The “Great God” of the second element and the Sanhe behind him

Zhang Zhe was young and was born in 1998. He is also small, about 165 meters, weighing no more than 100 catties. Therefore, he is considered a child in the factory. But he said that in the two or three years he came out of society, new 17- or 18-year-old children would always enter the factory, and he was not the youngest.

He has a very bizarre dream.

This year’s Dragon Boat Festival is June 25th. On that day, he realized his dream. In the eight-person dormitory of the factory, he climbed up to the upper bunk, closed the curtains, and quietly changed his outfit like a thief. Leaving the factory, he went out, his skirt swaying and his hair flying.

This dream is not difficult to realize. It’s just that he didn’t expect that dreams have a price, and they come very quickly.

“Two-dimensional” dream
It is not the Dragon Boat Festival, the factory will not be on holiday, and Zhang Zhe will not be able to leave.

The packages arrived one by one. He opened the last package, which was a full set of JK shirts and skirts, with a small pink tie. He couldn’t help it, climbed into the bed, changed his suit, and decided to tease his roommate.

The factory is new, and within a month, he and his roommate are not very familiar. This is the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen. It is all assembly lines, working in two shifts, and there are only four people in the dormitory. Like other young people who enter the factory, they seldom socialize and go back to the dormitory after get off work. Sometimes they don’t take a shower. When Zhang Zhe changed his clothes, his roommates collapsed on the bed. They were playing mobile phones, either using vibrato or playing games.

He leaned forward. The roommate was startled, afraid to speak, his eyes turned from surprise to doubt: “The pretty girl went to the wrong room?”

Zhang Zhe knew that he succeeded. In a great mood.

When he spoke, the roommate knew that he was the “brother who slept on the upper bunk.” Zhang Zhe went out triumphantly. He put on his mask, thinking that no one knew me, and he went out to make waves. The long wig flew in front of him, and he kept stroking it. “It seems to have really become a girl.” He said.

No, it’s not that easy. After leaving the industrial park, Zhang Zhe had planned to sit on the motorcycle, and in front of the factory gate, the masters of the motorcycle formed a group. Seeing that there was a business, a master hurriedly recruited, and shouted at him: “Beautiful boy! Where to go?”

Zhang Zhe smiled bitterly and said that at that moment, he really fled. However, Zhang Zhe got on the bus with his heart broken. He still doesn’t want to look back.

The idea of ​​women’s clothing has been lingering for more than a year. In his countless fantasies, he put on women’s clothing, just like other UP masters of the second dimension, smiling at the camera and looking forward to his beautiful eyes. Just like those UP masters, singing gracefully, looking forward to life.

Zhang Zhe said that when he watched those videos, the people in them were like fairies. To this end, he also bought a mobile phone tripod and spent 18 yuan and 8 yuan on Pinduoduo.

How to shoot fairies at Foxconn? Zhang Zhe didn’t think about it, and it was impossible to think about it. He went straight to Longhua Park.

For him, Longhua Park is the place where the dream begins. On the first day of the appointment with Zhang Zhe, at around 10pm on July 9th, he led me to Longhua Park. Although it is late, Longhua Park is full of excitement. Although it is the outer suburbs of Shenzhen, there is a lot of traffic and crowds. There was a tall tower in the park with bright lights. Zhang Zhe pointed to it and said again: “The place where the dream started.”

The location of Longhua Park has another name on the Internet: Sanhe.

The park is not far from Gong Village, and there is a talent market in the middle, called Sanhe Human Resources Center, from which the name “Sanhe” comes from. If entering the factory to work is also a dream, then Sanhe is indeed the place where the dream begins. Here, there are several large talent markets and countless intermediaries that handle countless job seekers every year. They came from all provinces across the country and entered Shenzhen with their heart. In this bustling city, Sanhe was their first stop.

Zhang Zhe came here admiringly. In June and July last year, he came here, entered the factory, and started his working career.

Sanhe’s reputation is huge, but Zhang Zhe is aware of it. Sanhe has a group of people, mostly young people. They pretend to be looking for a job, but they are paralyzed. Sanhe Market is crowded with people. There is Gong Village to the north and Jingle New Village to the south. There are black Internet cafes in the village in the city. There are groups rented beds upstairs and downstairs. The minimum rent is 15 yuan a day.

