Your love competition index

  When you feel that your relationship is threatened by others, how do you respond? Do you deal with it positively or do some tricks to let the other person get out of trouble, or act like a good lover to let the lover solve the trouble by himself? In the face of threats, how competitive are you?
  Q1 Participation in the event has a lottery. The grand prize is two round-trip air tickets to Paris for 1 person, and the second prize is a 1,000 yuan supermarket gift certificate, with 10 people. Participating in the second prize draw cannot participate in the second prize, how would you choose:
  a. Of course, go to draw a ticket, in case you win the prize
  → Q2
  b. Draw the second prize, there are many chances, the prize may be large
  → Q5
  Q2 needs to buy Give a gift to the child of a good friend, which item would you choose?
  a. Cute plush dolls or building blocks → Q3
  b. Warm and practical sweaters or shoes → Q6
  Q3 When chatting with friends or colleagues, do you often can’t help but interrupt others?
  a.Yes → Q4
  b.No → Q7
  Q4 I bought a sweater, and the next day I found that another color of the same sweater suits me better. Will you?
  a. I bought everything, and treated it as invisible → Q8
  b. I bought the sweater of that color as well → Q7
  Q5 shopping with your lover, you like a piece of clothing, but he thinks it is not suitable for you, will you?
  a. If you like it, buy the dress → Q6
  b. Wear it to him anyway. He doesn’t like it and it’s boring to give up the dress → Q9
  Q6 When traveling, take a big photo with the sisters, if everyone’s height It’s almost the same, where would you choose to stand?
  a. Middle → Q7
  b. Side → Q10
  c. Last → Q9
  Q7 On behalf of the company, attended a more casual entertainment luncheon. The presence was mainly men. Some of them chatted with colored jokes while talking about business. Would you?
  a. Take the opportunity to walk away → Q8
  b. It’s okay to laugh anyway, continue to listen to their conversation without interrupting → Q11
  c. Find a chance to change the subject to avoid embarrassment → Q10
  Q8 The lover had a birthday party. The atmosphere was originally pleasant, but his ex-girlfriend suddenly showed up The earth is coming, will you?
  a. Entertain her as a hostess → Q12
  b. Know that she is here to provoke, try to avoid contact after greeting each other,
  and leave it to the lover to handle it → Q11 Q9 Who do you think is reasonable to pay for lunch with your lover?
  a. Either party can pay → Q10
  b. Pay separately → A-type
  Q10 heterosexual friend wants you to introduce your good friend to him, but you know that although your good friend has a good character, you already have an ambiguous object, and You may not like honest people like friends of the opposite sex , would you?
  a. Delay as much as possible → Q12
  b. Tactfully tell him that his girlfriend already has a boyfriend → Q11
  c. Sorry to refuse, half- push and half agree
  → Type B
  Q11 Entertainment reported that an idol singer married a very talented person when he was popular The prodigal son, the prodigal son sincerely vowed to be a good husband, will you?
  a. Happy for her, I believe that the prodigal son will turn around
  → Type C
  b. Don’t be optimistic about this relationship, the man is hard to change → Type D
  Q12 is suddenly assigned an important and difficult task by his boss, and colleagues are unwilling to take over the task. Because the failure rate is too high, will you?
  a. Reluctantly accept, but secretly unhappy
  → Type D
  b. Anyway, it has become a fact, try to do things well
  → Type E

  Type A peacock
  competition but also the United States pose competition index: 5
  Miss Peacock proactive character, for things or people want, they will be hard to fight with their own efforts. The more important things are, the less people will be allowed to steal them. If they find competitors in love, they will do their own appearance work first and fight back with the most beautiful posture.
  Type B Swan
  feisty but not exposed to competition: 4.5
  Swan Miss giving intellectual, elegant feel respected partner, and loved ones to a family, they will exhibit the usual gentle not the same pride. When rivals appear, they are good at making small moves behind their backs, making some winning plans, and in order to defend their homeland, they will not hesitate to become tough fighters.
  mood swings and lack of competition Measures Index: 4
  parrot Miss emu lively spirit, there are endless creative head, but cute behind insecurity, will attract attention to the way a lover with a grudge, Miss hair temper, with some small test Test his loyalty. Pay attention to your usual tone of voice, in case some words hurt the person who loves you.
  to see action and action lovers of competition index: 3.5
  Although Miss Swallow weekdays careless in front of friends, but to see it become a little bird lovers. They are hard-spoken and soft-hearted, as long as they are not cheated by their lovers on the spot, as long as the other party is willing to put down and make her happy, they can forgive each other. On the contrary, if you talk back, it will be endless!
  inaction competitiveness index: 3
  Miss Sparrow character funny, like Hupenghuanyou lovers also like the naive character. In fact they know the importance of pretending to be weak. And they are inherently afraid of getting into trouble. As long as their rivals don’t provoke them, they won’t go head-to-head, but pretend to give their lovers absolute trust and stop with silence.