Guniu Mountain

A phone call from his mother called Yang Zhiqing back from Shenzhen, which is thousands of miles away.

Now, the first thing Zhiqing has to do is to tell his mother the news of his arrival as soon as possible. The phone was on, but my mother didn’t answer. He thought, after a long day of running, he might be sleeping right now. He walked to the firewood shed in the courtyard, took a few sticks of firewood, and was about to start a fire in the fire pit. At this time, the phone rang. He threw the firewood into the house and stepped on the threshold to answer his mother’s call.

The mother said: “Your father finally fell asleep. I was afraid that I would wake him up. I ran to the camphor tree outside the sheep pen to call you. Zhiqing, don’t put your feet on the threshold. If you want to go in, go in, don’t you forget the rules of the slate house after going out for a few years.” Zhiqing felt a little strange, her mother’s mobile phone didn’t open the video, how could she see such a scene, and quickly stepped on the back foot go in. At this time, he heard the wind whistling on the mountain. The night wind in this area has always been cold and hard, and it can pierce the bones. He asked his mother to go back to the shack quickly.

My mother said: “I’m hungry, I’ll get you something to eat. I thought you wouldn’t be able to come back until the day after tomorrow, but I didn’t cook the meal for you. Remember, in addition to latching the door, the top bar must be firmly pressed against it. .”

Zhiqing was a little puzzled why his mother told him to close the door tightly. He found the top bar of beef tendon behind the gate, opened the gate again, and went out to take a look. At this time, the whole village was completely surrounded by thick fog, and there was a tick of fog and rain everywhere. He shuddered, turned back to the house immediately, and pressed the door firmly.

Before going to bed, he took off an old ham hanging from the beam, chopped a piece of it, washed it, and put it into a large earthen pot to boil.

Just as Zhiqing fell asleep, in a daze, a voice rang in his ear, and at first, he thought he was dreaming. Later, the sound became louder and louder, and he was completely awakened, and heard a thud, as if someone was slamming on the door. He immediately turned on the light, rolled over and got out of bed, put on his clothes and trousers, brought the rechargeable strong-light flashlight that he had brought back for his parents, opened the door of the small room, stood in the main room, and turned the front door of the house with him. also opened. At this time, the sound from outside the gate poured in without hindrance, and there were really countless big hands slamming the gate hard, and gnashing their teeth, eager to enter. Later, it turned into a regular shoving, and the sound was creepy. Zhiqing took a step back when he was about to step out of the threshold. At this time, he heard clearly that it was not people who were making trouble outside the door, but a group of unusual animals. He immediately closed the main room door, and Plug in the latch, so that inside and outside, foolproof, to achieve double insurance.

Now, he fully understood why his mother repeatedly told him to close the door.

He knew from a young age that there was a group of big gray wolves called mountain donkeys by the locals in the area around the Big and Small Guniu Mountains. In the end, the group of mountain donkeys made their way to a mine mined by a self-employed owner, offended a woman who was picking bracken on a hillside, forced her off a cliff, and fell seriously injured. And this woman, the mine owner’s lover, the furious boss, immediately found a way to get through the relationship, borrowed dozens of guns from the Armed Forces Department, organized a hunting team, led by a Yi man, It took more than a month to chase and block in the big and small Guniu Mountains, and it was a brilliant victory. Except for a few cunning goat donkeys, who hid in the unfathomable caves, more than ten goat donkeys were wiped out. Unexpectedly, in less than ten years, after all the shotguns and firearms collected by the people in the area of ​​the big and small Guniu Mountains were confiscated and destroyed, the group of mountain donkeys that had been suppressed by force revived again, and they emerged one after another. The population grew rapidly, causing a ferocious trend. Zhiqing found out about the subsequent situation in a phone call with his father half a year ago. However, the noise outside the door in front of you, although the howls resembling mountain donkeys were mixed, but, if you listened carefully, it didn’t look like they were coming from them. Yili woah, and then they bit each other, and the roar brought out a strong earthy dog ​​breath. They slammed against the gate for a few minutes. After this commotion, the slaps and roars resumed, and the two gates rattled unsustainably. It seemed that the guy outside must have a leader in command, taking turns in batches and launching wave after wave. The offensive, it seems, started to lift the front foot to slap. Later, it turned into a concentrated force, pushing and surging together, forming a powerful sound wave that reverberated in the cold and helpless night sky. The wooden doors were always old for many years, and Zhiqing worried that they would collapse with a strong shaking of a resonance effect. The most terrible thing is that they couldn’t do one move, and they came up with another move. Several guys had already started to squat on the wall, and the stones pressed on the top of the wall, which was more than one meter high, were pulled to the ground one after another. Crackling crackling sound.

Without further ado, this situation cannot continue. Zhiqing took out the crossbow and a few arrows that he had brought with him, put them on the stool by the fire, put on a bright headlamp, and then picked up a firewood with a red charcoal fire from the fire and held it high. He turned on the headlight, pulled the door latch, abandoned the door lever, opened the door, and rushed out yelling, this unexpected move frightened the guys outside the door, and they immediately turned around , fleeing into the darkness. Zhiqing turned around and entered the house again, picked up the crossbow, re-exited the door, pulled the crossbow, lifted it, and placed the arrow cluster with the iron spear. There are more than a dozen gray-black shadows, running on the narrow alleys full of walnuts and toon trees, and quickly fleeing to the outside of the village. He knew that after two meters, they would turn a corner. Completely hidden behind the stone wall, Zhi Qing took a deep breath and shot at a bloated dog that fell to the back. He heard the rustling sound of sharp arrows hitting the tender walnut leaves. Just as he was about to plunge into the fat dog’s body, a miracle happened. A big dog running in front quickly turned around, jumped up, and grabbed the arrow on him. He heard a scream.

Finally, there was a lot of noise in the village. Some people shouted, some people rattled and knocked on the washbasin and wooden scoops and other utensils. Needless to say, this is the solidarity of several elderly people who stayed at home.

Zhiqing wanted to take advantage of the victory and chased them out of the village. However, at this time, the phone rang, and it was from his mother. On the phone, the old man didn’t say much, but just asked him to go back to the house immediately and close the door to sleep. He also said that these guys will definitely make a comeback. The smell of old ham you cook at home will float to Liangzi in Huangcheng without any hindrance, and it will also attract them. And told him that this is a group of wild dogs in the village, and they are familiar with the way in and out of the village. Then he comforted and said, “Dogs can’t get people out of their stomachs, not to mention that the village has gone wild, and they won’t speak to people.” After that, he turned off the phone again.

After more than ten minutes, after clearing the gate, he returned to the inner room and just sat down and calmed himself down for a while, when the wild dog’s frantic barking sounded outside.

After tossing for most of the night, Zhiqing’s sleepiness disappeared, and he looked at his watch, it was already 6:15 in the morning. Only then did the disturbed roosters in the village croak with trembling voices. Originally, they should have croaked for the first time at 4:05, but the time was delayed by nearly two hours.

Soon after dawn, Zhi Qing put on his crossbow and rushed towards Liangzi, Huangcheng, two kilometers away. Five years ago, my parents invited more than 40 people from the village. It took a month to build a large fence covering an area of ​​more than five acres and a height of one meter six on a slightly gentle slope. Half of it was put on a steel frame, covered with a blue roof, and then a slate shack was built at the height of the wall, which brought in the clear and sweet bamboo root mountain spring water from a kilometer away. Zhiqing knows this position. When I went pasture with my father once, I once said that I planned to build a large sheep pen here that could accommodate hundreds of goats. On this day, his mother wanted him to take a good rest and go up the mountain until nine o’clock, after the sun has warmed the hillside. However, so far, he has not known what happened to his father living on the mountain. Is it a serious illness or an irreconcilable conflict with his mother?

Guniu Mountain has always been a treasure mountain full of various medicinal materials. There is a true story that is widely circulated among the people. It is said that a local local doctor cured a terminally ill patient with sheep dung eggs. . You think, goat dung eggs that eat grass and leaves on Guniu Mountain can be used to cure diseases. As a shepherd, Zhiqing’s father is familiar with many fresh medicinal materials used to prevent and cure diseases, not to mention that he also drinks from the mountain. The bamboo root mountain spring gushing out of the stomach, people living in such a pollution-free environment, there is almost no chance of serious illness, as for the conflict with the mother, it should be a matter of indifference.

On the mountain road more than one kilometer away from the village, there was a rustling sound, and a slender black dog suddenly came out from behind a bush of thorn oaks, like a log, placed horizontally on Zhiqing’s house. Front. Startled, he instinctively took a step back and touched the quiver hanging from his body. At this moment, the dog wagged its tail and walked over slowly. When it got to the front, it knelt on the ground with a plop, raised its head, and looked at him with pleading eyes. Zhi Qing saw that there was an arrow on the right shoulder blade on its chest. This arrow was exactly one of the arrows he shot in the early morning. Looking closer, this black dog looked familiar. A male dog named Amu? Back then, he and his friends often took it to hunt hares and lynxes on the mountain, and it often went to the house to beg for some food, so the relationship with it has always been good. Zhiqing bent down, touched its head, and pulled out the arrow cluster on its body. Fortunately, the stab was not too deep, Amu would not have more pain, but a lot of blood was still shed. Zhiqing felt a little regretful, he really shouldn’t take it lightly, he was going to find some artemisia annua nearby, chew it and put it on it. However, Amu seemed to be impatient. He stood up and wagged his tail. After looking at it affectionately, he strode towards the mountains and disappeared behind a bush after a while.