They eat and live here, their consumption is low, and there is a legend of “doing one day and playing three days”. Therefore, daily work that pays once a day is very popular. One day’s work makes one day’s money, enough for them to spend a few days, and then another day’s work after spending, rarely more than 100 yuan in their pockets, but they can still live. They call themselves “Sanhe Great God”.

If entering a factory to work is also a dream, then Sanhe is indeed the place where the dream begins. They came from all provinces across the country and entered Shenzhen with their heart. In this bustling city, Sanhe is their first stop.
The meaning of the Great God is a non-ordinary person who breaks away from the routine life and is at ease. After the great gods of Sanhe became famous, some people saw chic and bitterness.

What Zhang Zhe saw was freedom.

Without this freedom, Zhang Zhe dared not wear women’s clothing. The seed was planted in junior high school. He likes to watch Japanese comics, like a jingle, and casually said “Sword Art Online”, “Natsume Friends’ Account”, “Tokyo Ghoul”, “Zero-Starting Life in Another World”, ” Rascal does not dream of “Bunny Girl Senpai” and “Demon Slayer” which was very popular last year.

In the most daily school drama, female characters wear JK uniforms. His uniform was also bought from Pinduoduo, a white shirt, a pink pleated skirt, plus a pink tie, a total of 42 yuan.

This is not enough, women’s clothing is a systematic project. He bought a wig that was waist long and cost 22 yuan and 6 hairs. A pair of small leather shoes, 23 yuan 8. A piece of leggings, 7 yuan 8 hair 4. Two pairs of stockings, 13 yuan 9. A box of cosmetics, dusting powder for line drawing, exactly 28 yuan.

He remembers the price, no need to check the records. It was a long time before he had made up his mind to place orders one by one.

Finally waited until the Dragon Boat Festival, the factory was on holiday, when should we wait?

When Zhang Zhe arrived at Longhua Park, he attracted a lot of attention. He said, “I want someone to pay attention to me, but I don’t want them to pay too much attention to me.” He felt complicated. There are rumors on the Internet that there are only zero and countless times for women’s clothing. It means that people who wear women’s clothing once will be unable to stop. Zhang Zhe’s personal experience is that in the eyes he cast, those appreciative eyes make him intoxicated. A very different life experience makes people want to do it again.

He was still entangled by people. A 30-year-old elder brother looked at him and turned left and right. The eldest brother looked at the phone and the tripod again, and asked him, “Little girl, live broadcast?”

Zhang Zhe did not dare to speak. The eldest brother asked and asked, but he just didn’t leave. Zhang Zhe became impatient and said, “Big Brother, I’m a man.” When the big brother heard, “I X”, he hurried away.

But he was very happy.

Happy is happy, recalling that day, Zhang Zhe regretted that he made too much effort. The puff on his face is too thick, the eyeliner is also thick, and a wig is even more stuffy. Back at Foxconn, herpes grew around the eyes the next day, itchy and painful. Zhang Zhe was working as a quality inspection post. He had to ask for leave to check the products with a microscope. Please come to the third day, the line leader has spoken, the factory can’t ask for such a long time off, if you can’t do it, just leave.

He went to the hospital for medicine, but his eyes were still sore, so he had to leave and returned to Sanhe.

I met Zhang Zhe because of an accidental push from station b. An UP master made a series of Sanhe videos, and Zhang Zhe was one of them. The filming time was July 3, the third day Zhang Zhe was unemployed, and that was his second time wearing women’s clothing.

It’s no surprise that UP owners and self-media people like to go to Sanhe. “Sanhe Great God” was originally created by internet hype. From 2016 at the latest, Sanhe has gained a reputation. There are jagged handshake buildings, black Internet cafes are hidden in them, keyboards are crackling, and the smell of smoke spreads throughout the alley. Many of them are shirtless brothers. They can’t afford a bed of 15 yuan. They pick an open space on the steps between the alleys, lie down on the spot and sleep. Taking a picture of the city with people lying all over it has a strong impact.

Not to mention, there are also the daily work carried forward from here, and the peculiar fable of “doing one day and playing three days”. Some people ridiculed Sanhe, and others regarded it as a utopia. Recorders flocked to the scene, but they used dirty and messy scenes to take photos or videos for Internet users to surf and talk.

