street.”

“And yet you have done so much to me and have been to me like the angel of Jehovah. Say, why did you do that? For me it is inconceivable.”

“Such is the way of my Savior Jesus Christ, whom I serve,” the girl answered seriously. “When the Jews, your ancestors, nailed him to the cross, he cried to his Father,” Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do. ”

The man was silent, but it was clear that strong waves were in his heart. After a moment, he took a small key under his mattress.

“Open the box,” he asked. His voice now sounds firm and calm.

Girl obeyed. There wasn’t much in that box. At his command, the girl pulled out of her a woolen sleeve, full and heavy, tied with tape. Waltrud opened the knot. On top of it was a golden bracelet, shaped like a spiked fish. In the eye sparkled a gemstone.

Moving the girl looked at the ornament. “My mom has used this!
“Did you know my mother?” He asked.
“I was in the group who attacked your village and was banging it. Your parents were killed. You too, I did. Later I found you from the Hungarians, and because they were warm to keep you, I took you with me. ”

“What about my brother?” asked Waltrud passionately excited.

“The Huns took him down. After a great fight I saw him again. He was wounded among King Henry’s soldiers on a battlefield at Merseburg.”

Waltrud’s eyes radiated. “Did he fight against the wolves?”

“No doubt. But he or she is dead, I don’t know.” The words were powerless and weak, and the girl said frightened, “This is almost too much for a sick person in the tongues of death. Don’t talk anymore. I’ll take a bracelet, but I’ll leave other goods in the box.”

But the man shook his head, saying: “No, I need to talk to, until I have issued a refund for my iniquities Please also everything else, it is gold, and silver, ja’a to the poor My heart has been attached to them, but now they will give to Jehovah, for if.. you have forgiven me of all the evil of what I have done for you, so Jehovah is also merciful to me. ”

“So, for the sake of his Son, who, through his death, has paid his debt and is also your Savior,” the girl said solemnly.

The old man had closed his eyes and lay his hands across. His lips moved quietly. Then he fell asleep into a restful sleep, and Waltrud moved away with a moving mind.

coronary heart disease,rheumatic heart disease

Two more days old. When he saw Waltrud again, his eyes shone; he grabbed Waltrud’s hand and whispered, “Thanks for everything! Jehovah will reward you for what you have done!”

He then said, “Tell me more about your Messiah!”

Waltrud did it in simple words and warm hearts.
Willingly ill listened. When the girl talked about hanging on the cross
he put his hands on the cross and said with a cry in the cry:
“I am the man.”
The servant stood next to him, and the old Rebekka had sneaked in and listened to his delightful message that was unknown to him and incomprehensible. But he saw peace on the wrinkled face of the dying man and now knew that Father Aamos was no longer afraid of gathering with his fathers. What could have been this change? He couldn’t find the answer.

When Waltrud approached the shack the following day, he heard a long cry from the weeping people.

“He’s dead,” a girl said sadly to her.

Rebecca Clay came crying and waving his hands. “He’s dead,” he repeated.

“How did he die?” asked Waltrud.

“The king, it is a miracle of God. He slept quietly without any sign of pain. Finally, he said with a happy look:” Debt has been paid. ”

Waltrud took his finger up and said, “To our great Lord in heaven.”

There inside a small room, the weeping cows were beating, beating, tearing their hair, and behaving like madmen, as usual. The dead lay hands crossed. The wondrous faces of the witches now brightened with a calm smile. He was like a robber of grace and left to his father. –

At that time there was concern and sorrow again in the Royal Palace. The condition of Lothar was much worse. He had a scene, much harder and more painful than the one who surprised him on his way home from Mailand. The sick frown almost thought he would be mad, because his head cracked so hard. Her loyal nurse did not leave her bed for a moment. The doctors stood there as doctors. The Queen had invited the most respected doctor from Bologna, and she was now awaited.

And he came when that horrible scene was somewhat relaxed. He was an old gentleman with wise eyes and a trusting creature. The sick lay on Kalma’s pale and frozen as dead, hands crouched and eyes closed. Adelheid created silently praying his eyes to an old physician whose skill he had drawn his last earthly hope. The sadness of the young spouse concerned the heart of the elderly. Deeply moved, he looked at the sick and gave him some medicine in his mouth. Then he went to both other doctors and talked to them. She was always more serious and gloomier.

The Queen didn’t notice it, she was now looking at Lotharia. Gradually, the rumble of sick members disappeared, his forehead smelted, and he rested calmly as he fell asleep into his natural sleep.