On this day, Zhiqing’s mother, Xiao Zhenlan, greeted him outside the gate of the sheep pen. First, she took him around the periphery of the big sheep pen. Along the way, her mother pointed and pointed. It seemed that the big sheep pen was her and her father. Their proud work is a section of the Great Wall in their hearts. Every stone and every crevice has left traces of hard work. Zhiqing knew that more than ten years ago, his father returned from being laid off from the Magola Mine and returned to the old business of shepherding sheep. Every day when he came back from work, he would put some stones in the back basket and put them here. Later, with the increase in the number of sheep , When the mother and father were herding sheep together, they participated in the preparation of carrying stones every day. It took a few years to build an unbreakable big sheepfold. It is worth emphasizing that, when building the sheep pen, no bag of cement was used, and the techniques handed down from the ancestors for building slate houses were fully applied. In the gaps between the stones, the adhesive mixed with the laterite excavated from the Guniu Mountain and the birch leaves was used. Zhiqing noticed that there were only a few gaps the size of eggs. The inside of the circle is even more spectacular than imagined, a bit like those ancient Roman theaters preserved in Turkey. The mother proudly said to Zhiqing: “With such a spacious and bright sheep pen, people are happy, and so are the sheep. Your father said that the more than 17,000 pigs raised in the royal farm in Denmark drink mineral water. , the living circle is more clean and hygienic. It has to be washed every day, and the food is food that can be eaten by people. We built such a big sheep pen on the Liangzi of Huangcheng, and enclosed the warmth of the sun inside. The claws of a tornado cannot reach inside.”

Zhiqing remembers that one year, a whistling tornado blew up on the mountain, and lifted the sheep grazing on the slope to the sky. After the wind stopped, they fell down, killing twenty people on the spot. multiple.

While turning the sheepfold, my mother told the truth about the wild dogs who were in chaos in the early morning. Three years ago, 120 of the 126 households in Shibanfang Village were relocated to the city as a whole, and the dogs of each household were accompanied by their owners. gone together. They live in 6-storey buildings on the outskirts of the city. These dogs have to stay at home except to pee and poop. On the mountain, they are all free. As soon as the day dawns, they invite each other to go out in the wild outside the village. Running, once you close them at home, you can’t get used to it. In addition, the county is located in a hot and dry valley. In summer, the temperature sometimes reaches 40 degrees, which is unbearably hot. The most terrible thing is that there are several dog meat soup pots in the city, and many people drag their watchdogs there. Three months later, the remaining more than 30 dogs, seeing that the momentum was not good, fled back to the slate house together, each waiting at the door of the original home. When the government mobilized for the relocation, it said that the slate houses here have been included in the protection of ancient villages, and tourism is to be developed. Therefore, the houses of each family are still managed by each family, and none of them have been demolished. There are two sheep farmers and three families responsible for the management of hundreds of mu of Chinese prickly ash on the mountain. Although they have houses at the bottom of the mountain, the government has not asked them to relocate. In the first few days, there were several elderly people who had not moved out, and they were still in charge of their food. All of a sudden, so many dogs came in, and they ate a lot of food, and no one could stand it in their turn. After half a month, no one cares anymore. As a result, these dogs went up to the depths of Guniu Mountain together, and in the ravines, they started chasing hares and catching wild cats. Soon, the mountain hares and wild cats were almost extinct. They also aimed at the white-faced deer and badgers that are active in the jungle in this area. There are many hedgehogs on the mountain, and there are several sizes. There are also several wild boar populations. , so that they dare not speak. And the white-faced deer are masters of climbing trees. Badgers choose safe caves and live in seclusion. They are not easy to succeed. In the end, they were almost forced to a desperate situation of survival, so they had to choose a few villages that had not been relocated, and set their sights on the chickens and pigs scattered outside. Over time, it caused a serious problem in one side, and there were several villages with sheep. under attack. Fortunately, their rabbits do not eat the grass by the nest, and they do not attack the sheep, pigs and cattle in Shiban Village except for the chickens and ducks in the village. Once, Zhiqing’s parents were grazing sheep when they encountered these wild dogs and surrounded them. Once they saw their sheepdogs, they quickly disappeared. It is said that the black dog of Zhang Fu’s third uncle was the one who took the lead. Amu.

After clarifying all this, Zhiqing suddenly realized, he thought, the incident happened this morning, these dogs were just here to beg for some food, thinking about it, these dogs must have been dispersed by Amu who arrived later.

There was one detail that Zhiqing didn’t know. The reason why Amu was injured was because of the bow and arrow that the fat dog took, because it was a bitch that was about to give birth, and the cubs in the belly of the bitch were not Amu’s.

Zhiqing felt a little sad about the environment these dogs were in.

Entering the stone shack, there is a strong pungent smell of herbal medicine and corn wine inside. His father Yang Guchuan is already lying on a chair by the fire pit, and a fixed splint made of Songming is placed on his right foot. When he arrived at Zhiqing, the first thing he asked was, “How’s it going, Zhiqing?”

Zhiqing knew that his father was referring to the big sheepfold that his mother had just watched. He nodded and said, “Dad, it’s amazing, generous, incomparably sturdy, unbreakable by strong winds, on the ridge of the Yellow City, the indestructible Great Wall.”

Yang Zhiqing’s father smiled and seemed very happy to praise his son. After laughing and wiping away tears, he revealed the fundamental reason for Zhiqing’s return.

“I know that your career is at the right time. It’s really inappropriate to call you back at this time, but three days ago, my foot was broken by a big rock that rolled down from the mountain, and my bones were broken. After three sessions, I will definitely not be able to go up the mountains to graze for a period of time. Originally, I asked your mother not to tell you, but when your mother was in a hurry, she rushed outside and called you. I said, I want to hire two small workers Come to herd, but your mother is worried that they will not take care of our sheep. Besides, many ewes of our sheep are pregnant with lambs, and they have entered a critical period of grazing. Which mountain to go to? It is important to eat the grass and shrubs in the area. Besides, there are also the dogs in the village that have gone wild. If they change the shepherd, they will attack. Our two shepherd dogs are both The one who recognizes the master, if it is replaced by other people, will definitely not do it. That is to say, the grazing of these more than 180 goats is none other than my Yang Guchuan family. Kunming, none of them can come back to herd.”

The mother added: “The most important thing is that your father takes the matter of being stoned very seriously, and he doesn’t want more people to know about it. People in this area know that a wounded snake, a small Birds, a bee, and a mountain donkey will all seek opportunities to take revenge, but he never imagined that a man known as a faun in Guniu Mountain and a male ram sheep climbing on the cliffs nearby, Forged a deep hatred, and was plotted against it without any precaution, and this is a male blue sheep with a mutilated body, you say this is a lot of face.”

Having said that, Zhiqing fully understood his father.

Zhiqing’s father, Yang Guchuan, is a man who loves to read, study and work rigorously. “University” and “The Doctrine of the Mean” have been copied several times. He attended junior high school for two years. In August 1969, he returned to his hometown for less than three months. He was very fortunate to be recruited into Magora, which is more than ten kilometers away from home. The mine was a worker. When Zhiqing was in elementary school, his father was doing a great job in the mine. At that time, the mines were very prosperous, and the benefits of the mine were very good. His father rarely came home once a month. During the holidays, his mother would bring him and his sister Zhijue. , I took a shortcut from the Guniu Mountains and lived with my father for a few days. When my father came back from get off work, my mother had already cooked rice, and my father always smiled. His mother told him and his sister, “It’s amazing. Your father, Yang Guchuan, is a model worker. He has already become the excavation captain of the tunnel, leading more than 30 brothers. According to the operating procedures, do not dry your eyes, you must use a gun sprayed with water to prevent dust. On the work surface, he must arrange an experienced miner for each shift to watch the movement of the roof and accessories. Dangerous situation, issue an alarm in time to evacuate. Over the past few years, his excavation team routinely went to the hospital for health checks, and no one suffered from silicosis. There have been several collapses and no one has been injured. He received the heartfelt love of the workers, and he wore a big red flower every year. Unexpectedly, when Zhiqing and his sister Zhijue were in middle school, their father, together with other workers and brothers, was suddenly announced to be laid off by the mine. At that time, his father was in his early 40s. Just when others were sighing and brooding, Zhiqing’s father, Yang Guchuan, locked his small work shed, took the 200,000 yuan savings accumulated over the past ten years, and returned to Guniu Mountain without hesitation. Zhiqing’s mother, Xiao Lanzhen, and his father were classmates in junior high school. Her grandmother’s house was in Lihuagou, six kilometers away from the slate house. She was also a capable and decisive woman. She always stuck to the slate house. On the mountainous area of ​​more than ten acres, fertilizing and weeding, made great efforts, and transported the high-quality flowering artichokes that I planted to the provincial capital to sell. Other farmers led the way. Potatoes were harvested, wheat was planted, and corn was harvested for wheat. In autumn, when the pine nuts on Guniu Mountain are full, she climbs up the tree like a monkey early in the morning to pick the pine balls. After a year, the pine nuts alone will earn tens of thousands of yuan in income. After a few years, Also has a deposit of more than ten thousand yuan.

After their father was laid off, Zhiqing and his younger sister thought that their desire to go to college was completely lost. At that time, Zhiqing and his sister were in a key middle school in the county, and they lived with their aunt who worked in the city. The day after his father came home from work, he came with his mother, and he called Zhiqing and Zhijue to the house. before.

Father said with confidence: “It’s your brother and sister’s business to study and go to school, and it’s our parents’ business to find money for you. Let’s take our own responsibilities, don’t worry, don’t talk about going to college, it’s studying abroad, my mother and I It is also for you, studying abroad is not the patent of the sons of officials and the rich.” Finally, he warned Zhiqing: “You are Zhijue’s brother, and during middle school, before you went to college, Zhijue was handed over to you. , If she doesn’t study well, doesn’t listen to the teacher, and won’t be admitted to a key university, you are the only one who asks.”

After his father explained, he and his mother went back to the slate house. When Zhiqing and his sister went home from vacation, his father already had more than 50 sheep of his own on Guniu Mountain.

My mother said: “Your father is a restless person. It stands to reason that after working hard in the mine for more than 20 years, he can completely stop and take care of his body. Although our family is not rich and famous, it can be regarded as food and clothing. A worry-free well-off home, but when he came back, he went to the provincial capital to attend an animal husbandry training class. , the malaise of the sheep rushed back.”