Zhang Zhe’s video is very different.

It’s no longer messy and messy. He is wearing a women’s clothing at the entrance of Longhua Park, looking forward to the camera and spinning. The camera follows him, close and far away, the background music is a Japanese song. The master of UP took the title as “Sanhe and the only second-generation brother”.

On July 9th, when I met him, he wore women’s clothing for the third time, still in the pink JK, and wore it three times. He was very shy, explained in a weak voice, only this set. I quickly asked my most curious question, why did I want to shoot in Longhua Park? He covered his mouth and smiled and said, “The scenery there is the best.”

I asked: “Don’t you feel out of place?”

He covered his mouth and said: “It is indeed, a bit like a lotus, it feels like a lotus, not stained by the mud.”

I asked harshly, “So I deliberately found silt to set off?”

Some people ridiculed Sanhe, and others regarded it as a utopia. Recorders flocked to the scene, but they used dirty and messy scenes to take photos or videos for Internet users to surf and talk about.
He answered quickly: “No, I’m just mud.”

In this door last year today
When I saw him, Zhang Zhe was unemployed for 9 days, followed by the weekend, and he would be completely abandoned for a week.

According to Sanhe’s jargon, the state of being unable to enter is called “paralysis”, and the money spent is called “hanging”. Sanhe Great God plays for three days a day, the day of the part-time job is called “recovering blood”, the three days of playing is called “paralysis”, and then it is “hanging force”, and can only work one day to “recover blood”.

Recover blood, paralyze, and hang on, just like this cycle. A life that hasn’t experienced the pressure is not enough to be a great god.

Zhang Zhe is not a great god now, he used to be.

At least for now, he still has a place to live. A few hundred meters away from the southeast gate of Longhua Park, in Jingle New Village next to Sanhe Market, he took me to the top bunk bed for 25 yuan a day. The second and third floors are hotels, and the first floor is an optional restaurant. The stairwell is so slippery and greasy. When I go upstairs, the aisle is narrow and dark, and I can smell the smell of flying dust. Turn left and enter the door, which is a quadruple room with bunk beds.

Zhang Zhe asked me to sit down, but he didn’t. Because the stool was too short, he was afraid of breaking the only JK.

Two roommates lie on the lower bunks, they are shirtless, playing with mobile phones on the bed, without lifting their eyelids. When Zhang Zhe changed their clothes for the first time, that is, on July 3, in the main UP shot, he untied his clothes, put on a skirt, and fastened a fake chest on the front. These two roommates are still the same, they are still in their current shape, not interested in watching, not interested in asking, lying on the bed as petrified, as if they haven’t moved until today. Really paralyzed.

No one would ask about him, this is the freedom Zhang Zhe wants.

The day after I met, I still didn’t find a job. Zhang Zhe took me to Sanhe Market. The market has changed a lot from before. Since 2017, I have been here three and five or six times, each time just a quick glance. On April 9th ​​last year, during my recent visit to Sanhe, the market was still bustling. On the main road at the door, there were many gods pretending to be looking for work. Some people have a big bet starting at 100 yuan, which is a huge bet at Sanhe. One person lost three games in a row, and everyone watched the excitement. His face flushed without a word, and he placed another bet silently, winning, and withdrawing three hundred. The crowd was in an uproar, and this person took the money and left without looking back despite the laughter behind him.

Selling various certificates and accounts, Sanhe was not a secret at that time. The main road in front of Sanhe Market, facing south and east to a canal, is full of stalls. Some people buy ID cards, WeChat accounts, and second-hand mobile phones, while others sell them. Some vendors directly shouted: “I have received the ID card. I have received the ID card. It will be 120 yuan after 1992 and 200 yuan before 1992.”

You can’t do it without buying or selling. In Sanhe, the price will not be high. Some great gods lack the money for a meal, or even a bottle of water, and coats can be sold. Therefore, the shirtless brothers in Sanhe are not all for cooling off, and some are unclothed. The old woman who bought second-hand clothes is in the north corner of the market. She bought a coat for 5 yuan and sold it for 10 and 15 yuan. Sanhe people call her old woman.

“The old woman is there,” Zhang Zhe pointed out. There is nothing in the north corner of the market now.

