The history books are very short, they can not remember the magnificent life of a person; the history books are very long, they carry the five thousand years of history in China. History is not a one-man show of one person, but a chorus composed of all kinds of people.
  In the ancient feudal society, the idea that men are superior to women is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but you stand out from the thousands of stars. Although you are “a female stream”, you exude your own unique light. Your soft shoulders also shoulder heavy responsibilities, how can a female behave!
Taishan is vigorous, doing everything possible to guard the mountains and rivers

  You recite that the white snow flies like a flock, and you book the lofty and mysterious nature of Mount Tai. The country is broken, and responsibility and responsibility are destined to be extraordinary. “E’E Dongyue is high, and the beauty is soaring into the blue sky.” He sprinted up and pierced the blue mountains and stood up. The peasants who rebelled to protect their homes and the country did not let their beards, and they went to battle with a sharp blade to kill the enemy. You lack the gentleness of everybody’s lady, and you have the masculine spirit of a gentleman. “What is the instrument like you? It made me move repeatedly.” Although he was a famous family, he lamented with ill-fated fate. But there is unyielding blood flowing in your bones, so that you have the extraordinary tolerance of being in the mountains, rivers and sky, enjoying the time, and integrating yourself into nature. You are like a song, chanting literary talent, and singing the grace of everyone.
Adversity is like a poem, and life is free and easy

  The scholarly family has raised a generation of talented women, but she has no ambitions. Although you are “talented and learned, and modern”, you are indifferent. “Knowing whether to know or not” is even more famous for generations, and those who have not recovered. Your gestures are vertical and horizontal to comment on the rise and fall of world affairs, foresight and worry about the world. “Yu Jianzhong Xinsi, return to the Zhao family” is a sweet prelude to your cardamom years. Qin Se and Ming, tenderness and chivalry settle at the same time. Boating on the lake, enjoying flowers and drinking. You are also a bright red to cover your face when you are newly married, and a place in the autumn night garden. The beauty of the young girl gradually fades, although the country is ruined and the family is ruined, but the life brewing in your hands becomes more and more mellow. The most bitter and lonely, but I feel calm and full. Every night is windy, snowy and rainy, draped with a lichen, it is to think about the old person, and also is a journey of adversity. You guard the silence of a person, listen to the laughter of others, and watch the ups and downs of the world. How many things, how many people, want to tell a long story, but not to say. You are drunk by the moon alone, joking about the pride of Fengyue, and you have unyielding indignation and arrogant dedication. You who live in one page of history book, how can you say a word of sadness?
The heroic soul, the daughter of the boudoir wins the beard

  You are a red dress on the battlefield, and a pretty figure with yellow decals on the mirror. Day after day, year after year. You are no longer afraid of swords and shadows, no longer afraid of scars. Suffering has trained you to be proud, and it has also shaped you like tempered steel, tough and restrained. The war has brought you so-called fame and fortune, but you don’t expect it to end. The world and the common people, waiting for your rescue, the mountains, rivers and communities will be guarded by you. The responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai, and he can bear it even with a thin shoulder. On every moonlight night, as the sky looks toward the hometown, his gaze crosses the high mountains, crosses the long river, passes through the spring, summer, autumn and winter, and passes the clear dreams of every wanderer on the road. Drinking the wine that may not see the sunrise tomorrow, talking about ideals that may never be realized. You don’t have the fragility and charm of ordinary women, only the brave and strong of heroes. He wore a red robe and went to the battlefield alone. I am willing to use my role as an iron responsibilities in exchange for a happy spring. High-pitched and rich, outstanding and mature and restrained, the high voice is made for you.
  Who says that women are inferior to men and dare to compete with the sun and the moon for glory. Life lies in living out of yourself, being strong and independent. Beautiful looks will be washed away by time, and only extraordinary talents can survive forever. They don’t catch the waves of helping the wind and the weak willows, and don’t take any glorious boats. They own the sea. In the millennium sings of Chinese civilization, they jointly performed the historical sing of the unique female.