As long as the choice is yours

A while ago, my friend Emma, ​​a personnel director, went to school to recruit. Several young applicants were asked the classic question: “I don’t like a high-paying job” vs. “I like a low-paying job, which one to choose?” I asked her: “How should I answer?” She shrugged and said with a smile: “This question first has a big premise-you have a choice. Most of the situations I have seen are actually the other two: first, Those with high salaries can’t do it, and those with low salaries don’t like it; secondly, they overestimate the joy of interest and underestimate the impact of salary. Moreover, many people still can’t get out of these two vicious circles. “Looking at my face covered in circles, She told two cases.

Emma’s uncle’s child is Doudou, who studied business administration and graduated from university three years ago. Since the school is ordinary and he has no special skills, Doudou started working as an administrative assistant in a small company. Emma did not expect that the information received since then has increased exponentially, and there is almost no repetition, complaints about wages, complaints about work, and all kinds of things.

Emma said that when Doudou was mentioned during that time, she sighed. With this time of typing and complaining, what’s not good about learning something? Soon after, Doudou jumped to another job on the grounds that “I didn’t like what I did and the salary was too low.” How much did the job jump increase? 500 yuan more per month!

Everyone should know that what administrative assistants are doing is quite complicated, and Doudou’s ideal workplace sample is a one-million-dollar salary, wearing high-end professional women’s clothing every day, and walking on the road. Follow light. In contrast: I am being called around and drinking, Excel reports often make mistakes, I will post invoices for a while, go through the document process for a while, and organize the contract for a while. After Doudou, he changed jobs three times a year, and his salary increase was smaller than once. There was a huge gap between ideals and reality.

Whether you have a high salary and whether you like it or not, these two things do not matter at all. It depends on whether you have the ability to match the high salary.

Let’s look at Emma’s high school classmates. He studied mathematics at the university and went to a game company to do planning after graduation. He is extremely obsessed with history. Other colleagues have technical or management books on their desks, and a set of “General History of China” is placed on his desk. In his own words, his dream is “to be an editor in a magazine”. After get off work, read history books, write articles for columns, and occasionally participate in small offline communities. Just such a “Buddha” person said at the department commendation meeting two years later: “I found another self in the game.”

Everyone was shocked! This man is too fickle! “Interest can be cultivated,” the little brother said later, “and there is not only one interest. I also like history now, and I also write related articles in my spare time.”

I believe that when many people hesitate between “I don’t like high salaries” and “I like low salaries very much”, they ignore that it is not a black and white multiple choice question, and you don’t have to make interest and salary fight to the death.

First of all, interest is not static. Even if you don’t like it at first, you can work hard, and over time, it is likely to give you unexpected rewards other than salary. Investor Li Xiaolai has a saying to my heart-“It is not often that you are interested in doing well, but you are interested in doing well.”

Secondly, even if you don’t like your job, you can let your hobbies grow outside of your job. There are 24 hours a day, even if you exclude 8 hours of work and 8 hours of rest, don’t you still have 8 hours? In this time container, it is compatible with many things you never thought of.

Many people who do well in their jobs have also managed their hobbies well. Basketball superstar Kobe participated in the production of the animated short film, and won the Oscar for the best animated short film; the father of WeChat Zhang Xiaolong won the golf championship. Doing interesting things to the extreme will not only make money, but even crush competitors on the original track from the sky.

In the final analysis, what you choose depends on how many chips you have for you to choose. How much strength you have, the radius of your choice will be as big as possible. You can’t just stare at option A and option B forever. Options are often not mutually exclusive, and they can coexist very well.

This world has never been anything you want, but you need to exchange your own resources for everything you want. Some lose and lose, and some complement each other. As long as the right to choose is in your hands, what is there to be afraid of?