Why people are keen to be detectives

The disappearance of Hangzhou Lai XX has been “broken” countless times in the minds of “civil detectives”. Even if the police did not release the specific details of the case, it did not affect people’s heated discussions. From the “motive of committing crime” to the means of evading surveillance, I not only guessed all of them, but also analyzed them well.

On July 25, 2020, the Hangzhou police held a press conference to announce the case of the disappearance of XX. According to the police release, according to the initial account of Lai XX’s husband Xu XX, he was dissatisfied with Lai XX due to family life conflicts. In the early morning of July 5, he was killed while Lai XX was asleep and dispersed after being divided. abandon.

However, even before that, the police did not announce the specific details of the case, which did not affect the discussion among netizens in full swing. From the “motive of committing the crime” to the means of evading surveillance, I not only guessed all of them, but also analyzed them eloquently: “…The inconsistency of the statement” “Did you find a detail…” “There is only one possibility… …”

This makes people sigh with emotion. For decades, people’s enthusiasm for “civil solving crimes” has never been lost. In the face of complicated and confusing cases, everyone is a “superior detective.”

“Folk Detective”

If you have ever read posts about various strange cases on the Internet, you will find that the netizens’ enthusiasm for treating real crime cases as mystery novels has begun to emerge as early as more than a decade ago.

For example, the “Nanda Corpse Case”, listed as the top ten outstanding cases, even though it occurred in 1996, does not prevent it from becoming an urban legend and becoming a memory of countless 90s. Even every time there is news like “an unsolved case was solved decades ago,” the comment section always arouses heated discussions.

And the “Death of Lan Keer”, which occurred late but was even more bizarre, was also a shadow of many people’s hearts and minds because of the surveillance video of the victim’s strange behavior in the elevator during his lifetime. Even after the police came to the conclusion of “accidental drowning” through investigation, they still did not prevent netizens from including it among the unsolved mysteries.

If you stray into a discussion group related to an unsettled case, you will find out how hard the “superior detectives” are trying to find the most meticulous and terrifying conspiracy in the most ordinary appearance.

Some people will sort out every key point in the incident from beginning to end, and even list the so-called reasoning notes of “1, 2, 3, 4…”; some people are superstitious about “personal portraits” and try to understand the target, location and location of the crime. Information such as methods, imagine the age, gender, origin, personality, and appearance of the murderer out of thin air. And when materialist reasoning falls into a dead end, desperate detectives will go astray and resort to various metaphysics.

For example, when Lan Ke’er’s body was not found, a lot of “big fairy” suddenly appeared on the Internet. The “spells” used are even more varied, with everything from the East’s Qimen Gossip and the West’s Tarot cards.

What’s more frightening is that after a long time, you can’t tell which details are true in this case and which are speculations of netizens.

“Magic Technique for Solving Cases”

Why are contemporary young people keen to act as “supernatural detectives” online? The answer is actually obvious. After all, for the generation who grew up watching “Detective Conan” and “Holmes”, it is harder than the sky to accept that “there are unsolvable cases in this world”.

They believe that even a case that looks boring on the surface may have a dark conspiracy behind it. And my responsibility is to try to find the key truth from the small details overlooked by others, and to make full use of profound knowledge and rich experience to make conclusions, although most of these experiences come from cartoons and mystery novels I have watched.

For example, as soon as someone encounters a disappearance case, he definitely suggests “check the elevator shaft and elevator ceiling”. Those eight achievements were once scared to sleep by the elevator that was not overweight in the “Library Murder Case” in “Detective Conan” but suddenly called the police.

If you are constantly guessing that “the photos taken in the surveillance may not be the real murderer or victim”, then his inspiration is mostly from the episode of “Blue Castle”, the man who made himself a mistress in order to steal the treasure. Maid.

If the stories and routines of the inference works are copied completely, there will often be some sequelae after being too involved in the play. For example, people who often watch “Detective Conan”, even if the victim’s social relationship is simple, they insist on making up enough 3 suspects, and then eliminating them one by one. And “Holmes” fans, every time they throw a sensational conjecture, they will say: “Exclude everything that is impossible, and even if the rest is impossible, it is the truth!”

As more and more people begin to realize the incompatibility between literature and reality, this has prompted some investigators to turn their attention to the reality version of the reasoning material library-“Today’s Statement”. After all, the show claims to be all based on real cases, and it shows the details of solving the cases very comprehensively. Not only has it gained a lot of realism out of thin air, but it also provides you “folk detectives” with more useful analytical ideas.

For example, in a certain episode of the show, when the case was deadlocked, the police keenly captured the detail that the water consumption of the suspected subject increased sharply that month, which made many viewers in front of the TV excited to shoot their thighs. Since then, “check the water bill of the neighbor’s house first” has become the first reaction of the “superior detectives” when facing a suspicious case.

Even the many tricks for judging suspects in it have become unwritten rules among the “superior detectives”: “If the victim is under 30 years old, give priority to suspicious killing.” “If you live in a rented house, see if there are any outside. “Indebtedness” and “accidental death cases, give priority to suspecting the other half”.

In a nutshell, “civil detectives” always believe that as long as there is a determination to see through the appearance, there are “hidden corners” everywhere.

Who can resist the temptation to be a “superior detective”

Among the many brainstorming speculations, how many people’s ideas have finally been confirmed? Obviously it is minimal.

A few years ago, there was a “green belt corpse throwing case” in Yuhang, because the police report mentioned that there were also 3 playing cards discovered at the same time, namely 5 of spades, ace of diamonds, and ace of spades. Unfolded various reasoning.

Someone made initial associations for the first time, guessing whether KJ5 means “help me quickly”? Others keenly discovered that in the mobile phone Jiugongge, “K”, “J” and “5” are all the same button, guessing that the clues about the murderer may be in the victim’s mobile phone. As a result, this case proved to have nothing to do with playing cards.

And the “Gansu Silver Serial Murder” that was cracked in 2016, there were also various legends in that year. Someone once suspected that the murderer was a veteran special force with superb anti-reconnaissance skills. Because he was betrayed by a woman who liked to wear red clothes, he became a criminal with high intelligence.

Most people believed it, but when the case was solved, it was discovered that the murderer did not have any superb counter-investigation skills. The delay in solving the case was mainly due to the fact that DNA technology has not yet appeared.

However, judging from various unconstrained analyses, it does not seem to matter whether the inferred “cases” are in line with the facts. Seeing whose divergent case is more exciting is the key to people indulging in it. After all, no one can resist the temptation of a curious story, and no one will give up the opportunity to show off his logical thinking and talent for making stories.