find the true “light of life

Recently, I saw a short story about a few people who went out to sea on a boat to go fishing. When they returned to the voyage, they accidentally lost the direction of their sailing. In the chaos, the sky was completely dark, there were no stars in the sky, and it was impossible to guide the direction. Someone remembered that they had brought a light when they went out to sea, so they quickly turned on the light and kept shining around, but it was in vain. At this time, an old man on the boat asked the man to turn off the light. Everyone was surprised when they heard it, but there was really no other way, so they had to follow the old man’s advice. The lamp went out, and it was instantly dark all around, and he couldn’t see his fingers. At this moment, the old man said: “Don’t be afraid, everyone, please wait a moment.”

After a while, everyone’s eyes gradually adjusted to the darkness. They were surprised to find that the surrounding area was not as dark as they had imagined. Somewhere in the distance, there was a faint light, which was the light of a seaside town. It is the direction they want to go back. With the guidance of this “light of life”, the people on the ship returned smoothly.

This story reminds me of a person. About half a year ago, a 56-year-old aunt named Su Min made a decision: traveling by car alone. She brought a tent, a small refrigerator and a rice cooker, and drove the car she bought on the road. She traveled all the way south from Zhengzhou, traveled to many places, and posted videos on the Internet to share her experiences on the road with netizens. In a video, she described her repressive marriage life, her husband’s accusations, and family trivialities, all like disturbing lights that made her feel at a loss and depression. So, with the support of her daughter, Aunt Su Min decided to leave everything that restrained her and live her true self.

Sometimes, you have to dare to extinguish the interfering lights and look far in the dark to find the true “light of life”. Aunt Su Min is like this. She has found her own light in the dark and is becoming a light to illuminate others. Her self-driving has moved and encouraged countless netizens. At the beginning of 2021, she wrote a journal titled “Discovering Light, Chasing Light, Becoming Light” on Douban. At the end she wrote: “Through the morning mist, I will continue to drive my white Polo, Heading toward the warmer south. Although the light of the pair of car lights is faint, it is enough to point out the direction for more people.”