The doctor had once again entered the bed and gave the sick again. He gently lowered his hand on the sick forehead and said with deep compassion: “This pain is painful, but he still knows nothing about it because he is stunned. Soon sleep will give him some relief. lady, perfect silence is necessary! ”

He referred to the doctors to leave the room and stayed alone with Adelheid. They were silent in it. The queen had put her hands across; his soul prayed. It took about an hour or more. Still lying sick still, but her breathing was flat.

Then Adelheid got up. He had made his decision. He asked the doctor to come to the room next to him.

“Doctor,” he said, “I trust you will tell me the truth. What is the king killing? Don’t hide anything from me.”

The doctor’s mouths shuddered, but then he said, “We doctors hope for as long as there is a spirit in man.

“We’re going to the west, tomorrow, alpine country.”

Doctor nodded.

“But you have not given a direct answer to my question, you have twisted. What disease does he suffer? I need to know it, and I demand your queen that you tell me the truth.”

As a majestic and commanding, he stood there, and the doctor looked at him in motion.

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“God grant that I have anything comforting reporting! It’s been more than fifty years since, when I first heard people talking about this disease. When I was still a boy. My father was a famous doctor of Spoleto town. There was residing when the German king and emperor Arnulf. I am now Already an old man, but I still see him in my memory, that knightly hero we received as a deliverer, and to whom our hearts are thrilled, then my father was called to him. You know, Queen, how did Emperor Arnulf go? ”

A cry of pain in the queen’s horrified heart. Her eyes faded, she grinned. But when he was severely restrained, he said:

“Doctor, mysterious rumors go from the death of the Emperor of Germany. You probably know if they are in the car because your father cared for him. Will the people correctly explain the cause of his death? Tell me!”

“Rumors are true. My father swore it. He never reached the balance of mind or joy after that day.”

“So do you mean my spouse has the same illness as King Arnulf in his body?”

The old man down his head, he could not argue.

“He has had this disease since he last night in Mailand picked up a goblet from Berengar’s hand and drank a cup,” the doctor said in a loud voice,

In the adjoining room, Waltrud waited. He knew that there were serious things inside that, and his heartbeat busted. Then the door opened. Adelheid stood on the doorstep. Horror took the girl’s mind as she saw the queen. Those flourishing faces were deadly, the gaze was stiff and the traits were twisted. He swung to Waltrud, and he rushed against him, closing him in his arms. The Queen embraced her loyal friend as an intense sorrow and exclaimed with a heartfelt voice:

“Waltrud, they’ve poisoned him!”

* * * * *

King Arnulf’s sad fate had never been a secret. Also, Adelheid felt it. Half a century had passed since the Pope solemnly crowned him as Emperor and, in his full manhood, solemnly arrived at Spoleto, where the people gladly received him as a liberator under the yoke of terror. He did not enjoy his victory long. Cleverly, but surely, a deadly poison ended his life. He managed to get to his homeland, but before the end of the year, he rested on his bones in the Regensburg Church Fountain. And fifty years later, the same unfortunate fate had become part of the youthful Lothar.

Hurrying for a trip. Quietly and carefully, the Queen handed her commandments. The most faithful of the king had to follow him; among them were doctors, part of the service staff and bodyguards. On the second day, the royal wagons went west. “To Mom! To Mom!” echoed Adelheid’s heart. “As soon as possible!”

But the king’s condition prevented him from traveling fast; the sick head did not tolerate it. At that time, Adelheid, from Waltrud’s advice, wagons with a small child with loyal caregivers, in advance of a secure convoy, brought Bertha to her wife about the outcome of the royal family.

Others followed slower behind. The day went by. At night they rested in the tents that were carried along. At last Turin’s towers were visible, and tired Lothar asked: “Let’s rest here for a few days!”

Days became weeks. A little ride outside the city walls, in the mountains, was the royal farm where King Hugo often stayed. Here the sick waited for his healing. He was too tired to think about continuing the journey.

In the nicely decorated room, where the doors and windows of the garden, she lay in her resting place. From the open windows, the gentle spring spells were blowing, and the peaks of the distant, solemn Alps looked inside. Strongly, this view drew the queen’s opinion back home to her mother, her fatherland, where loyalty still existed, where cunning and hate were strangers. But he had to have patience. The sick needed rest, and the doctors warned of a prolonged trip. So he sat from day to day with his dear spouse’s bed and cared for him with all the loyalty and love that his affectionate, powerful heart could have.

coronary heart disease,rheumatic heart disease

Often he thought of his mother’s good words: “To serve, we are all here on earth, and especially the princes.” He could not then think that he would serve at the painful bed of nursing, who was the most expensive in this world. Now he took his call against God. How much he suffered, it had to be ill-encrypted; May I already have his own suffering. For his spouse, he tried to look like a joyful form. To delight her, Adelheid sang with her beautiful vocals, which she shook with. For Lothar, he always had a word of comfort, though his own heart was not.

