Ratio of comparison

  In life and work, there are always people who like to compare others with themselves, and then they feel that they are better than others and give birth to a lot of superiority. At this point, if you can stop and cherish the happiness you already have, it is still a good “comparison”. In fact, it compares the feelings and happiness of contentment and cherishment. To be afraid is to be afraid that some people are showing hostility, resentment or frustration, jealousy and jealousy, making “comparison” a fuse for life failure.
  If you really want to compare with people, there must be a correct method. The ancients said: “The ruler is shorter and the inch is longer.” You cannot compare your own “ruler” to others’ “inches”, nor can you use your own “inch” to compete with others’ “rulers”. After all, we must handle the issue of scale and proportion.
  Valuable comparisons must be the “scales” and the proportions are right. “Measurement” means measuring others with the same ruler. “Proportion”, a certain cross-section of life and a certain moment of the “variable” must be equal, reasonable, and not out of proportion.
  Some people like to compare all their life achievements with others’ achievements in a certain year or a certain month. How can they not feel superior? Some people like to compare their own “spring breeze” at a certain moment with other people’s “low life”, and compare them with a series of arrogance, and finally look down on others and even despise others. Some people like to compare their advantages of “specializing in the art industry” with the “self-taught” of others, and compare them with a lot of vanity and arrogance. Others compare the results of 60 years of struggle in their lives with the performance of the 20-year-old “Hou Lang”, and then constantly criticize the “Hou Lang”, no matter how they look at them, they are not pleasing to the eye… These “proportional” comparisons are actually ” “No” is better than “Yes”, because it is easy to fall into the quagmire of arrogance, blind optimism, and complacency.
  The “inverse ratio” situation also exists. The so-called “inverse ratio” is to use your own “inch” to compare with other people’s “ruler”, the result is more sad. A friend’s life was going well, but since attending a class reunion, I saw some classmates dressed in glamorous clothes and walking in and out of cars. They were “inversely” compared to their coarse clothes and shoes. All of a sudden, I fell into the “ice valley”. I was full of happiness, and suddenly felt that I was too “shabby”, depressed, and the food tasteless. Some people “inversely compare” with others, not with fighting spirit and self-motivatedness, but with jealousy and jealousy, not thinking about why they are “banal”, but hating people who are familiar with why they have made so much progress, and outraged , Hostile, let yourself into the dead end of life.
  Therefore, it is best not to compare yourself with others. The ratio of “taking the ruler to the inch” or “taking the inch to the ruler” is seriously out of proportion is even more harmful to others.
  If you really want to compare, you must compare wisely. Comparing yourself with your own past, as long as you make progress every day, live more and more comfortable day by day, and the day passes more and more comfortable, this is enough.