At first, the people in the village thought that Zhiqing’s father, Yang Guchuan, had taken the wrong medicine, and that such a group of soup pots were too thin and could be blown into the sky by a strong wind. There is no doubt that it must be a worthless and worthless sale. Unexpectedly, in just one month, these goats have all changed their old appearances and put on a smooth and shiny leather coat. Echoes in the empty wilderness. Two months later, many ewes were pregnant with lambs. Within two years, his father Yang Guchuan’s flock grew rapidly to more than 160 sheep, and a slaughterhouse in the county town signed a long-term sales contract with him. Yang Guchuan’s reputation grew, and when Zhiqing applied for the university entrance examination, his father’s flock had grown to more than 180 sheep, not including more than 20 castrated Dajie sheep, one weighing more than 100 kilograms. Dajie sheep, according to the current market price, can be sold for more than 4,000 yuan. In one year, just selling sheep, there is an income of more than 100,000 yuan, plus the sales of breeding flocks, it is more than 20 yuan per year. Ten thousand. Yang Guchuan sells breeding sheep, and achieves the output of sheep and technology. The proportions of rams and ewes are well matched. Yang Guchuan has a different thinking from ordinary people. For example, people in Guniu Mountain think that the crow’s cry is very unlucky, but he believes that the crow’s cry also includes singing to all things in the earth and mountains. So he changed the name of the crow to the black dove, which represented peace and tranquility. Everyone felt very good about this change, and when they went out to hear the crow, they didn’t panic. Over the years, in the area of ​​Guniu Mountain, crows have naturally become black pigeons, and have the same status as magpies. He also turned the complacent spring breeze into a complacent spring breeze. Talking about the reason, he said: “Actually, human life is a mood, when the mood changes, everything changes, and the eyes on the world are different, haven’t you seen it, an ordinary tree called a horse’s voice tube Those who manage flowers and trees changed its name to Dafugui, and if this was changed, it was immediately worth a hundred times more, and it was regarded as a treasure and entered the house.”

In this year’s college entrance examination, Zhiqing was full of confidence. The school leaders and class teachers thought that Zhiqing must be the material of Tsinghua and Peking University. Who knows, on the first day of the college entrance examination, he came to relax completely and was actually at his aunt’s house. I fell asleep, and when I woke up, it was already sunny time, and the college entrance examination had been carried out for more than an hour. At that time, in order to ensure that he was studying for the college entrance examination, his aunt took a half-month public leave to go to his uncle in the provincial capital, and his sister Zhijue went to live at the school, and no one woke him up. When he returned to the slate room with his head down, he thought that his father would be furious, but his father said very calmly: “It’s not wrong to relax before the exam. You wouldn’t have made such a big mistake if you were together, or if your aunt was there.”

His father asked him if he wanted to repeat his studies for another year, but Zhiqing did not agree. He said he was going to go out into the world. His father even agreed. On the day he sent him away, the whole family, including his sister, sent him to a mountain pass where he could have a bird’s-eye view of the entire county. His father used a crossbow carefully crafted from a hundred-year-old mulberry tree while he was herding sheep. sent to him.

My father said, I know that you definitely won’t need a crossbow when you go to the city, but you must practice it constantly. You will gradually understand the truth. He went on to say, don’t believe the popular song “Always Go Home and Check Out”, a manly man who is away from home, has not made any achievements, and often comes back to watch it, it is of no use. If you feel homesick, just make a phone call. If you don’t make a personal appearance, don’t go back to Guniu Mountain to be ashamed. His words, word by word, can really make a hole in front of him.

At that time, the mother didn’t say anything, and Zhiqing saw disappointment and sadness in her eyes. He knew that all this was brought about by himself, and he couldn’t bear to look at it more. When Chiang took a few big steps and looked back. The younger sister clenched her fists and said to him: “Brother Qing, I saw a stalwart figure of a successful person striding forward. Come on, brave young man!”

At this time, the mother corrected and said: “Hold your chest and pull your back, don’t hold your head high, it is said in the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic.”

The father smiled and said to Zhi Jue, “Now, I really don’t know whether your brother is a winner or a loser. My family’s university education is entirely up to you, and it’s a key university. One thing, how much hope your mother and I are full of. If a person has no knowledge, he is not as good as a dog who knows the way. ”

On this day, on the way home, Zhiqing’s parents and sister found a pair of small dogs in a straw basket. In the book, they were also called Chinese Pastoral Dogs. The dogs hadn’t opened their eyes yet. I took them back and raised them carefully with goat milk, and later they became two inseparable shepherd dogs.

In the second year of Zhiqing’s arrival in Shenzhen, Zhijue was admitted to Fudan University as she wished. After graduating from the university, she joined a foreign trade company in Shanghai.

On this day, Zhiqing was going to find a way to get a car to take his father to the traditional Chinese medicine hospital in the county seat, and let him have an X-ray and orthopaedic surgery, and live quietly in the inpatient department for a few days. But my father refused to do it, and the reason was very simple, that is, he couldn’t make things uproar. Zhiqing had to put him on a stretcher with his mother and sent him back to the slate house, letting him stay in the house to raise him, while his mother stayed by his father’s side to take good care of him. On this day, in the shack of the sheepfold, Zhiqing took from his mother a back basket for herding sheep. Inside was a small axe for digging and chopping, a thick wool felt, and a bag full of A satchel of cornseed soaked in salt. His mother wanted him to take the crossbow his father had given him. His mother explained to him that the crossbow in his hand is not a last resort and must not be used lightly. Usually draw the bow, just practice, found a mountain donkey, you can use crossbow arrows to scare them, but must not shoot. Especially that group of wild dogs, let alone hurt them. Blue sheep appear on the cliff, and don’t bluff to scare them. The mother also deliberately called the two shepherd dogs to the front and asked them to obey Zhiqing’s words. From then on, Zhiqing took over the task of shepherding from his parents and completely became a shepherd in the Guniu Mountains. He started his sheep-herding career and would definitely not be able to return to Shenzhen within half a year. His mother accompanied him out of the big sheepfold, followed the sheep for a while on the mountain road, told him the hillside where the cattle would be grazing in the past ten days, and went home. Zhiqing knew that the sheep would always go while eating, and would not stop for more until they were full. It is not easy to herd more than 180 sheep by himself, but he is relieved to have two sheepdogs to help him and follow him one after the other.

On the hillside, Zhiqing immediately called the general manager of the company and reported the situation at home. After the general manager answered the phone, he said very calmly: “Your father is injured, you should take good care of the sheep for him. You have been out for more than six years, and you can’t go home often to see it. Once you go home, you can stay longer. Well, a father who is known as a shepherd must have very rich experience. Even if you don’t ask, I want you to learn from him. Don’t worry, just when we send you out to exchange and study with the class, the salary and bonus will be paid. There is only one thing, you must be humble and bring your father’s sheep shepherd experience back to the company.” Finally, the general manager emphasized again, “Zhiqing, don’t forget, when grazing, put on the mountain with intellectual property rights of our company. Leather shoes, I want real feedback from a user, and I have to practice the crossbow every day.”

Speaking of which, Zhizhiqing entered the general manager’s field of vision within three months of being recruited to the leather shoe manufacturing company, because he had to spend a certain amount of time every day to practice the crossbow. At that time, he did not know that the general manager himself was also practicing bowing and archery. Knowing that Zhiqing was practicing the crossbow, when the general manager went to the gym for training, he called Zhiqing and bought a bow for him. It was only until Zhiqing knew that the general manager would come to this gym every day to practice bowing as long as he did not go out. Zhiqing was a little puzzled, as a boss, why did he choose the sport of bow and arrow.

The general manager asked Zhiqing: “Why did you bring a crossbow, which is often used by mountain people to hunt wild animals, in a new and modern industrial city like Shenzhen?”

Zhiqing smiled and said, “Actually, I put on a crossbow and practiced every day, just to complete the homework assigned by my father. I haven’t thought about it seriously yet.”

The general manager said: “There is a saying in the ancients that one inch of tendon will lead to ten years of life. I think this is very reasonable. Health is the foundation of everything, and longevity is the best. Besides, the most important thing is to be able to open up people’s minds, what a powerful chest expansion exercise is to draw the bow, think about it, as the general manager of a company, if you don’t open up a big company who is open to all rivers and recruits talents from all over the world. Can you make a company with thousands of people bigger and stronger? Besides, in the whole process of drawing a bow and archery, you can fully experience the way of civil and martial arts, one by one, and calm down your anxious emotions. Take it easy and calm. I think your father asked you to bring a crossbow into the city, which must have implied this truth.”

After that, every time he drew a bow and shot an arrow, Zhiqing would have a new experience, and he realized his father’s good intentions. After half a year in the leather shoe manufacturing company, Zhiqing was promoted to be the workshop director because of his meticulous work.

On the first day of herding sheep, although he was a little nervous, he was worried that the sheep that were released would not be returned. At five o’clock in the afternoon, two shepherd dogs barked a few times, reminding him that it was time to stop work and go home. At this time, all the sheep They all raised their heads and aimed their longing eyes at him. Zhiqing stood up from a rock and threw the corn seeds in his satchel to the path in front of him, those in the bushes and the flocks of sheep on the grass. They rushed over together and quickly searched for the falling corn seeds.

At this time, Zhiqing’s mother appeared. She helped her son to call the sheep. She stood on a prominent high ground, facing the sheep, and sang a clear voice:

The sun sets and the four mountains are yellow,

Thrush tits clamor,

The scenery in Guniu Mountain is good,

Happy days are happy,

Hearing the singing, in response, the sheep that had finished eating the corn-seed bleated and bleated the little bells hanging from their necks. The mother turned around, and the song was like a shining stream, flowing slowly on the mountain road, and she seemed to be holding an invisible golden rope in her hand, pulling it in front of her. From time to time, she would turn around and call Huadian to follow. Huadianzi is a horned sheep with a tuft of white hair on its forehead. The ram in the front responded, and the other sheep followed obediently, like a group of children returning from school.

Zhiqing followed at the back, and he thought of the scene of his parents returning home.

The gate was opened, and when the sheep entered the circle, a group of black pigeons came. They flew very low, flapping their wings, and rested on the top of the fence in an orderly manner. His mother immediately brought out a small Shau Kei from the shack and threw some leftovers on the ground, and the black pigeon jumped down immediately. Zhi Qing counted them, and there were exactly 17, and all of them were shiny and shiny. One was very cunning. After taking a small piece of meat, he immediately hid in the nearby grass.