Everyone knows that the Sanhe circulated on the Internet will soon disappear.

Sanhe became famous, and the great gods avoided. The bustling road in front of the gate is now surrounded by iron fences. You must swipe your ID card to enter. The Great God does not have an ID card. They have long been sold for money, and they can’t get in.

Zhang Zhe missed the iron shed. The entrance that was originally open beside the canal to the east of the market is now fenced and the iron door is locked. In June and July last year, he came to Sanhe for the first time. When he was penniless, he slept under the iron shed all night and night.

He has slept in many places, and the most crowded is at the gate of Longhua Park. Newcomers will be surprised that no matter how hot it is, there are always rows of idle people sitting at the entrance of the park. From day to night, the crowd did not seem to disperse. It was late at night, and on the park steps and grass-wood platforms, one by one was a sleeping god. In fact, it is not difficult for people who have been to renting a bed in a group to understand that the room smells like a lot of smoke, there are many bed bugs, and the heat of Shenzhen is heavy. Even if the great gods have a room, there is no park to cool off.

Some great gods lack the money for a meal, or even a bottle of water, and coats can be sold. Therefore, the shirtless brothers in Sanhe are not all for cooling off, and some are unclothed.
On the night of July 10, I slept in Longhua Park in the middle of the night, from 11 pm to 1 am, the voice did not stop. The extremely capable gods sat on the stone fence, talking about the bed, not knowing the truth or not. After 1:00 in the morning, everyone finally fell asleep. The biggest disturbance was when the car drove across the road and slept on a stone bench. The sound and vibration were particularly obvious. Mosquitoes and worms will climb up, and they will stay with me until 3 am.

Unable to sleep, I changed a place. In front of China Resources Vanguard on the west side of Longhua Park, the cars in the parking lot during the day were driven home early in the morning. As a result, the ground was vacated and became Sanhe’s “Datongpu” second only to the park. I slept here again.

It’s much quieter than the park. Occasionally there is an old man passing by picking up tatters. He is carrying a big bag of bottles. Despite the sleepers all over the floor, the uncle didn’t have any burden. He let the bag drag on the ground, and the bottle collided with a popping sound. Occasionally, there are young people who live overnight passing by, some of them are drunk, singing loudly, shouting loudly, this kind of noise will soon disappear. And I thought to myself, if happy they saw us, would it be a bad thing.

Not long after falling asleep, the security began to rush people. I checked the time, and at 6:30 in the morning, it was time to wash my face in the toilet in Longhua Park.

There are fewer and fewer places to sleep. Except for Longhua Park and the parking lot, there are only fragmentary corners that can accommodate the gods. The scale of the Great God is not as good as before.

The control is gradually tightening. I don’t know when the city management here patrols around the clock. They use truncheon-like tools to patrol alleys in groups. When they meet a great god lying down anywhere, they will speak out to persuade him. The people of Sanhe called them “Brother Catch Team”, which means “the patrol team to catch Brother”.

The old folks believe that it is mainly the media exposure that has attracted attention, especially the documentary filmed by Japan’s NHK TV, titled “Sanhe Talent Market: Young People with a Daily Fee of 1,500 Yen in China”, which spread Sanhe’s image overseas.

Therefore, the people of Sanhe hate the camera.

Zhang Zhe has experienced it. The UP master who filmed him was originally going to do the entire series, but he did not expect the video to catch fire and was discovered by the people of Sanhe. The old buddies fought fiercely in the post bar and posted photos of the UP owner, claiming that they had seen one fight once, forcing the UP owner to decide to run away.

The UP master ran away, but Zhang Zhe left many surprises. After the video was sent, he was seen by someone familiar with him, and several high school classmates sent him private messages. He said that one of them was still the goddess when he was studying.

The classmates have all gone to university, and the student days, to Zhang Zhe, are far like his previous life.

He himself said, “The gap in my life experience is too great.”

Zhang Zhe studied in Chongqing and went to eighth middle school. The best high schools in Chongqing are just three of the “One 38”. All three schools are in Shapingba, not far from Chongqing University, which is the only 985 college in Chongqing. But the students of the “One 38” talked about “If you don’t study hard, go to the university next door.”