As a result of Adelheid’s loyal care and a relaxed spring, the king gradually recovered a little. His pale cheeks began to get color; The nights that had been troubled were now a refreshing dream, and in the heart of Adelheid there was already hope that the king would heal completely over time. Oh, he would be patient, as long as his burning prayer for the beloved would be heard! Hope gave her courage, and she noticed it.

Adelheid had just sung Lothar for one of his songs, and his fingers touched harp tongues, while his thoughts stayed distant. Lothar didn’t bother him. At last, Adelheid looked at her spouse, saying, “We’ll be able to travel to the mother soon. You’ll be perfectly healthy there, Lotharini. You’re much better now!”

He smiled, gently grabbing Adelheid’s hand. After a while, he said, “I can, as long as you are here and the pains are somehow tolerated. Let’s stay here!”

“As you like,” said Adelheid, prone, “But look at those high mountains, how mighty they rise to the sky. There, I mean, you would find your health again, where your breasts can breathe more freely and the heart beats happily, where the scented mountain air surrounds Ah, what if we were there! ” he sighed deeply from his heart.

“I’d like to go there, especially for you,” was the answer. “But I feel like this is the head of my world trip.”

Adelheid interrupted her, saying, “Do not give up on such troubled thoughts. God is very gracious, nothing is impossible for him. Your hand is in your hand.”

He nodded his head. “God is very gracious, you have read it many times in your book, and I will bless you for it. For now I know that he is gracious to me, though he wants to move me to another home that is not in this wonderful country. there is no pain any more! I feel that my head park is never getting better anymore – not even in the alpine country. You have never given me any grief, only you have done good.

The tears of Adelheid leaked. “You’re right,” he said.
“We must humbly bend to God’s will. But I hope.
Silence of the night, I prayed for your life, and God has
gracious. He can help you. ”
Lothar loved his wife, but said nothing. Soon he got tired of sleeping in sleep.

More than ever, Waltrud was now in the safety and comfort of his beloved ruler. He always stayed near the sick room and listened to the sickest movement. He has also had a lot of experience lately. Often he thought of the peaceful end of the old Jew and thanked God who had given him mercy. But most of his thoughts stayed restless with the sick king and his loyal nurse. He could not hope like Adelheid, because he had noticed the restless feelings of the doctors as they walked in the garden and quietly talked to each other. They knew the scene would be renewed again. Waltrud had also heard a whisper of this. His heart was heavy. Ah, he would have loved his own life if he could have saved his beloved queen’s spouse! But he could not do for them like to take care of and pray, and he did it for nights.

A few weeks had rolled. A wonderful May day came to the evening, and sweet was nature. Even the sun’s rays cultivated the peaks of the mountains and played in a silver-colored spring, which would make and drill in the park. Wonderful scents spread from thousands of flower trees, the birds sang their evening songs in the trees, and the storm sounded from the luscious liver of the fairy tale. Everywhere life and joy!

But inside the royal mansion was silent and heavy. Quietly, the servants moved back and forth, many tempted faces shuddering with sorrow, and many eyes shoved tears. The faithful bologna doctor also cried. His entire medical skills had not been able to guard the king’s young, thriving life a year ago from death. It had already disappeared into the sea of ​​eternity.

The sweet song of Satakieli, which the young king so often and gladly listened to, always rang to the room where he was lying, but he never heard it. He no longer watched the spring’s splendor, not the golden sun that so often refreshed him. He didn’t see the tears and sadness of his loyal ones. His eyes were closed forever.

Waltrud stood by the couples, and his tears flowed unceasingly. It rested on the king’s arms, with a beautiful head turned to the side, quiet and calm as he fell asleep. On the feet, the child felt happy and happy with a smile, and she thought she was looking like she was a youngster in Colombier. After long suffering, the time for rest had finally come, and quietly he had fallen asleep, like a tired child in his father’s hem.

At the death of the king, his young wife was kneeling, silent and without tears, with a broken heart, a broken soul and a body. He didn’t know more than he died of what happened around him. The whole world was empty to him, like a great burial place. There was no light beam flashing, everything seemed dark and dumb about him. Yet he could not receive this hard fate from God’s hand and does not possess the comfort that is promised in the word to all the sorrowful and burdened.