The mother looked at the black pigeons, smiled and said to Zhiqing: “After your father changed the name of these black birds, they come almost every day. In fact, these cold food leftovers are specially made for them, otherwise, how dare we do this waste.”

After putting the sheep in the pen, Zhiqing followed his mother down the mountain, and returned to the slate house from the Liangzi Big Sheep Pen in Huangcheng, which did not take half an hour. On the first day of Zhiqing’s home grazing, the whole family wanted to have dinner together. The mother specially cooked red bean and ham, and the father was lying on the reclining chair by the fire, looking in good spirits. Zhiqing knew that within half a month, his father’s injured foot must have been very painful. However, because of his return and the pasture of the family’s sheep as he wished, his father forgot the pain for the time being.

Father Yang Guchuan said, “Zhiqing, let’s come to a corn bar today.”

Zhiqing said happily: “Okay, Dad, this time I brought you two bottles of Moutai, which were sent by our company to Kweichow Moutai Distillery.”

“If that’s the case, you can open a bottle. To be honest, I’ve never tried Maotai, which is known as the national wine. How about you, Lan Zhen?”

Zhiqing’s mother, Xiao Lanzhen, smiled and said, “You, who used to be a model worker, have never drunk such a big brand of famous wine. I have been a common man all my life, how can I have such a big mouth.”

Zhiqing’s father laughed and said: “Do you think that I, a model worker back then, drank it? That’s what I did. I worked hard with blood and sweat. How can I drink Maotai? Stingy, a bottle of Maotai used to cost hundreds of yuan, but now it has climbed to thousands of yuan, even if you have money, you can’t bear to drink it.”

This meal lasted for more than two hours. The family was happy and happy. While drinking, my father wanted to call my sister Zhijue to tell her the exact situation of her injury. Qing’s father still snatched the phone and covered up the truth that he was injured by a rock moved by the blue sheep. It’s just an understatement to say that the foot pole was injured by a piece of weathered stone rolling down from the mountain.

Zhi Jue occupied the privilege of acting like a spoiled child in front of his parents, and said with a laugh, “Father, it’s not just to save face and suffer.”

Yang Guchuan smiled: “Those who know me, Zhi Jue.” In this way, he rounded up the situation.

In fact, Zhiqing had already told the truth to his sister.

A month later, Zhiqing fully adapted to the life of shepherding, and the pain in his father’s foot was also relieved a lot. He insisted on using the bone-setting medicine collected from Guniu Mountain, which had good results and was transforming in a favorable direction. After two months there will be a radical improvement. Zhiqing will call the general manager from time to time to report on her pastoral experience. The general manager said: “The Guniu Mountain you are talking about is definitely a big mountain with gold and pregnant treasures, and there must be a soul beating endlessly. You should study there and stay there for a few months, from your father, a From the shepherd with culture, you can really learn something and bring it back to the company. Remember, after you return to the company, you will give a big lesson to all employees, and the theme is your shepherd career.” Then, he gave a speech In a recent story, he said that when Matsushita Electric, which produces rice cookers in Japan, recruits a group of new employees, they are not asked to work in the factory first, but to plant a year’s worth of rice in one of the company’s rice fields. Sowing, transplanting, harvesting, drying, processing, without a single step, with awe and gratitude for rice. In their view, rice has a soul. In Japan, except for rice, other grains are regarded as miscellaneous grains. We are a leather shoe-based manufacturing company, and the experience of grazing is particularly important.

In April, there were several spring rains. On the Guniu Mountain, the greenery became thicker. On the rock walls, there were various weeds and small trees in the slits in the crisscross grooves, showing the vitality of life. Tenacity and vitality.

Then, the cuckoo began to call, and the colorful red bell peppers hidden in the pine forest also chirped and flew around, forming a charming rainbow in the air.

Every morning, on the lawn outside the sheep pen, Zhiqing practiced Taijiquan for an hour, facing the east of Hongxia Wandao, and then drew the bow and archery, and kept his eyes on the top of the Taoist Cliff. , he saw a broad-winged eagle soaring freely.

This was his daily practice. When the sun was rising and the sun was shining, he went to the shack to wash, and after breakfast, he opened the door to herd the sheep. According to what his parents taught him, he would take turns putting the sheep on different slopes every day so that they could eat fresh grass and leaves. This season is the happiest day for the sheep. They are jumping and jumping in the bushes, singing their own songs in the ding ding dong bell, and many young ewes show a restless look. .

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, after the flock is full, there will be a quiet time for half an hour. They stand still, and the lambs run to their mother’s belly to eat milk, making gurgles.

Zhiqing stood on a rock, held up his crossbow, and aimed his eyes at a tree and a cliff not far away. During the daily practice, he not only clearly saw the group of Panjiao Rocks that were active among the mountain walls. Sheep, they stick their bodies against the crevices of the cliff and jump, and they can also see their protruding chins hanging on the steep stone tips and climbing up. He counted it twice. There were 36 blue sheep in total, and one of the rams was very ugly, like a demon among sheep. It must be the one who had a deep hatred with his father. A few days later, he seemed to see a shadow in a black robe, flying like an eagle in the valley.

On this day, with the help of his mother, Yang Zhiqing’s father walked up the mountain step by step. Zhiqing was about to open the sheepfold. His father waved to him to stop for a while. He walked into the sheepfold and called out twenty beautiful young mothers. Sheep, let them out of the enclosure first, and let Zhiqing’s mother take them away for half an hour before Zhiqing opened the enclosure door and let the other hundred sheep out.

Father told Zhiqing: “After driving the sheep to the hillside, go to the valley to replace your mother, and ask him to bring a crossbow. We must not let that ugly blue sheep approach our sheep, and let it have a long-cherished heart. The conspiracy succeeded. After several years of screening, we already have the most beautiful sheep in the world. You said, if it is mixed into it, the lambs born in the future will be mixed with a few unremarkable sheep. What a humiliating and disappointing thing that was.”

They reached a small depression in the valley, where the mother had placed the ewe, and, under the nearby cliff, slid straight and sowed salted cornseed. Zhiqing knows this. It turned out that this was a secret sheep-breed transformation project by my father. He tried every means to lead down a dozen strong Panhorn sheep from the mountains and let them mate with more than 20 young ewes that he was grazing. In fact, this The experiment has been successful. There are already descendants of wild argali in the flock of Zhiqing’s family. They grow well, climb the slopes and cross the stream, and are almost indistinguishable from the wild argali on the cliff.

When the mother was going to herd the big flock, she repeatedly warned: “You must not let the monster on the top of the mountain approach, but you can only scare it, don’t hurt it.” The mother left, and Zhiqing sat on a slightly hidden rock superior. At this time, more than 20 ewes were facing the cliff together and screamed affectionately. When they heard the call, more than a dozen wild argali ran quickly from the cliff. After ten minutes, Zhiqing saw that they had already He found the one he liked and put his body on the back of the ewe. The ram also appeared, it blew loudly, and stopped in a corner of the depression, looking left and right, and kept digging the ground with its right foot, making a look of eagerness to try, and Zhiqing stood on the rock. When he got up, he made a visual inspection. There was a distance of at most thirty meters. He put the crossbow on the bowstring, raised it, and aimed it at it. Now that the ram has stopped digging the ground, he can’t take his eyes off the sheep who are having sex. It didn’t care about any sound nearby, it couldn’t hold back, it was about to come out, Zhiqing stood up immediately, and shot an arrow towards its inciting left ear. There was no wind in the valley, and the bow and arrow passed through his ears. The ram was frightened, raised his head, found someone, shouted loudly, turned and fled.

Two hours later, all the ewes finished mating, and all the wild argalis ran away. Within twenty minutes, their figures appeared on the top of the cliff. Zhi Qing called on the ewes to join the army. Back in the big sheep pen, the father had already prepared the vegetables in the shack. When eating, Zhiqing asked his father, will this ewe be in heat all year round and conceive? More than a month after I came back, twelve ewes gave birth to young lambs. The father said: “This is learning. The ewes I selected come into heat ten days after the cuckoo calls every year. I have detailed records of them. The reason why you want to herd the sheep. I thought about it, and the experience can be exchanged. It can also be taught. However, the process of gaining experience cannot be omitted. It must be done by yourself. If you get it easily, it is very easy to forget and lose. Once, a boss who went up the mountain to buy sheep said to me that he came Go to Venice, Italy. Apart from the water buildings, the best place to visit is the hand-made stained glassware. It is said that those craftsmen have to stay there for the rest of their lives. If anyone escapes with technology, the boss will send someone to chase them. Kill them. Of course, I don’t agree with what they did, but if you want to create your own intellectual property, you must work hard, and of course the knowledge you get must be kept secret.”

That night, Zhiqing read Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching and copied it: “Those who know others are wise, those who know themselves are clear, those who conquer others are powerful, those who conquer themselves are strong, those who are content are rich, those who are strong are ambitious , those who do not lose their possessions last long, and those who die without dying live long.” It is about a person’s self-cultivation, read it carefully, and benefit a lot.

In March last year, he followed the general manager to Israel. By the Jordan River, he saw a few small ochre-red turtledoves. They were burying their heads by the river, pecking at the small sand, and believers were not careful when they came here for baptism. The general manager thought these turtledoves were cute. He not only took pictures with the camera, but also took out the notebook he brought with him to record the scene.

The general manager said: “Jews are the smartest people in the world, but they never trust their memory or modern computers. They have to do it themselves and record what they need.”

After reading a book for a while, he opened the door and read it outside, locked the door, and fell asleep when he returned to the shack. After midnight, a loud scream woke him up. He turned on his flashlight and saw that it was midnight. When he heard the movement, the voice outside became louder: “Uncle Tanigawa, open the door, I want to come in.”

Zhiqing heard this voice very familiar, as if it was his classmate. After midnight, he came to find his father. Is there any urgency? But when he thought about it, he felt that something was wrong. Recently, there have been various fraudulent news from mobile phone text messages from time to time. , I wanted to ignore it, but the voice continued, and announced his name-Lierco. Li Erke was a classmate of Zhiqing Junior High School, and he was also his good friend. Zhiqing got more attention, turned on the phone, called up the phone, and dialed it for him. Outside the fence, Li Erke said loudly, “Zhiqing, what a coincidence, I’m on the outside of Huangcheng Liangzi’s sheep pen, and I was looking for your father. After calling for a long time, the old man didn’t open the door.”

