What determines your value

  Our company was originally located in Sanlitun, Beijing, where the house price is more than 100,000 yuan per square meter. Of course, the more expensive one is the school district housing in Haidian.
  Why is it so expensive? Is it because the land there is expensive, or the bricks?
  The ground is the same, and the bricks are not gold or marble. Just because it’s a high street, there’s a school, it’s more convenient, it’s a symbol of a better life.
  Therefore, the value of a point is often not determined by the point itself, but by the coordinate system in which the point is located.
  In the same way, the value of a person is not determined by a single point. It is not from your parents and teachers that you know whether you are good or not. Your degree of excellence is determined by a system.
traditional value system

  The traditional occupational value coordinate system is as follows: industry × enterprise × occupation.
  This is the most popular and traditional occupational value coordinate system, and it is the “Occupational Pyramid Model” proposed by American management scientist Edgar Schen.
  For a detailed analysis, if you compare Shi En’s model to a small area, you can imagine
  that there are many small areas on a map, one by one. A community is an industry.
  There are many buildings in the community. The building is the company, and they all have three floors, which represent the three levels of the company:
  the bottom layer is the executive layer, that is, the employee layer; the middle is the operation layer; the top layer is the decision-making layer, that is, the leadership layer.
  A big building is a big business, and a small building is a small business.
  In such a model, the development path is very clear, and according to this model, you can find your own value.
  The first step is to choose an industry, that is, choose a community.
  The second step is to choose a good building in the industry, preferably a mansion or a villa, that is, to choose a large enterprise with good development potential.
  Why choose a big company?
  Because you are more likely to rise in big business and have more opportunities. You can get more network resources and even better institutional returns.
  After graduation, you must first choose a large company. Your vision and contacts can make your next job reach a high level.
  Why did New Oriental produce talents in its early years? Because these talents are placed in the same circle and subtly compete with each other.
  Next, everyone will work hard to develop upwards. If you can go to the second floor, go to the second floor, and if you can go to the third floor, go to the third floor. ? Either stay here and retire; or jump into a smaller building and try to get to the third floor.
  This is job-hopping, from a small clerk in a big company, to a small company as a big clerk. I have a twin sister who got her first job as a reporter for Reuters for a small salary. Later, she jumped to a foreign news company I hadn’t heard of, and her salary increased significantly.
new coordinates are formed

  Have you noticed that this traditional industry value coordinate system is disintegrating in many places. For example, how do you define someone like me who is both a teacher and a writer, and who does both well?
  How do you define freelancers, which community, which building, what floor should they be in?
  The world is changing, you don’t have to live in a community, you can live in a tower in the sky overlooking these communities, you can also be a courier and travel through many communities.
  Why these changes? There are three reasons.
  First, the company’s life expectancy is shortened, and employees’ psychology has changed. That said, the company is extremely variable. Some time ago, I disbanded my Dragon Shadow Tribe Studio and established Li Shanglong Studio. I went to cancel the company, and the salesman in charge said that now there is a queue to cancel the company, because too many people are queuing up, and the cost of canceling the company is more than the cost of registering the company. At present, the average life expectancy of Zhongguancun and Sanlitun SMEs is 1 year, the average life expectancy of the entire SMEs is 2.97 years, the average life expectancy of the world’s top 500 is 40 years, and the world’s top 1000 is 30 years.
  what is this concept? If a person starts working from the age of 25 to retire at the age of 65, and has worked for 40 years, it means that you start a business as soon as you graduate, and you just happen to make the company into the world’s top 500. The day you retire, the company just closed down and you just lost your job .
  Do you have such good luck?
  There is no stability in the world of work, only change is the only stability.
  Second, the industry changes rapidly and has no boundaries. Industries are constantly crossing borders, that is to say, communities have long been connected.
  A writer, he can also be a teacher.
  An English teacher, he can also be a fitness trainer.
  A screenwriter, he can also do a talk show.
  Today, you will find that it may not be the person downstairs or the person next door who grabs your position, but people who jumped over from other communities, and the industry has become borderless.
  For example, Kodak didn’t think that it was the digital company that killed itself; the digital company didn’t expect that it was Nokia that killed itself; Jinmailang and Master Kong didn’t expect that Meituan Takeaway was the one who beat them; the thief didn’t expect that, Kill yourself is mobile payment.
  Crossing borders has become a normal thing. Even cross-border robbery is normal.
  The third is that people pay more attention to the new occupational coordinate system.
  The original coordinate system has changed. In the Internet era, individuals are gradually liberated from the organization, and a new professional coordinate system is established with themselves as the center.
  The new career value coordinate system is as follows: circle, ability and characteristics.
Market determines value

  Once the new occupational value system appears, personal value-added strategies will certainly change.
  In today’s world, it’s getting harder and harder for startups to improve one’s own floor by flattering leaders.
  It is also getting harder and harder to find connections to enter that dynamic entrepreneurial team.
  Because your ability is not good, it is useless anywhere, and no one can afford the losses caused to the company.
  If you want to do something different and become a better yourself, for your first job, I suggest you find a less institutionalized, dynamic company that at least won’t decide your life or death because of a single word from the leader.
  Because the leader may be happy today and unhappy tomorrow, it is very dangerous if your promotion and salary increase only depends on the leader’s words. Your value is determined by the market, and it will be much better. It is necessary to improve your circle, ability and characteristics, so that even if you leave the system, you can still live well.