He can go to eighth high school, relying on his extraordinary performance in the high school entrance examination. He was a junior high school student in Dianjiang, Chongqing, and got second in the high school entrance examination, and the first in the class was Dianjiang’s champion.

Looking at it now, the crisis has long been buried. Both of Zhang Zhe’s parents work in Dongguan. His father is a general worker and his mother sells insurance. He is a left-behind child. Zhang Zhe first studied in Hunan, his father’s hometown, but around 2011, he became obsessed with the Internet and often skipped classes to go to Internet cafes.

The paper bag couldn’t stop the fire. The parents who worked outside found out and sent him to a martial arts school in Henan to quit internet addiction. After studying for more than a year, at the end of 2013, he begged his parents to send him back to school.

In the year of the high school entrance examination, in April 2015, his father drank too much and died of alcohol liver.

Can’t tell why, once he got to the eighth middle school, his grades dropped sharply. Zhang Zhe said that he ranked in the middle in the eighth middle school in terms of his grades in the high school entrance examination. In the next semester of high school, he became second to last. My mother in Dongguan heard about it, and the tone on the phone was disappointed. “Your exam is so bad, or just work out.”

In the second year of high school, Zhang Zhe gave up his studies. He didn’t listen to classes anymore. Instead, he liked to use his mobile phone, watch anime, and play games. “Now I think that the mobile phone is not much fun, but I don’t want to learn, and the escape is over.” Zhang Zhe said.

The teacher often asked him to talk, but his grades did not improve. He felt that the whole environment was closed and depressed, and he thought of what his mother said. Part-time job? Good job.

The former high school classmates all went to university, and they were also famous school students. A classmate watched his women’s clothing video and sent him a message that if there is any difficulty in life, he can help.
He dropped out of school.

The former high school classmates all went to university, and they were also famous school students. A classmate watched his women’s clothing video and sent him a message that if there is any difficulty in life, he can help. Zhang Zhe replied, thank you for your kindness, no difficulties. This is a long-lost touch.

But life will not be without difficulties.

In the third year of entering society, he experienced the other side of freedom. He was deceived into feelings. A girl had already had a boyfriend and a child, but without telling him, the “red envelope friendship” lasted for five months. He went to a black factory and did 12 hours of the hardest and most tiring work, but his salary was only two to three thousand yuan. Some small bosses deceived him to be weak and didn’t pay him any money after doing work.

He was helpless, reflecting on himself, “Maybe I gave up studying, it is the reason for my failure in life.” He said that the people who came to Sanhe had reasons, some were gambling debts, some failed in business, and they all experienced a dark period.

How to get out of the darkness? Zhang Zhe doesn’t know, maybe he doesn’t have to come out at all?

Sanhe’s life is to trade the lowest cost for being chic. You can sleep on the street, and it’s not expensive to “hit face”. Great gods live like this. From time to time, there are new small loans on the Internet, with a sum of several thousand yuan, which is worth more than a month’s work income.

Sanhe’s fun can only be said to be less, not no.

“Hanging force” is uncomfortable, “recovering blood” is a last resort, “paralyzed” can be comfortable.

The crowd at the gate of Longhua Park asked someone to talk if they wanted to talk, and no one would care if they didn’t want to talk. Someone dragged a suitcase with large and small objects, from mobile phone charging treasures to snack paper towels, grabbing three or two betel nuts and walking away, but the stall owner ignored them. Lack of money? Some people ask quietly, can WeChat accounts be sold? Can Taobao accounts be sold?

It’s just that when the “Brother Catch Team” comes, the businessmen put their hands away. Some people in the crowd roared and shouted “Welcome to the leader”, while others kept coming and shouting “Welcome to the leader” and “Welcome to the leader.”

The city management was gone and resumed as usual. It gets cooler as it gets late and people come back to find a place to sleep. When night falls, loud speakers will come, and you can sing and dance if you like. The crowd dispersed, choosing a place to sleep.

This kind of life cannot be done elsewhere, but it is normal in Sanhe. It is the lowest level of chic life.

Living elsewhere may be meaningful, but the cost is higher and the pain is more. Tomorrow will be better? Why bother, it’s good today. On the 11th day of unemployment, Zhang Zhe could also feel that his “escape” side was clamoring again.

Fortunately, it is foreseeable that such three harmony will soon disappear.