After getting the confirmation, Zhiqing put on his clothes and trousers, put on a strong flashlight, walked to the gate, opened it, and saw that it was his friend Lierke, and behind him was a mountain motorcycle with high wheels.

Li Erke was shocked when he saw that it was Yang Zhiqing who opened the door. “Why are you? Didn’t you make a fortune in Shenzhen?”

“I didn’t think it was you. You still have the nerve to come to my father. He has been recovering at home for more than a month. Don’t you know that? When I left home, I didn’t tell you that I should come and see me often. parents.”

“Sin, sin, I still don’t know that Uncle Gu Chuan is injured, let alone that General Manager Yang Zhiqing has come home. I’m busy, and I can’t take care of some human etiquette matters. Besides, I went home, I didn’t make a sound, and when I heard my voice, I even had to make a phone call.”

“Now, there are a lot of calls from various liars. If you want to imitate whose voice, you just need to input his voice in advance, and his voice will come out.”

Zhiqing led Li Erke into the shack. According to the rules of Guniu Mountain, friends came to have good wine. There were also two snacks in the house, dried beef and peanuts. Zhiqing started a fire, and started to fry two plates.

Lierko said: “Originally, you can’t drive after drinking, but there are no policemen on the mountain. We brothers have not seen each other for many years. This wine must be drunk.”

“If you drink, you won’t go back. You don’t drive after drinking. This is a rule that everyone has to abide by. You and I will spend the night in the shack and let’s talk.”

Lierko agreed, and at the end of the wine cup, there was more to talk about. It turned out that he borrowed money from Zhiqing’s father.

Zhiqing joked: “How could a big boss, a big American Hummer driving a tank as majestic and majestic as he roars through the streets and alleys, ask an old man who is grazing on a hillside to borrow money?”

Lierko said: “It’s okay to laugh at it, or to whip it up. You, a classmate and friend, can’t help but die. In a word, today, I won’t go down the mountain if I don’t have money, even if I face Uncle Tanikawa, If you give it, you will have to give it, if you don’t give it, you will have to give it. If you don’t give money, I will give it to twenty big and strong sheep, and if it doesn’t work, I will take a handful of wool and go.” In his tone, there was a bit of domineering and rogue.

“No matter which one of the sheep in this pen is the meat on the top of my parents’ hearts, 20 are more than 100,000. Can you do this? Well, Brother Erke, tell the truth, why do you want to do this? Come and borrow money, as long as there is a good reason, I can give it to you, without touching a single wool in this circle, besides, this season is not the time for strong sheep to go out to the slaughter.”

All the families had to relocate as a whole, to the vicinity of the city, and they said that the houses near the city had already been arranged, and they wanted me to demolish the villa within ten days. Immediately, I was blindfolded. I spent more than one million yuan to cover it up, and every drop of it was blood. Did my investment go to waste? To do this, the people in the office know it, why don’t they say hello? I have always been a big taxpayer, donating money to build schools, building welfare homes, etc., and there is no shortage of me. Yeah, there’s only one thing that I’m determined not to do, that is, I didn’t put bank cards in the hands of those officials. I said, let my family stay on the mountain. I am responsible for planting peach and plum apples on those barren hills and slopes, and turning them into Huaguo Mountain where Sun Wukong will linger. But they resolutely refused to do it, and they even gave me an ultimatum that I should move now, and move immediately. It’s okay to move, but you have to pay for the subsidy. The work captain smiled, looked at me with a pair of very contemptuous eyes and said, “Boss Li, a person who drives a Hummer and raises the red dust, he should not be a hands-off pie. Our subsidy is for the registered households, not for the wealthy local tyrants. You said, can you bear such insulting words? In the end, I bit my tongue to hold back the blood, because if I did, people would put a hat heavier than Guniushan on me. I agreed and relocated unconditionally, but I had to give me a month before I renovated the house I bought. Three days ago, I took my mother to Kunming to see a doctor. When I came back, several large holes had been smashed into a villa by an excavator. All the furniture and items inside were covered with dust. The man who drove the excavator was still blowing. The whistle was doing well. I walked in front of the excavator and drank him. When I went up, I wanted to break his arm. When he saw it, he got out of the car and hurriedly knelt down for me, saying it was the work captain. asked him to do so. You said, is there still justice in this world? I can’t bear it anymore. I picked up a sledgehammer on the construction site and rushed to the office to find this guy. At this time, my mother stopped me and snatched my sledgehammer. My mother said that when people are inevitably confused, you can ensure that your car will always drive on the right path without any deviation. So, isn’t this coming up the mountain? ” , I wanted to break his arm when I went up. When he saw it, he got out of the car and hurriedly knelt down for me, saying that the work captain asked him to do so. You said, is there still justice in this world? I can’t bear it anymore. I picked up a sledgehammer on the construction site and rushed to the office to find this guy. At this time, my mother stopped me and snatched my sledgehammer. My mother said that when people are inevitably confused, you can ensure that your car will always drive on the right path without any deviation. So, isn’t this coming up the mountain? ” , I wanted to break his arm when I went up. When he saw it, he got out of the car and hurriedly knelt down for me, saying that the work captain asked him to do so. You said, is there still justice in this world? I can’t bear it anymore. I picked up a sledgehammer on the construction site and rushed to the office to find this guy. At this time, my mother stopped me and snatched my sledgehammer. My mother said that when people are inevitably confused, you can ensure that your car will always drive on the right path without any deviation. So, isn’t this coming up the mountain? ”

Zhiqing said: “Auntie is right to dissuade me like this. The situation is really like this. It’s only a matter of 200,000 yuan. There are hundreds of thousands in my card. In the morning tomorrow, you take me down the mountain to the bank to handle the matter. Erko, when you and I are brothers, you must be calm when things go wrong. You must not be like the withered grass in winter. The air will be fresh tomorrow.”

Early the next morning, Zhiqing went into the city to take out Lierke’s money. Lierke drove a Hummer up the mountain and sent Zhiqing back. When he left, Zhiqing gave him a pair of mountain leather shoes produced by the company.

The practice of Zhiqing is greatly appreciated by the parents.

My father said: “Although the world is changing, and the so-called people’s hearts are not ancient, but what should be adhered to, still needs to be adhered to. Human feelings and morality are the most important things to be a person. In fact, if you don’t come back, meet Li Erke. Borrow, we will do everything we can to help him.”

On this day, Yang Zhiqing hadn’t opened the pen to herd the sheep. He practiced the crossbow for an hour on the hillside, sat on a big rock that was light and dazzled, and read a passage of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching. Li Erke suddenly drove a hummus, and from the car, two strangers who looked like bosses got off. One of them, dressed in Yi costume, had a popular braid on his head.

Li Erke excitedly introduced: “Zhiqing, this morning, the sky is full of morning sun, I brought two famous local gods of wealth to your door.”

After entering the room for a chat, two guests came, one was the owner of Moon Valley, which is four kilometers away. The boss spent more than 40 million yuan to set up the scenery along the mountain, with villages, plank roads, stages, one-stop food, accommodation and transportation, as well as bonfire parties, singing and dancing performances, one of which is the Yi drum. After the opening, hundreds of tourists come every day. The boss of Moon Valley came, and it was a flock of sheep who invited Qing’s family to come to the stage to participate in the performance. He said that when he traveled to Guilin, Guangxi, his brain opened up after watching Impression of Liu Sanjie, and he was deeply inspired. He thought of the shepherd god on Guniu Mountain and the sheep herds by Uncle Yang Guchuan. Another person, who grows ecological vegetables in Moon Valley, came here to buy all the sheep dung here. The two projects hit it off instantly. That night, Zhiqing’s father, Yang Guchuan, held a cane and came to the big sheep pen in person. He called the sheep’s name from the pen, and selected only one of them. A total of 66 young sheep were selected. The beautiful rams and ewes were brought to the Moon Valley by Zhiqing to participate in the performance. In the sound of drums, Zhiqing took the sheep to the stage and sang the shepherd’s song in the Guniu Mountain. The sheep cooperated. Perfectly perfect, they bleated on the stage, looking for corn seeds on the ground, and some climbed to the branches specially inserted on the stage. The whole performance took 20 minutes, and the audience applauded continuously. The boss was happy when he saw it. He bought Zhiqing’s sheep flock show with a fixed salary of 5,000 yuan per month. On days when there were no tourists, or when it rained, the performance was not needed, and the salary was paid, and a long-term contract was signed. . The same goes for the sale of sheep dung eggs. The vegetable boss sent some snakeskin bags, which were full. Each bag was 30 kilograms. Fang Fang said, you put each bag into the dead, and don’t break the bag to the limit. In this way, the monthly income of sheep dung is more than 3,000 yuan.

In the future, as long as the weather was fine, Zhiqing sent the sheep back from the mountains and shut them up. After dinner and a shower, he brought 66 sheep to the Moon Valley for a performance. After the performance, he sang the Shepherd’s song and sang the sheep. Go back to Liangzi, Huangcheng. The days were bright and clear, and there were no clouds in the sky.

Zhiqing’s father said: “Let’s just say that the days are going well, and you can be proud of the spring breeze.”

With a fixed income of more than 8,000,000 yuan per month, Zhiqing called the general manager of the company and asked to temporarily stop paying his wages.

The general manager said: “These monthly incomes should belong to your parents. Your monthly salary is not less than a cent, and it is still printed on the card. I didn’t say that you are on a business trip for the company to study and learn. Not only will it not be reduced, but also a travel allowance will be added to you. The next day, Zhiqing received a text message reminding him that 30,000 yuan of travel expenses was charged into his salary card. He told his parents about this.

The father said: “Your general manager is a man full of great wisdom. You will learn a lot from such a person. Lao Tzu has always advocated governance by inaction and teaching without words. He must be a man with Lao Zhuang philosophy. .”

That afternoon, Zhiqing received a call from Moon Valley, saying that there was no need to yell down the mountain at night. Because of the spare time, Zhiqing took the sheep to climb a mountain pass. This was requested by his father. Every month, there should be a mountaineering activity with the sheep. He also said that grazing in high mountains, climbing high and looking far, is a compulsory course, and the way of grazing is the same as the way of being a human being.

On this day, according to his father’s instructions, Zhiqing took the sheep to climb a mountain pass facing the northwest. There were hundreds of green pines of different sizes. From a distance, these pines looked like a group of witches in the mountain wind. , swinging his waist. When you get closer, you can see that every pine tree is twisted and twisted, with various expressions, some like twisted ropes, some like a marijuana flower, some like a king cobra with its head held high, the existence of these green pine trees, As if to show a kind of tenacity and struggle of life. They have grown on this windy pass since they were young, and they have to be ravaged by wind and rain every day, and they have become strong in weakness. Zhiqing’s father told him that once, he found a tree that was the size of a bowl and thought it had dried up. He wanted to bring it back and use it as firewood. The shock made his hands go numb, and two or three axe went down, only to gnaw out a small gray-white hole less than three inches long. His axe, which is very steel and fire, actually had a gap as large as a pinky finger. The shepherd Yang Guchuan had no choice but to give up, he thought, even if such a tree dies, it still has a head and a stubborn stamina. A few days later, he went to look again. Amber sap flowed from the cut he had cut, and the wound was covered. Judging by the situation, the tree was still sprouting new shoots. He regretted it and realized something. Unyielding and tenacious in the struggle.

In June, it entered the rainy season on Gu Niu. From time to time, there would be heavy rain, and it was addicting. As long as the thunder on the top of the mountain sounded, the heavy rain would pour down. But it didn’t take long, it stopped after more than 20 minutes at most, and then stopped again after an hour or two.

At 4:30 this afternoon, Zhiqing was burying his head in herding sheep when he suddenly heard an old voice resounding in the valley: “The sun has grown legs, and it’s going to rain heavily.” This voice kept ringing several times.

Zhiqing raised his head and looked towards the west-sloping sun. He saw that the sky was covered with dark clouds, and a few beams of light came out from the gaps in the clouds and hung on the hillside. Don’t say, it must be a sign of heavy rain. . Without hesitation, he shouted at the flock and ran towards a large cave nearby. It took about ten minutes. When he ran into the cave, there was already a flock of sheep inside, as if he knew that Zhiqing was going to drive the flock. Come, the flock that came first, let it go to a corner in the back. Can’t take a breath. In a few thunderstorms, the storm was pouring down, and the slamming curtains sealed the entire cave. The inside suddenly fell into darkness and became chilly. The sheep screamed in horror. There was a commotion. Fortunately, the two shepherd dogs that Zhiqing brought with them barked a few times towards the outside of the cave. The sheep seemed to be reassured and quickly stabilized their positions.

There was a rustling sound behind Zhiqing, and after a while, the inside of the cave was filled with red light, Zhiqing turned his head and saw a huge fire started, he saw another flock of sheep grazing, it was actually a Girl, she is adding firewood to the fire. These firewoods are all prepared by someone here. With the warmth, all the sheep moved closer to the fire, and Zhiqing was a little worried. The two groups of sheep were confused and it would be difficult to tell them apart. At this time, the girl spoke, and she said: “Brother, pay attention, my big sheep have red horns on their horns, just like the foreheads of Indian girls. Besides, as long as the whistle is heard, my sheep will be Flocks, big or small, will follow.”

Zhiqing noticed the girl in front of her, and there was a whistle tied with a red thread around her neck.

The girl took the initiative to say: “Brother, come closer to the fire pond, it will be much warmer, and it will also be able to force the cold away from your body.”

Zhiqing said thank you and took a few steps closer to the fire pond. He not only felt the hot fire, but also felt the youthful fragrance on the girl’s body. He suddenly thought of a Tibetan folk song, one of which is: The place where the girl walked was full of fragrance.

This time, Zhi Qing asked first.

The girl told: “Brother, I am from Xiaojiagou, which is less than three kilometers away from here. My name is Xiao Hui, Hui of Huilan in the valley in autumn.”

Zhiqing also introduced himself and said, “I am from the slate house, Yang Zhiqing, the son of Yang Guchuan.”

Xiao Hui said: “As soon as I saw it, I thought it was the son of Uncle Mushen Guchuan. You have been in Shenzhen for a few years, so why are you herding sheep now? People in our stockade say that Uncle Yang Guchuan is really capable. A lucky person, there is a girl named Yang Zhijue who was admitted to Fudan University in Shanghai, and the eldest son broke into a world outside and became the director of a company.”

“There are dozens of directors in a big company. How can you know that I am Yang Guchuan’s son as soon as you meet?”

“You think, on the Guniu Mountain, who can have such a large and beautiful flock of sheep.”

“Looking at the front, your flock is not bad. The big sheep are all fat and strong, and the little sheep are also jumping around.”

Xiao Hui said: “It stands to reason that my father is also an expert in raising sheep, but he is much worse than Uncle Tanigawa, and the only difference is that he has no culture. I learned it from Uncle Gu Chuan and Aunt Lan Zhen. We have met the two old men several times in this cave. Once, I went to the Liangzi Big Sheep Pen in Huangcheng and asked Uncle for advice in person.”

Zhiqing noticed that Xiao Hui was carrying a small bag with a budding lantana flower embroidered on it.

Xiao Hui said: “This is the idea left by my mother. My mother is from the Yi ethnic group. Hand embroidery is a craft that has been passed down from generation to generation in my grandmother’s family. When I was in college three years ago, my mother embroidered it by herself. With it, Mom is here.”

“What, your mother?”

“My mother has been gone for more than a year, almost two years. When I was a sophomore in high school, I received a call from my father, saying that my mother came back from my grandmother’s house, passed a mountain stream, and encountered a sudden mudslide. The three and her were washed down and swept away. The people behind saw them, but they couldn’t save them at all. Two days later, they were dug up from a river beach about a kilometer away. As soon as the mother left, the father completely collapsed. I almost became a madman. Until now, I haven’t fully recovered my consciousness. I just ran to the river beach if I didn’t pay attention. I had to stop school and pick up my father’s big stick of shepherds. No, this sheep is released. , also more than a year.”

The bottom of Guniu Mountain is a high-incidence area of ​​debris flow. Although it has improved in recent years, due to the over-exploitation of past mines, the mountain has been severely damaged. It will take some years to repair, and debris flows still occasionally occur.

Zhiqing comforted Xiao Hui and said, “It’s really unfortunate that grandma is like this. I wish her a good life in heaven.”

Xiao Hui wiped away tears and said, “Brother Zhiqing, I shouldn’t have said so much when we met for the first time, but in the past, I could only tell Dashan and the sheep if I met you today, Let’s talk.” Then, Xiao Hui took out a Russian poet “Akhmatova’s Poems” and a small notebook from the small bag she was carrying.

Xiao Hui said: “Poetry is my hobby. In recent years, I have read and written a lot of good poems. I have published more than 40 poems in Poetry Magazine and some literary publications across the country.”

“Oh, it’s really fortunate to meet a shepherd poet in your hometown, Xiao Hui, when your father’s body and mind have been adjusted and herding has resumed, will you go back to the university?”

Xiao Hui shook her head and said, “No, I’ve thought about it. For those of us who study literature, going to university is actually just a small process. The bottom of life, the mountains and valleys, are what we need to get close to the most. Mother is gone, When I was in my prime when I was singing all the way, I thought of eradicating the debris flow, that is, to thoroughly manage the broken mountains and rivers, and to keep the trees, grass and flowers evergreen in every valley on Guniu Mountain. There should be more life in my poems. of exuberance and hope.”

This shower of rain came to an extraordinary performance, and it stopped after more than an hour. Seeing the clear sky outside, the lying sheep stood up together, Zhiqing and Xiao Hui left a phone call with each other, and hurriedly drove the sheep home.

The second meeting between Zhiqing and Xiao Hui was half a month later. At around 3 o’clock this afternoon, Zhiqing was throwing corn seeds to the sheep when he suddenly heard a cry for help not far away. He hurriedly brought a crossbow and called two shepherd dogs to run towards the cry. When he arrived, Xiao Hui’s flock was surrounded by the wild dogs, and they were launching a frantic attack. Xiao Hui waved the big stick in his hand, and behind him was the frightened flock. Seeing Zhiqing running, she stopped yelling. In the face of more than 30 crazy wild dogs, the two sheepdogs rushed forward without fear, barked and grinned, posing as if they were fighting. Zhiqing pulled the bowstring and held up the crossbow. At this time, Amu, the black dog of Zhang Fu’s third uncle’s family, appeared again in his eyes. At the same time, Amu also found him. There was a scream, and a stern order to retreat was issued. When the order was heard, the dogs immediately died and scattered, and the nearby bushes rattled. The two sheepdogs stopped growling, and the hillside was silent.

Faced with the unexpected event, Xiao Hui was still terrified. She suddenly fell into Zhiqing’s arms and couldn’t stop trembling. On this day, Zhiqing followed Xiao Hui to send her family’s sheep back to Xiaojiagou, and then returned to the hillside to send her family’s sheep back to the big sheep pen.

After dinner, the parents came to Huangcheng Liangzi, and Zhiqing told them that they had met Xiao Hui, a shepherd girl from Xiaojiagou.

The mother said: “This girl is good. If she can be my daughter-in-law, we are lucky to be old people.”

The father said: “This is a good filial girl. Zhiqing, if there is no girlfriend in Shenzhen, should you consider this girl Xiao Hui.”

Because he was busy taking the sheep to perform in Moon Valley, Zhiqing didn’t talk much with his parents. However, after being reminded by his parents, Zhiqing felt that Xiao Hui was really a good candidate, full of wisdom and dignified appearance. What about people.

Later, there were several incidents in which wild dogs besieged Xiao Hui’s sheep, but she had experience in dealing with them. She was less than 600 meters away from the hillside where Zhiqing was grazing. , call Zhiqing, or blow the whistle, he can arrive in time, and those wild dogs will disappear as soon as they see Zhiqing and his shepherd.

This morning, Xiao Hui called Zhiqing and said that she would not go to the mountains to herd sheep that day. She wanted to celebrate her father’s 57th birthday at home. She was busy at home and asked him to go to Xiaojiagou for dinner. Father’s birthday. It happened that Zhiqing’s father was by his side and heard the content of the call. Zhiqing’s father knew that there was a performance in Moon Valley that day. When that time came, Zhiqing’s mother would take the sheep down the mountain, and Zhiqing would call the boss there. On the phone, the boss didn’t have anything to say, because he knew that Zhiqing’s mother was a master of folk songs in the area of ​​Guniu Mountain, and she might be even more brilliant if she brought the sheep to the stage to perform. Zhiqing agreed to Xiao Hui, and then immediately called Li Erke and asked him to go to the city and order a birthday cake to send up the mountain. In the afternoon, Zhiqing finished work early, and just after the sheep was locked up, Li Erke drove a Hummer to deliver cakes. When he heard that Zhiqing was going to Xiaojiagou, he happily said: “Are you going to the beautiful Xiao Hui’s house? ?”

“How do you know Xiao Hui?”

“We go up and down the mountain of Guniu Mountain. All the young men, who do not know that there is a beautiful rural poet Xiao Hui in Xiaojiagou. My good brother is really blessed.”

Li Erke drove Zhiqing to Xiaojiagou and attended Xiao Hui’s father’s birthday with him. On this day, Xiao Hui asked someone to slaughter a 123-kilogram big Jie sheep, invited a cook from the village, set up a few tables with eight bowls of sheep, and slaughtered more than 50 people in the stockade who did not go out. They all came, to wash away the gloomy atmosphere after my mother left. Xiao Hui’s father gradually woke up from his confused state because he had his daughter to take care of him. He stopped crying on the beach and saw Xiao Hui grazing a large herd of sheep to the fullest, adding more than twenty more. The little lamb, seeing so many people coming to the family, wishing him his birthday, suddenly became more energetic. He saw that the boyfriend that Xiao Hui called was actually the eldest son of Yang Guchuan, the god of shepherds, and he met such a good family for his daughter. His loud voice said, “My good son-in-law, you rescued Xiao Hui and my sheep on the mountain a few days ago. I thank you as a father.”

This made everyone here bewildered, and Xiao Hui was a little embarrassed. She was about to explain to everyone, but unexpectedly, Zhiqing called out, “Father!” Then, she returned a glass of wine to the old man.

On the way home, Li Erke said: “Zhiqing, you are really out of touch. It’s all like this, and you haven’t said a word to me as a big brother.”

“Brother Erke, this is a play on the spot. Do you think that Xiao Hui’s father just woke up from a nightmare, can I shatter his dream?”

“If this is the case, it is also worthy of congratulations. You can go with the flow, or you will get it.”

“It depends on whether Xiao Hui is willing or not.”

The next day, when the sheep went up the mountain, Xiao Hui deliberately dressed herself up, wearing a delicate red rose on her chest, like a flickering firelight. Seeing Zhiqing’s flock, Xiao Hui blew a loud whistle. The more than 80 sheep she was grazing ran into Zhiqing’s flock, and they were mixed together.

After meeting each other, Zhiqing suddenly found that Xiao Hui was amazingly beautiful, and there seemed to be a slender mountain rhododendron standing beside her, and a cluster of gorgeous morning glow.

None of them explained what happened yesterday.

Zhiqing said: “The corn cakes you make are just like your poems, natural and fresh, and affectionate.”

Xiao Hui smiled and burst into tears.

Last night, in the flickering candlelight, Xiao Hui recited for the first time the poem he wrote for his father with deep affection:


You are the best shepherd in the world,

you herd the sheep,

grazing the mountains,

The forest grass slopes are sprinkled with your warmth,


You are a mighty mountain,

You are the canyon of deep tunnels,

I am a cymbidium growing in your bosom,

I will send out fragrance for you all my life.

The wild dog incident intensified.

This afternoon, a big man rode a motorcycle to Huangcheng Liangzi, and found Yang Guchuan, who was sitting on the ground outside the big sheep pen, leaning on the ancient camphor tree, and the man said loudly: “Master Mushen, it is said that you are not only a A master shepherd, he also adopted a pack of wild dogs.”

As soon as Yang Guchuan looked at the man, he was aggressive, his face was blue and black, and the anger in his eyes seemed to burn the green grass in front of him.

Yang Guchuan stood up and said with a smile, “Brother, calm down, say something if you have something to say, it will not solve the problem if it is earth-shattering.” Then, he handed the man a Dazhongjiu cigarette.

The man took the cigarette, bit off the filter, took out the lighter, lit it, took a hard puff, wiped it a few times on his undulating chest, trying his best to calm his pounding heart. down.

He told Yang Guchuan: “The day before yesterday, the cattle that I scattered on the western slope of Guniu Mountain were chased to the cliff by more than 30 wild dogs, and fell to their death. There are only a bunch of big bare bones left. You know, this is the peak cattle that the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau imported from Myanmar. It is worth more than 80,000 yuan, and it was mutilated before it was bred once.”

Yang Guchuan believed the man’s words and said to him, “It’s true that the dogs were born in Shibanfang Village, but it’s definitely wrong to say that they were raised by Yang Guchuan. To tell the truth, they have also besieged our family for grazing. the flock, but it didn’t work.”

“Some people say that these wild dogs will give up attacking as long as they find out that it is your sheep.”

“You are telling the truth, because the leader Amu was originally from the neighbor Zhang Fusan. In the past, he often came to my house and had feelings for everyone in my family, so as soon as he found out that it was my family’s sheep, he would immediately spread it. Go, even so, we are actively trying to find a way to bring these wild dogs back.”

“Uncle Tanigawa, the problem is, now that they have done a lot of evil, do you still want to be soft-hearted and indulge them? Isn’t this a joke for the tiger? What I mean is, kill them completely and get rid of the roots, and there will be absolutely no future troubles.”

“My good brother, no one wants to see the damage to the cattle and horses, so let’s do it, I, Yang Guchuan, are willing to help you, I will invest 50,000, and I will do a little bit of meager power. In fact, the domestic dog has turned into a wild dog. It’s people, not them, if the owner could treat them kindly, the tragedy like today wouldn’t happen.”

When the cattle farmer saw that Yang Guchuan was a well-informed person, he was willing to sit down and talk calmly. Yang Guchuan talked a lot to the cattle farmer.

On this day, Zhiqing’s mother received a call from Zhiqing from the hillside saying that three lambs had left, and she immediately carried a basket on her back and went up the hill to pick them up. It is said that the cattle farmer hadn’t had time to eat lunch yet, so Yang Guchuan made a big bowl of ham and cooked a few small dishes by himself, and entertained him in the shack.

When it comes to the development of animal husbandry, Yang Guchuan said: “Actually, it doesn’t matter whether cattle, horses, pigs or sheep are the same, the last thing I don’t advocate is artificial insemination. Think about it, when cattle, horses, pigs and sheep are mating, they also need emotional communication. What they do is a matter of mutual consent. If there is no such process, put a few cold sperm into the body, and give birth to little cubs and lambs. Since childhood, there will be less father’s love and care, and many elements in life. In fact, , The flocks I graze also focus on the cultivation of breeding sheep, and I am determined not to engage in artificial insemination. I always match the breeding sheep and ewes and sell them to others together.”

Speaking of which, the two really hit it off.

The cattle breeder repeatedly confessed his mistakes and said, “Just now, I was determined to find you, Uncle Yang Guchuan, to settle accounts, which must be wrong. It’s just that, if you’re dizzy with anger, don’t ask anything. Yes, a group of wild dogs, with you What is the uncle doing? So, Uncle Mushen, you are a lot of adults, adults don’t remember villains, you said you want to help me, but you don’t have to, because I have already applied for insurance in the insurance company. They will pay in full, just this matter It taught me a lesson, that is the old saying, rumors must be checked, so I thought that there are still people in the world who raise wild dogs and make trouble.”

“It would be unreasonable to say that I have no responsibility at all. I discovered such a situation, and I should find a way to stop it in time, so that the flood will not become a disaster. Fortunately, it is not too late to make up for it, and the matter of the wild dogs must also be Hurry up and find a way, otherwise, if the root of evil is not eradicated, the bud will grow.”

Speaking of sheep herding experience, Yang Guchuan talked about the relationship between grass and shrubs and the growth of sheep. He said that the herbs that spread everywhere on Guuniu Mountain are closely related to the health and fatness of sheep. He also said that the quality of beef and mutton produced here is as good as Qinghai. The green grass eaten by the yaks in Yushu is mixed with Cordyceps sinensis, and their meat and milk contain the beneficial ingredients of Cordyceps sinensis, which are really beneficial to human health.

Hearing this, the cattle breeder greatly admired: “Uncle Guchuan, today I have worshipped the true god. You, the shepherd, really deserves the name. I will come to you to ask for advice in the future.”

Of course, Yang Guchuan didn’t tell the whole story about using wild argali to mate with ewes.

Later, they talked about two Taoist priests. Yang Guchuan took out the wooden box on Zhiqing’s bed and showed the authentic works left by Huangcheng Taoist priest. It was still early, and Yang Guchuan took the cattleman to see the cemetery of the little Taoist priest Luo Liang.

While pointing, suddenly an old voice came from the valley: “The sun has long feet, and it’s going to rain heavily.”

Yang Guchuan dragged the cattlemen and ran back. When they ran back to the big sheep pen out of breath, the overwhelming torrential rain really came.

Amidst the heavy rain, the cattleman asked loudly, “Uncle Tanikawa, how did you know it was going to rain just now?”

Yang Guchuan said, “Don’t you hear the sound from the valley?”

“Vaguely, as if I heard a voice, but what I said, I didn’t really hear it.”

“This is also a secret that we have never been able to crack. Come to think of it, this sound must be related to Huangcheng Taoist priest, because it has been around for hundreds of years, and such a sound will automatically come out when heavy rain comes.”

“Voice from the empty valley, so the Taoist priest Huangcheng has been protecting your side of the hillside. Come to think of it, the ancients said that it makes sense that there is one person in one village and one god in one mountain.”

When Zhiqing returned from herding sheep that day, his father said that the cattle-raiser had come to the house to ask for the guilt of the stray dog.

Zhiqing said: “Actually, Xiao Hui’s sheep have also been besieged. If she hadn’t called for help in time, her sheep would have been hurt.”

“Well, I’ll go down the mountain tomorrow to the old sugar factory, and send those dog owners up the mountain to summon the wild dogs. I hear the owner’s voice, so I might be able to summon them back.”

“Dad, then try it. I want Erko to drive and pick you up down the mountain.”

However, before Zhiqing called Lierke, he drove a Hummer himself, got out of the car, he had two pairs of binoculars hanging on his chest, and said one was for Zhiqing and the other for Xiao Hui.

“With the binoculars, you can prevent those wild dogs and mountain donkeys from attacking,” he said.

Speaking of Zhiqing’s father going down the mountain, he called the owners of those wild dogs and went to the mountain to call his own dog back.

Li Erco listened, and even said: “Uncle, don’t do it, you don’t know, if you call them and send them down the mountain, they will be sent to the soup pot shop. If you do this, won’t it hurt their little ones? Let them run freely in the wild mountains and fields. As for the cattle, horses and animals grazing above, they just need to strengthen their defenses. Wild dogs will definitely not attack people.”

Zhiqing and his father thought it made sense and stopped the matter.

The next day, Zhiqing put the sheep and Xiao Hui together again, and he gave her the telescope that Lierke brought.

Zhiqing took off the binoculars from his neck and looked towards the top of the mountain where the Taoist priest in Huangcheng jumped off the cliff. An unexpected scene appeared in front of him. Under the leadership of the leader, they have already climbed up, and more than 20 Panjiaoyan sheep have already put on a decisive battle. With their superiority, they are ready to push the climbing wild dog down the cliff. Let them fall to pieces. As for the wild dogs, they don’t seem to know the danger they face, and they don’t pay attention to the blue sheep. They must have smelled the salty smell of the stomach.

Zhiqing asked Xiao Hui to look at it quickly, Xiao Hui also raised the binoculars, looking anxious, they fought each other, wouldn’t it hurt both sides.

Zhiqing picked up the crossbow, he knew that he had to shoot the arrow no matter what, he knew that he would definitely fall halfway before reaching the top of the cliff. However, it was able to act as a fright, and an arrow with a whistling sound was shot at the cliff. When an arrow came, the first thing to notice was the ugly ram. After it blew, it deftly turned around. The wild dogs also seemed to have noticed something wrong and turned around.

A life-and-death struggle was about to take place, and it was over in an instant.

Back at the big sheep pen, Zhiqing talked about the wild dogs on the top of the cliff. When his father heard it, he felt that the big thing was not good, and that the wild dogs would soon fall into a disaster.

Zhiqing said, “Father, it’s not like this, maybe only we know about the wild dog chasing the blue sheep.”

“No, think about it, wild argali is a wild animal under the state’s key protection. Someone must be paying close attention to their living conditions. Besides, the wild dog risking death on the cliff means that they have reached the level of running out of ammunition and food. This time I was restrained by you, and I may have fled to where to commit crimes now.”

Sure enough, on the second day, there was news that a group of small fragrant pigs in the village were bitten to death by wild dogs on the west side of Guniu Mountain.

Without further ado, just as Zhiqing’s father went down the mountain to discuss with the dog owner in Shibanfang Village, the county’s forest police and the Guniu Mountain Nature Conservation Bureau had already received an order from their superiors to jointly organize a team to arrive. Go to Guniu Mountain, chase and kill these wild dogs.

At the relocation site, Zhiqing’s father failed to convince everyone. They said that the dog that had gone wild would never be summoned again.

Zhiqing’s father returned to Huangcheng Liangzi very disappointed. He was discussing with Zhiqing’s mother. When he was trying to adopt a group of wild dogs, a crackling gun came from a cliff not far from the broken head. Voice. Zhiqing’s parents were startled, and the water cup in Zhiqing’s father’s hand fell to the ground and shattered.

After half an hour, Zhiqing’s parents heard the dog barking and ran out of the circle to take a look. Amu, a black dog covered in blood, stood outside and looked at them with pleading eyes. Needless to say, Zhiqing’s parents hung up the big back basket and followed Amu, who was stumbling, and when they got to the bottom of the cut-off cliff, they saw that more than 30 wild dogs, large and small, had fallen to their death. The scene was terrible. Some smashed on the stone, shattered their heads, some had their stomachs exploded and their intestines were scattered all over the floor, and some were beyond recognition. There are only two barely alive. In fact, they are already dying. If they are not treated in time, they will die soon.

Zhiqing’s parents immediately put the two dogs in the basket and carried them back to the big sheepfold. Zhiqing’s father wrapped the three wild dogs with herbs that he had applied to his feet. A long, big pit buried the dead dogs.

A month later, the three dogs all came back to life, following the original two shepherd dogs and appearing in Zhiqing’s flock. Zhiqing gave two of them to Xiao Hui. Back to the flock of Zhiqing. Since then, the beacon and smoke have been quiet on Guniu Mountain. Several times, a group of mountain donkeys appeared around the flock, and five shepherd dogs attacked together, chasing them away.

Seven months later, Zhiqing’s father’s feet had fully recovered, and he and Zhiqing’s mother could go back to the mountains to herd sheep again. Zhiqing called the general manager of the company, reported the news that he was going back, and told that he already had a girlfriend, and his parents asked to get married before returning to Shenzhen. to attend his wedding ceremony. The general manager wanted to bring people to Shibanfang to attend the wedding of Zhiqing and Xiao Hui. Zhiqing’s father called all the villagers in Shibanfang who had relocated down the mountain. On the first day, Zhiqing’s grandparents and uncle’s family came back. Uncle’s son Zhiyuan was studying in France. He called to congratulate him and said hello to his sister-in-law Xiao Hui. Zhi Jue from Shanghai came back with her boyfriend. All the families who moved to the bottom of the mountain in the slate room have come back to attend the wedding of Yang Zhiqing and Xiao Hui, and the slate room has regained its former vitality. The people from Shenzhen also arrived a day earlier. The general manager and the others drove a few commercial vehicles. Yes, Zhiqing took Xiao Hui down the mountain to meet him. After going up the mountain, they were amazed when they saw the natural scenery here. The next morning, the general manager and more than a dozen people from the company participated in Zhiqing’s welcome team. The dowry gift from the Zhiqing family to Xiao Hui’s father was a pair of rams with red silk on their heads. As a gift, the general manager distributed more than 100 pairs of mountain leather shoes brought with the car to all the guests who came to the wedding, asking them to try them on and give a feedback one year later. Everyone was very happy when they heard it, and the general manager also He stated that in the future, there are young people who want to go out to work in the slate house, and the company will recruit them all.

On this day, the family slaughtered two obese and sturdy goats, each weighing over 120 kilograms. Li Erke was in charge of the presidency and invited Xiao Hui’s father. The wedding of the married daughter was saved, and his relatives were also invited to Zhiqing’s house, two millets and one fight.

Zhiqing’s father said: “Actually, it is difficult for you to invite more people. The young people in the slate houses at the foot of the mountain have all gone to work outside. There are less than 40 elderly people and children left behind, and the same is true in Xiaojiagou. Of course, the same goes for Xiaojiagou. , this regulation we must abide by, including drinking, must be controlled.”

When the banquet opened, Zhiqing’s parents and Xiao Hui’s father sat together and accepted the wishes of Zhiqing and Xiao Hui together.

The day after the wedding, none of the people brought by the general manager left. Zhiqing’s parents, Zhiqing and Xiao Hui’s family, took them up the mountain to grazing, just to visit the place where the Taoist priest in Huangcheng ascended to heaven.

Thousands of colorful birds of red peppers flew out from a lush forest of pine trees, and above their heads, they circled into a large wreath inlaid with red and green. The general manager and everyone looked up.

The general manager and Zhiqing stopped and went all the way. The general manager kept asking Zhiqing’s parents for their experience in shepherding.

Zhiqing’s father said: “I told Zhiqing that experience can be exchanged, it can be written in books, or it can be taught orally, but for a shepherd, all his experience should be a day, a month. Months, years of exploration and practice. This process is very important. If something is easily obtained, it is very easy to lose. This experience is scattered on the hillside, among the weeds, even if it is a piece of gold brick, You also have to lower your head, experience it carefully, and look for it with your heart. Otherwise, the experience will not be able to be discovered in front of you.”

“Uncle Gu Chuan, the title of your shepherd is really not a vain name. From now on, I will find a way to find time every year to follow you to herd sheep and bring some really useful things back.”

“So, I told Zhiqing and Zhijue that when they have children in the future, when they are eight or nine years old, they must be sent back to the slate house, let them graze with their grandparents, and let them have mountains and fields in their childhood. , there are forests, there are pastoral songs, and in their growth process, they have their own shepherd career.”

Li Erke, who followed them up the mountain, said: “In the future, I also stopped my own gravel yard and went to Guniu Mountain to follow my uncle to learn to herd.”

“This is very good, Erko, I was just about to say something like this to you. Your aunt and I can’t be grazing in the mountains all our lives. We have to hand over the Shepherd Book to a person who has mountain feelings. This person I’m looking at you.”

The general manager and his team stayed in the slate room for a week. When they left, they took Yang Zhiqing and Xiao Hui with him. Yang Zhiqing still took his inseparable crossbow with him.

Yang Zhiqing’s parents naturally herded sheep every day. The three dogs followed faithfully and returned from grazing. After dinner, Amu would invite the two dogs in the sheepfold to go to the foot of the dead head cliff together. The companions’ distress, squatting and guarding for a long time.

A flock of black pigeons babbled from the pine trees near it.

Zhiqing’s father found out that whenever he was free, he would accompany them. He sat on a large rock nearby, smoking a cigarette, thinking quietly, and waiting. In a trance, he seemed to see a wild dog sticking its head out of the red earth mound, followed by another head, and later, more than 30 wild dogs crawled out of it. They shook their bodies and fell down. The dust of the ground has returned to its original appearance.

Yang Guchuan stood up with tears in his eyes and walked towards them.

In the setting sun, Zhiqing’s mother was standing outside the big sheep pen in Liangzi in Huangcheng, and she saw moving shadows.